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  1. I agree with you on liking nice toys but when you think about what else you can buy for $350, a chainsaw, chop saw or a collection of Dewalt cordless power tools then getting a pair of pliers for the same money just seems silly.
  2. Do you think that you are just going to show up at the canal for the first time and start hooking 50 pounders that will break your rod? Unless you are extremely lucky you probably won’t catch anything for your first few times there. Just use the rods you currently have for now if you really must go to the “magical canal”
  3. Why spend 5 hours of driving time going to the canal when you’re already near the CT River? There’s probably more and bigger fish in the river than the canal right now.
  4. That’s probably the best reuse. Use a bait with a slotted belly like a zoom fluke and the weight will be mostly hidden.
  5. Anyone that thinks the fishery is fine is either in complete denial or hasn’t fished long enough to realize how many more stripers were around in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.
  6. It’s good that there’s a lot of small fish around but as soon as they hit 28” they are killed. Have you noticed the last few years how you can catch a lot of fish up to 27” but over 28” is pretty rare? We still need some bigger fish for breeding.
  7. I would imagine the low numbers of stripers and bluefish are helping the sea robins to thrive. Less small sea robins getting eaten and also more baitfish around for them to eat.
  8. That’s one thing that really pisses me off when boating or fishing. If you wave to someone and they look right at you but don’t wave back. That’s a real A hole move.
  9. The news today said that fish and wildlife has documented 70 active bald eagle nests in MA this year.
  10. There’s not a lot of big fish left. They have been caught and eaten. It’s probably going to get worse this year with the huge amount of people out of work and fishing much more than ever.
  11. We have all these stories of the good old days and catching and selling endless 30 pounders. Then we blame the lack of fish on the rec anglers...
  12. Similar to what Mikeinri said. Look into a new truck. There are great deals now and 0% interest. Stretch out your loan for 6 years and you’ll be driving a better vehicle with full warranty for similar monthly payment as used. The only down side is your state excise tax will be higher for the first two years with the new vehicle.
  13. That’s the Covid bench. Imagine how many people sit on it a day.
  14. Yes to all of them. I’m not even the one that asked if the $750 was before or after taxes. I just find it comical that whenever anyone questions commercial fishing the commercial fishing guys get all riled up and feel they have to defend their jobs.
  15. It’s definitely not as good as sea bass or fluke. I think it’s similar to porgy.