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  1. I think part of this is the type of magazine produced. By far the Drake is the most popular but imo has some of the worst amateur writing going with at least one really well written professional article but none are how to or gear related. Fly Fish Journal is very nice but its not diverse from issue to issue.

  2. 4 mins ago, Mike Oliver said:

    Can we get same quality online as in a focussed mag. Not that all Mags have quality content.


    We still have Ttout Mags in the Uk. But in my view most are just rags. Constructed  for people with the attention span of a Knat .


    Trout and a Salmon was our quality mag . But I have  not read it in many years so dont know what it’s like now.



    Still a good book imo

  3. 49 mins ago, njfish4life said:

    I have a new in box Yakima Big Catch here on the site for sale.  Designed specifically for heavier boats and I have one already mounted on Thule bars so I know they fit.  


    I also have listed a Yakima Showboat if you are loading the kayak from the back of your car.


    Both are sitting in my garage and hate to see them just collect dust.  Located in northern/central NJ but willing to drive to meet up.

    I think the J style rack may be a better bet for me but will look more at these, thanks

  4. 2 hours ago, Mike Oliver said:



    Do you have the Intermediate and fast sink.


    I have fished both in the 12 wt for over 12 years. Not the original line that wore out long ago.


    The I line casts slightly better but fast sink is ok.

    The major problem with both lines is the junction of the running line to the head. They come apart unexpectedly. The junction can be repaired if you know how to do this.


    Junction issue aside they are good lines. Best show in town for a few years.

    Very hard to find these days. If you find one snap,it up.




    I used them years ago with the Atlantis and after a break on the salt decided to bust out the rod again. I was going through a box of lines and came across 2 nib intermediate lines. Had never heard of the head issue but certainly it could happen

  5. 2 hours ago, hunter123 said:

    Not looking to get a whole new net. The watcher I have are hand made, I didn't know when I bought it 20 years ago. I'm just looking for a new bag close to the measurements  13"w x 17"L .thank you.

    I'll see if my new net bag will fit those dimensions

  6. 16 hours ago, Hook I said:


    Sad news Dave Brandt passed away this month after a long illness , I read this from another site 

    Yes, very sad. He actually wasn't sick for long, it all happened in a matter of 2 months. I didn't know Dave well but he was a friend and very good to me. Stuck up for me real good when one of the guys was all over me after having a few too many. True gentleman who can't be replaced. Will miss him.