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  1. 1 hour ago, Cpalms said:

    The marketing department.

    Yes and no. Most top of the line reels are made for the serious fish so while you may need 8 pounds of drag and 150 yards of backing on your 5 wt trout outfit, there are some fish that will give you a test. Fish for tarpon, taimen, or offshore and you won't want to be under gunned.

  2. Typically backing capacity along with line capacity make a the requirements for a reel. Balance comes into play as well. Take your 9wt line and without taking any backing off of your 7wt reel and you'll find out that the diameter of fly lines vary in regard to weight. You'll run out of room on that smaller reel. Sure you can put less backing on the smaller reel and get that line on there but it most likely wouldn't feel "right" and if you were fishing for Albie's with that 9 wt with less backing....well you can guess the rest

  3. You should really think about what rods you want to bring in 2 separate ways.

    1. Bring lots of gear because you cant easily replace much down there if needed. The bones are small so a 5 and 6 at would be fun to fish in the afternoon at the beach. A 10 for tarpon should do.

    2. Don't bring anything you don't want to lose on a trip. 


    I had an 8,9,10 rigged on the boat but used the 8 80% of the time. Had some laid up tarpon for a few hours with the 10.

    Assume the guides won't have flies or tippets for you so bring what you need and a little more.

    Flourocarbon tippets!

  4. Orvis sling waterproof $100

    Orvis backpack waterproof $100

    Orvis backpack safe passage $90

    Simms lumbar and dry pack $60

    Patagonia beefy wading boots size 12 $45

    Orvis lightweight boots new size 12 $110 current model on website

    Shipping is $6 for each











  5. 27 mins ago, slip n slide said:

    looks fun,something new to learn...look it up on YT

    Herb put me on it and I was, like,well,would ya lookit that...?

    You may want an integrated line or scandi as other options. If you are thinking steelhead and heavy tips than Skagit will do ya. There are many variables you need to consider and play with.

  6. 1 hour ago, Drew C. said:

    This is a long shot, if not flat out impossibility, but wtf. I have an 8550C offshore spool, RH. The reel has been used but could easily pass as new. There's not a mark on it. I'd be interested in trading for a 8500 .8 and a 8450c. The 8500 would need to be RH. Reels s/b in good shape. I can post pics if this goes anywhere. I am not interested in selling, I'm not interested in any other trades - so please don't even ask. I should have the original box and bag as well.

    Only left hand here..bummer. contact streams of dreams in Jersey