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  1. Double post
  2. What is the “road” you are referring too?
  3. One other option is if you could claim that mice chewed on the wiring harness then you can file it as an insurance claim as animal damage and just pay the deductible. My brother had an old imprezza that the mice chewed on wires up above the fuel tank and his issurance covered a full new wiring harness.
  4. Put me down for 3 attacks this year.
  5. I had a similar electrical problem with an 06 WRX. It ended up being corrosion inside of one of the connectors in the wiring harness near the battery. I cut the wires from the connector and connected them together with crimp style connections and shrink tube and the problem was solved.
  6. That’s great news. I just read through the updated rules and I’m wondering what will stop people from submitting old photos and claiming they were just caught or exaggerating the length. They should have some type of requirement for a specific print out or sticker to be in the photo and also require a photo of the fish against a measuring device. This is how other catch and release tournaments are run.
  7. I don’t think we lost much ice from these two warm days. I still had ice in my driveway this morning and my backyard skating rink didn’t take much of a hit at all. The ice is definitely weaker and has a lot of air bubbles in it but is still thick. I would think that places that had 8”+ last weekend are still ok. I hope to fish on Sunday somewhere. Saturday night looks to be cold and will firm up whatever is left.
  8. Now I need to get a chartreuse SP Minnow to keep in my tackle bag just in case they show up this year...
  9. I've seen someone on the beach with a deuce and a half with a camper trailer with the axles removed and mounted on the frame of the truck. It's pretty nice. I would imagine the same could be done with a LMTV.
  10. I was at John Pennekamp park a couple weeks ago. I didn’t see many areas that allowed fishing. There are a couple of small swimming beaches and a marina area that all had no fishing signs. You can rent kayaks and boats there that could get you out to fishable areas. There were a lot of small barracuda swimming around the beach areas.
  11. We finally got some nice ice but it’s going to take a beating in this warmup. This up and down weather pattern is driving me crazy. I was on 9” of ice in Northeast CT yesterday. Hopefully enough ice remains to go again next weekend.
  12. What part of CT was this in? My mother claims to have seen one in their basement in the Northeast corner of the state. We figured it was a water snake but maybe not???
  13. The king mackerel episode looks like it’s going to be great. Also FYI the full shad episode is now available on YouTube.
  14. Do you guys truly believe that beavers and road salt are killing the brook trout? Habitat destruction due to development and infrastructure seems like a more realistic reason. The increasing human population eating the trout also probably caused their demise. I fish a few lakes that have roadways running right near then that are thriving with fish and plants. The road salt is clearly having no effect on them. I do also hate the overuse of salt but that’s due to it destroying our vehicles.
  15. Did you try fishing across the street from Bud And Marie’s? There is a bunch of old piers and walls that look like they would hold a ton of snook. I tried it one morning but the water was super cloudy and didn’t get any action.