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  1. Just saw an update on this on the news. There was a rally today and now the mother wants justice for her child. What does that even mean? It sounds like suicide. Who is to blame? Maybe she should have paid more attention to her daughter and got her help if needed.
  2. Yeah. They are usually pretty gross after the first use with whatever groceries leaked inside. Chicken juice, strawberry juice, etc.
  3. So the governor removed the outdoor mask mandates and I just saw on the news that some towns are still requiring them outside. Chatham, Salem and Brookline were listed. What is wrong with the people managing these places? It’s getting ridiculous. Screw these places. I’m certainly not going to spend time in any of them.
  4. It sounds easy to make but the smell has got to be terrible. Is it also going to attract every skunk and raccoon for miles.
  5. It sounds like you should bring two rods with you. One to catch the trout and the other to live line them for stripers.
  6. Look at the size of this thing. 6lb 3oz, 17 inches long caught in Arizona.
  7. These are the type of bags he’s talking about. It’s like a regular plastic bag but super thick plastic.
  8. Why is there a closed season on an invasive species?
  9. Pretty terrible customer service. I wonder how many other motors have the same problem?
  10. Why can’t we just have paper bags with handles. That used to be the standard at some stores and they worked fine.
  11. Do you watch any TV commercials? There’s possible side effects with all medicine.
  12. Same thing here. I get groceries delivered by PeaPod. They used to use the regular thin plastic bags then they banned them. Now they use the super thick reusable plastic ones instead. We get 10-15 new bags each week. It’s a huge waste of plastic and the bags serve no use except to use as bathroom trash bags.
  13. Did you get the boat registration number?
  14. The environmental police don’t want to deal with it either. They don’t want to deal with potentially being accused as racist or profiling. If they do question people that pull the “no English” response and don’t carry ID it becomes a huge headache so they just avoid those confrontations and locations all together. How do you give someone a fine or summons if they have no ID? It really sucks and is just going to get worse as more people see there is no enforcement.
  15. I could see this working similar to the Beach Comber. Pay to park and then spend the day at the beach and brewery. You could even park at the canal and walk down the beach. Could be a fun day.