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  1. I was kind of avoiding area where they were sick bunker. I figured that bass can tell the difference between sick and healthy bunker. I'm sure the sick bunker aren't too appetizing.
  2. interesting... thanks.
  3. I may be mistaken but i believe the pacific coast stripers are from fish originally spawned in the Shrewsbury river..
  4. I wasn't fishing but there was a Humpback putting on quite the show in the AP/ OG area yesterday afternoon
  5. I just walked out of Warehouse that was full of barrels with this sign on it. While the company I was working at is not located on Raritan Bay, I know of one that does identical business that is located almost exactly on Raritan Bay. Bad things would happen if they ever had a leak there. Also the barrels it came from are filled with chemicals that are used to make flavorings. Really?? We ingest this crap.
  6. This one looks more like a brownie than a Brookie. Sea-run Brown?
  7. Definitely a Brookie. And I have seen them that big before. Just not locally.
  8. I went to a very popular spot Saturday night and the authorities were there! They asked me a few questions as I was walking back to my truck. Very pleasant discussion. I thanked them for being there for being there..
  9. So sorry. Didn't catch that originally. Sorry for my insensitive comment. I would do the same in your position. I hope you can make it work and he can continue on in the kayak as long as possible. I am sure it will be good for both of you. Part of fighting the battle is quite spiritual and i can think of no better way to renew the spirit than being on the water. God bless both of you.
  10. Fish likely sluggish from the sharp drop in water temp the last couple of days. Look for things to pick up this week.
  11. I must own the only pair of quality Frogg Toggs. I have a pair of Hellbenders I bought last spring. I'm definitely not easy on my equipment and rarely wash them off. They sit in the back of my truck for days. Not one pinhole leak in them.
  12. Fishing doesn't get good in Asbury until November
  13. Impressive. The clambrella on the fly!