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  1. The campground in Truro near Coast Guard Beach is within walking or biking distance of the beach.
  2. The wind is out of the north or west most days in the fall so pick a spot where you can anchor up close to the shoreline to block the wind and you should be good. There won’t be as big of waves as a windy summer day with winds out of the south. Tog should be shallow now so you don’t have to travel much.
  3. Keeping the wife happy is important. Happy wife happy life! My wife switched from a Forester XT to a 4Runner TRD OffRoad last year. She likes the 4Runner better. It took awhile to get used to the lack of acceleration compared to the XT but she’s used to it now. Also if you put the 4Runner into the sport shift mode it is a little quicker.
  4. That is a cool looking outback but I have to ask. Why didn’t you just buy something like a 4Runner and not have to deal with needing a lift and a roof basket?
  5. I’ve caught a few on the gulp crabs before. They definitely don’t work as well as the real thing. They also don’t look very realistic either.
  6. Has anyone tried the Savage crabs for tog? They are extremely lifelike. I picked one up and plan on giving it a try this fall. I wish it was a bit heavier though.
  7. They must have been going pretty fast for everyone to get ejected. Shouldn’t be going that fast in the dark.
  8. I would probably have a bail malfunction and snap that lure off on my first cast.
  9. I fished in eastern CT yesterday and the water is still very warm. It was 69 in most places and 73 near Millstone. We didn’t see many Albies though, just a few small pods that were gone quickly. What’s there should stick around for a while though. We caught almost every other species that swims, striper, blues, sea bass, porgies, sea robin and fluke.
  10. Did you get a weight for that beast? I caught one a few years ago that was 285lbs and yours is longer and much fatter.
  11. The saltwater license was supposed to be a way for the federal government to determine how many people fished to help set fishing regulations. Once the individual states got involved it turned into a cash grab.
  12. I don't think there's any shortage of Albies in the Atlantic Ocean. They're everywhere down south and considered a trash fish. They're used as shark & grouper bait. We don't see that many of them in New England because we are at the northern edge of their range. I don't think that us fishing for them for 2 months a year is putting much of a dent in their population.
  13. Perfect slogan! We need signs and bumper stickers.
  14. Maybe the seals can be linked to all the whale deaths this year. I think we are now up to 22 dead minke whales. People love whales more than seals. Sorry seals but you have to go.
  15. What kind of fish is that in the last photo?