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  1. Are you talking about white powder like on this lure? I don’t have a solution to get it off but I think it may be from being stored near soft plastic or rubber baits.
  2. They must have had 324 scup. WTF do you do with that many other than sell them illegally?
  3. Agreed. Nothing will ever be done to the seals. Animal rights activists would go crazy with any seal cull. Seals have more rights than humans on the beach. We can’t approach them, disturb them or even make eye contact with them. It will take large numbers of humans being killed by sharks before anything is even thought about being done to control the seal population. Telling people to stay out of the water will be the only solution for now.
  4. I have an Ozark Trail 52 quart from Walmart. It was around $120 and keeps ice well and quality is similar to the other high end coolers. I just added a wheel kit to it because it is very heavy when full. They have a new 60Q model out that comes with wheels that looks pretty nice.
  5. Commercial draggers do tons of damage to the ocean as well but comparing bottom fish like haddock, pollock and flounder to striped bass is crazy. Stripers bring much more value to the State of MA than just a food source. People travel to MA from all over the country to fish for stripers and spend money while they are here. How many people are traveling here to catch a few Haddock?
  6. You don’t think that a commercial fisherman that is trying to kill 30 bass a week is a much bigger part of the problem than a catch and release angler that may accidentally kill a couple fish a season from post release mortality?
  7. Wow that fish is loaded with anchor worm parasites. I’ve never seen one with that many.
  8. The recra-mercial fishery is crazy. The mentality of I like to striper fish so I’m going to kill them to make some money to pay for my hobby is ridiculous . What other hobby is like this? It’s like golfers stealing sod off the greens to pay for new clubs. Or hikers cutting down trees to sell as firewood. If you need more money get a side job or a better career. Don’t rape the natural resources just to make a buck.
  9. They haven’t shown up yet because they are all dead. It’s almost July now. The fish should have been here two months ago.
  10. I’m sure they kept everything else they caught too including short seabass and stripers. It’s the way of life for some people, keep everything whether it’s legal or not. It’s not just at the ocean either. I see it all the time at my local lake. Everything that’s caught whether it’s an 8” bass or 3” blue gill goes in the bucket.
  11. Unfortunately the MA commercial bass fishing won’t stop until they are extinct.
  12. A log spitter is very light. You’ll have no issues. Driving on the beach will be fine too. You worry too much. Just buy a new truck and enjoy it b
  13. I believe you. Did they end up adding the unused portion of last years quota to this year?
  14. FYI. The Race Point ORV beach is completely closed as of today. I was planning on going tomorrow and just checked to see what areas were open and it’s all closed. Only thing open is a bit of High Head and Coast Guard for night only. This sucks!