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  1. As good a time as any
  2. These look like they were made by British Reel Company.
  3. Yes but it is blk nk color
  4. I have a 10 ft 7wt if interested
  5. ???? Wha
  6. $120 shipped for 1, 2 for 230
  7. Hydros IV with 2 additional spare spools for sale Use once on a bonefish trip Retails for $480 $420 shipped
  8. Catskills. I tie it on a 12 with tailing shock with a klinkhammer hook. Deadly
  9. have 2 half capes, dark blue and dark grey
  10. killer pattern
  11. flying ant maybe?
  12. Have a mirage vi if interested
  13. Non addditiona lines Meet at $410
  14. I believe the non profit I work for has a 8' 5/6 fenwick glass. vintage. I'll get more details
  15. 8 is an orvis salt floater. i have boxes of lines. was gonna grab something as a bonus but i dont have time to wade through them
  16. meet at $420 and I'll throw in a 8,9 or 10 at line
  17. One of the lines is a 4wt set up for euro nymphing which u dont want..the other is a saltwater floater and does come with
  18. have an orvis h2 8wt
  19. hmm, i have my sizing wrong. the 3 would probably fit my 6wt switch nicely
  20. What's the backing cap on the odyssey Sweet reel
  21. I have an hmh spartan nib
  22. had a similar experience a few years ago in M. concluded that it was probably a blue shark
  23. there are better options for OH than the orvis rods. that 14ft is for spey
  24. Dont smoke it pal!