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  1. Late afternoon early evening Sunday and Monday all the 3 to 4 pounds Blues you could want. Moco.
  2. Way 2 go bro! I worked 70 hours this week hope I have some energy this weekend to get out
  3. Thank you for your service. What a beautiful post. Tears in my eyes.
  4. How do you know Blues don't go for clams? Who told you that? LOL
  5. Thanks....that sounds alot more like the way i would expect Jefferson to say it!
  6. So where's the uptick in cases now?
  7. Moco is incredible... So much variety.deep fast water. Calm shallow flats. Rivers. Bays. Ocean surf. . jetties. Inlets. Bridges. .. Oh my! And just when you think you got it figured out.. Beach replenishmet... And no parking signs.... Did you go to that spot we discussed?
  8. I work with alot of Mexican dudes....honest, proud, hardworking people... Alot more than i can say about some of my fellow AmeriCANS....
  9. love it.
  10. Faith and fear... Both begin where the other ends
  11. Have we ever met? Joshua 1:9.
  12. I was talking about strippers not stryper's