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  1. It’s takes a lot of trips to the gas pump to equal the price of a new vehicle. I would just drive the truck you already have.
  2. I noticed over the last few years that there is very little life left on the sea floor of the outer cape beaches. This summer I saw virtually no crabs and haven’t seen any skates, baby flounder or horseshoe crabs in years. It has got to be the seals that are eating all of this.
  3. 40 miles of pipe will take years to replace. We are also getting close to winter so work in the streets will need to stop around mid November, can’t have open trenches or trench plates with snow storms plus the asphalt plants shut down.
  4. Is tourism down? The cape was as busy as ever whenever I was there this summer. There were no vacancy signs up everywhere. There are definitely less people swimming the ocean side beaches but the bayside beaches are packed.
  5. They also had a locksmith picking the locks for them because no one was home. Pretty creepy having people walking through people’s homes
  6. If the seals are culled will the sharks leave or will they stay and look for another easy food source such as humans.
  7. Killing the seals is never going to happen. Injecting them with some type of birth control to keep their population in check seems reasonable.
  8. If I lived within walking distance of the water then I would probably try to fish everyday before work. I don’t so I’m lucky if I get out once a week. My goal each year is to catch a fish every month. December and February are usually the toughest months where I live in MA.
  9. CPR was being given on the beach. That doesn’t sound good.
  10. Is the gas meter at a house supposed to reduce the pressure down to safe levels or is it assumed that the pressure in the street is already reduced?
  11. DMF should just assume that the rest of the commercial quota has been filled by poachers and call it quits.
  12. That is an amazing video! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I also captured a photo of the rare and elusive MA EPO today.
  14. What if your boat is parked in the parking lot behind you while fishing from shore?
  15. Charging the non residents more sounds like a good idea. Everyone else is doing it. Florida is $30 for a week of non resident salt water. I was just in Maine and it was $43 for a week of non resident fresh water. That’s the highest of anywhere I’ve been.