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  1. Ok refund sent. Thread closed. Thanks all
  2. Jolly wan, did you just send me a payment? If so it will be refunded. The lot went to the next guy in line. You had plenty of time to get a payment over since your first post expressing interest. Sorry but I had to go with the sure thing.
  3. All sold. Thank you
  4. $100 for both reels and the lot from my other thread to short cast. Pm coming. Thanks
  5. Ok short cast, the snag and rubber lot is all yours. I'm gonna confirm this in the other thread I have with the penn reels and ship everything in one box.
  6. Ok I'll do that. Let me give the other guy 23 more hours on the snag/rubber lot though. I'll message or post back tomorrow.
  7. Short cast, you're up next
  8. I apologize. The 6500ss does NOT have fireline on it. I was mixing it up with my 550ss which is my workhorse reel. I'll drop the price by $10 on each reel. $50 each or $90 for both shipped. [img=]
  9. This lot is pending to Jollywan but to answer your question there are 9 trebles. That'll cost more than $20 at most B&Ts. Jollywan, if you want this lot please send payment to the paypal I messaged to you. If not they will be sold to the next buyer. I'll hold onto to them for another 24 hours.
  10. Yes after receiving no interest on them, I listed them on FB
  11. $60 each or $110 for both shipped. Please no low balls on this deal, this is as cheap as I'll sell them or otherwise I'll put them back in storage. Both 10/10 mechanically. Some minor cosmetic wear on both so I say 7-8/10. Both 6500ss and 650ss have mono on them but I would strip it and respool before using. Both reels have been cleaned and greased for storage and have been sitting on a shelf. Neither have seen any use since the last servicing. Goes without saying but both are made in USA. Thanks for looking [img=] [img=] [img=]