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  1. High octane ethanol fuel has been around a long time and used for dirt bikes and racing applications. Companies like VP fuels have octanes from around 100 up to 120. I think that Trufuel is a relatively new company and is kind of like a lower octane engineered race fuel. I believe it is 92 octane. I’ve been using it for 3 years. My snow blower starts up in a couple pulls after sitting all summer. I had carburetor problems before that using regular pump gas and stabil. Also the premixed 2 stroke fuel is great for a chainsaw. No mixing required and it pours nicely from the bottle without needing a funnel.
  2. 100 octane fuel should be better for small engines than regular gas. It’s less explosive. True Fuel is expensive but it’s perfect for equipment that doesn’t get run very often. It’s the only fuel I use for my snowblower and chainsaw.
  3. Yes and the reason is opioids. Don’t leave valuables unsecured anywhere
  4. The amount of people that smoke weed while driving has gone way up since it was legalized. I can smell it all day everyday on my commute to and from work. An even bigger issue is going to come up once edibles are more readily available. People can eat them, think it’s not affecting them much then get in the car and have it hit them 10 minutes into the drive.
  5. A couple other restaurants you would probably like are Sabbatinos in Norton and Towneship in Easton.
  6. I just watched your video on the leak. You’re lucky you fished inshore that day. That would have been a disaster if you were offshore. Especially if there were any swells.
  7. I can’t believe that Sandwich and the rest of the Cape are trying to stop weed. They have one of the biggest heroin problems in the country. Weed should be the least of their concerns. It seems like the attitude is if we pretend heroin isn’t a problem then it will magically go away in our perfect vacation land.
  8. This is a photo from back in May.
  9. That thing is cool.
  10. I think that you need to have a different game plan/strategy depending on if you’re paddling or peddling. When paddling you really need to work with the wind and tide to let it drift you into the spots you want to fish and repeat. You really can’t try to hold on a spot or you’ll spend more time with a paddle in hand than rod.
  11. I agree but I wouldn’t want to drive a car that is prone to breaking down. Also if I plan on traveling long distance on the water I use a boat.
  12. I don’t know how you guys put up with so many issues with hobie. Drive issues, fin issues, keeping spare drives in the vehicle, cracked hulls, etc. I’ll stick with my paddle which needs zero maintenance.
  13. Did anyone get the water temperature while they were out lately? The NOAA bouy in New London is reading 42 degrees. That dropped fast. I’ve never been able to catch blackfish once the water drops below 45. The last two years the weather stayed warm and I fished water in the low 50’s the first week of December and the fishing was real good. The weather this fall sucked!
  14. I only caught 1 bluefish all year and it was only about 15”. That includes fishing both CT and MA.
  15. Did anyone fish today? Decent weather finally. I wanted to fish but had too many house projects to take care of before winter.