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  1. The rubicon Gladiator looks cool but it seems kind of gimmicky. I can honestly say that I have never once wished that the roof came off of my Tacoma. It seems goofy on a truck.
  2. Can we also figure out a way to turn the savages into civilized human beings.....
  3. The next most important thing after bleeding and putting the fish on ice is to not let any fish slime get on the meat. I wipe the fish off with a paper towel and also wipe the knife off between cuts. This makes a huge difference in the taste. I do wash the fillets off with fresh water and have not noticed it to have any negative impacts. I would be careful about eating any raw meat that hasn’t been frozen. There are a lot of worms and parasites in many of the fish.
  4. Threatening to arrest your customers doesn’t sound like the best way to run a business.
  5. Looks like it was a fun trip. How did you like the Airbnb RV? Was is it an RV park or at someone’s house? Would you rent it again?
  6. Most importantly to me is Confidence in whatever bait you’re using.
  7. A dab of Marine Goop is all you need.
  8. I usually have trash bags in my trucks when I drive on the beach and pick up whatever trash is around the areas I stop at. There’s so much trash everywhere lately. The sides of the roads here in MA are disgusting. People act like a bunch of savages.
  9. Has anyone noticed a difference in quality depending on which country their St Croix is made? I have a China Triumph and 3 Mexican Mojos and have had no issues with any. The triumph had a guide crunched in a car door and I got a replacement top section for around $35
  10. OEM is original equipment manufacturer. Are you positive you need new cats and not just a new O2 sensor?
  11. You have low miles so the engine should still last a long time. It's all the small things that will wear/rust out soon that will drive you crazy. I had a 2000 Cherokee that I sold a few years ago with around 185K miles on it. It still ran perfect but it was getting to the point that I had to fix something every couple weeks. Items like brake lines, power steering lines, transmission lines, all sensors, fan, ac clutch, ignition coil all needed to be replaced. Your truck is 22 years old so you need to decide if it's still worth putting money into.
  12. It’s the same argument every spring. Why does it even matter if it’s a holdover or fresh migrating striper? Is a fresh striper better? Is it a status symbol? They’re the same fish. Just be happy to have caught them.
  13. It’s wareham. You may catch multiple guns with the magnet.
  14. I’ve used a small cheap plastic Frabill bait bucket with the flip top lid. Works fine for a dozen or so shiners and small enough that it can be stored between your legs for easy access. Costs around $5.
  15. I think that a $10 plastic lip gripper is one of the most importantly safety items. I use them on any fish caught on a lure with multiple hooks. It pretty much eliminates the possibility of getting a hook in the hand.