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  1. Forecast is for summer weather this weekend. Here they come!
  2. My first thought was the college team.. lol
  3. True.. it's getting exponentially worse lately. More open space has gone away in the last 5 years than the previous 25.. IMHO
  4. Please 'splain yoself.
  5. Yep..more gentrification.. sad....
  6. So is Asbury/Neptune area..maybe more than a bit
  7. Truth! I grew up in Fairfield and went to West Essex .. home of the Sopranos.. I've got stories.. let's just say some kid named Gambino stole my prom date..
  8. Over 28 years ago I moved south of the Driscoll bridge and haven't looked back.. today I had a few jobs in the Parsippany area, no too far from where I grew up... Still not looking back.. I don't know how youse guys deal with driving from up there to fish.. and the traffic . Uggh.
  9. Hmmm.. Eeeeels couldn't make the night shift and Mike left feeling horny.. if only Eeeeels had managed to make the night shift.. sorry bud.. u made that one too easy
  10. I'm not usually a big fan of pics, but given you were with your dad creating great memories, the apparent proper handling of the fish ( not dragged and breaded or hung by the lower jaw) not to mention the super quality pic itself. .. two thumbs up!!
  11. She is quoted as saying he "was" a high level exec and he "was" a very rich man.. I'm hoping for the best, and feel for the family... But so much doesn't add up.. even the family now believing things are suspicious..and fat life insurance policies are often a part of executive compensation packages
  12. I bet he has a fat life insurance policy..odd how his sister is already referring to him in the past tense
  13. Missing flyer for Rick O'Day, Rick O'Day and his dog (Colleen Rozzi) NJ FAMILY GROWS SUSPICIOUS ABOUT INVESTMENT BANKER’S DISAPPEARANCE IN SANDY HOOK The family of a missing Rumson boater believe his disappearance is suspicious. A daylong search on Thursday turned up no sign of the investment banker, who hasn't been seen since Sunday.. About two dozen family and friends handed out flyers to businesses, residents and fishermen in hopes of finding a sign of Richard O'Day whose 20-foot recreational boat was found anchored in the Sandy Hook Bay on Monday. He took the boat out for the first time this season on Sunday. His wallet, cell phone and an empty bag were found on board. Four fishing poles look untouched, relatives say. The U.S. Coast Guard ended their search on Tuesday but State and Rumson police continue their investigation. "We went all around Sandy Hook and put those up. We handed them out to fishermen and put them up at restaurants and liquor stores and bait stores. We stopped at Bahr's restaurant and they knew about it," O'Day's sister, Colleen Rozzi, told New Jersey 101.5. The group searched the bay from the Coast Guard station to Horseshoe Cove. Joining the search were some former classmates from Christian Brothers Academy. There were a few fleeting signs of her brother such as a hat and news about three bodies that had washed up on Staten Island recently. But the hat did not belong to O'Day and the body reports were false alarms. Rozzi and her siblings are beginning to think that given O'Day's job as a Wall Street investment banker that something more could be at play with his sudden disappearance. "He was a very high-level senior managing director at the investment firm CohnReznick Capital. He was a very rich guy," Rozzi said. Richard O'Day's boat the day he was last seen, Horseshoe Cove Odd behavior before leaving Rozzi said her brother acted a bit odd in the hours before he left his private dock "I know there's video surveillance footage from inside my brother's home from about 4 a.m. until he left to do some food shopping around 10. He had been checking and looking out his front door every hour. I don't know what's up with that," Rozzi said.
  14. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor
  15. Could it have been caught in a commercial net and released as by catch?