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  1. 260??? Aren’t we supposed to be around 200?
  2. The amount of craziness in schools today is ridiculous. I have a kid in middle school and the stories are endless. One of the teachers told the class the other day that they are the worst group of kids she has had in 28 years of teaching. Covid and remote schooling really screwed these kids up.
  3. Sounds like the kids planned ahead and saved the principal the hassle of calling their parents. Future CEOs.
  4. 6 a day? How’s your cholesterol?
  5. I was driving behind this truck this morning and it reminded me of this topic.
  6. The SUV is looking nice now that it is nearing production.
  7. I’ve only used Stabil and it definitely helps but not perfect. I only use TruFuel in engines I don’t use much like chainsaw and snowblower. Boat and lawnmower get pump gas with Stabil put in immediately.
  8. Nope. Never heard of anyone getting it but the shots must protect you from something or everything. I had a rabies exposure a few weeks ago and the first thing the doc asked about is if I was up to date with tetanus. WTF. By the way getting rabies shots sucks.
  9. That’s a big part of the problem. Most of the vegetables are ready in just a couple week span. You can try to stagger the planting but it usually doesn’t make difference. Stretching out the harvesting season would be nice.
  10. You should be fine. Just keep an eye on the area for a few days for infection.
  11. Do you guys ever figure out how much you spend on your garden vs how much you get out of it? I think I usually spend way more than I get back in vegetables, especially last year when it was so wet and unproductive. This year I’m trying to spend as least as possible and reuse everything I can. So far all I’ve bought is a couple bags of potting soil and one pack of seeds. I had a lot of seeds left over from the last couple years. Using recycled sour cream and yogurt containers for seedlings.
  12. It’s possible but I doubt it matters.
  13. With who? It’s pretty clear they work if you’ve seen the difference between the inside of a carburetor with or without Stabil or similar.
  14. I always put Stabil in with my fuel and haven’t had too many problems. No boat issues just lawn mower and snowblower carb issues. Will Stabil be as effective with E15 as E10?