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  1. Yes.. just look for the deeper cuts.... And pocket water next to the rock piles
  2. Damn!! That is an awesome picture!
  3. That's a real racer.... Like to see one like that fattened up in the fall
  4. 40 shades of blue is what you will be if you roll your yak in this water!... LOL just re read your post..I saw paddle and assumed you were fishing in a kayak..duh..
  5. Search for USGS Mobile Water Data.. allow to use your location..it will bring you to an interactive map.. you will find this location is Keansburg.. many other locations available, unfortunately most don't have water temp data..I think mostly this site is meant for water level monitoring.
  6. Water temp in the back almost there....still just a tad too cold to develop a consistent bite IMHO.. might get good today.. 50 degrees magic number for me in the spring.
  7. I beat the crap out of my Kobalts.. they line up just fine..
  8. Holy moly.. way too much thought invested into a pair of fishing pliers.. personally I have a pair of Kobalt pliers from Lowe's that I've had going on 6 years now.. if you're not too lazy to rinse and lube them once in a while, an inexpensive pair will do you just fine.
  9. I agree with the comment about outgoing tide...fish it in areas where the sun warms the water quickly.. the warm water flowing out will get lethargic bait and predators moving and more likely to strike your bait or lures.
  10. http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/918816. Here's one from 2009!! Lol. I'll post a new one once I get my tying bench re-stocked and in working order ..
  11. This too is also one of my favorite flies of all time. I haven't tied flies in several years but I'm getting back into it. Unfortunately the link in the original post does not seem to work anymore.... I remember this pattern well but don't remember the hook size I used to use. I seem to recall tying them on 1/0 and 2 / 0... Does my memory serves me correctly?
  12. I used to find a good amount of blue in Deal before they covered it up with sand.. Deal was sea glass Mecca.. also was a great place to find sharks teeth...