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  1. I have an orvis hydros Sl #2 with spare spool if interested
  2. Not to burst your bubble but the price is a bit high. If you take the zero off its probably more accurate. Sorry.
  3. Mediocre. The drag is "sealed" only when the spool and frame are engaged and not water tight in my opinion. I've seen a few get very messed up. I'd look at the mirage LT
  4. Hydros sl?
  5. Lever drag is not new to fly reels. STS had one that is probably 12 yo or more. I own one and its cool if not a bit of a novelty. What I don't understand is why they would make a reel line with the smallest much market in mind (offshore). I can't imagine putting that reel on a super light graphite 8 wt but to each his own.
  6. 135
  7. I have mid length, 37 inches
  8. The jefe?
  9. Let me sleep in it please. In the meantime can you take an interior shot of the reel/drag?
  10. Saw it didn't fetch on eBay. Respectfully offer $300
  11. What line type are you using...sinking, floating, etc Personally, I'd keep it on the shirt side, 6ft but have thrown standard 9ft 16 lb tapered. My only concern with long is tailing loops
  12. Most important is you had lots of time with the family and got to escape to fish for a bit.
  13. Was an orvis depth charge. I like your suggestion if the outbound if going floating or int.
  14. 400
  15. Hopefully this isn't breaking rules and will stay up, it's free and put in by a non profit 2 days of an outdoor fly fishing flee market at the Catskill fly fishing Museum in Livingston Manor. Win 1 of 3 Hardy rod outfits in the casting course!
  16. Any irony in this thread?
  17. I have the 9ft OutKast stand up pontoon collecting dust in my garage
  18. Age 10 to 12 I've tried with many kids and this seems to be the best age range for attention span and strength
  19. Put blue marine grease in the drag case and you'll have no issues
  20. High and Dry is hands down the best new floatant. Ive tried them all, 1 application lasts longer than you can imagine
  21. 763 or 804
  22. Not a fan of them. Had to say it.
  23. Make the purchases in a real y shop and you'll avoid further mistakes
  24. D I knew I forgot something
  25. 9 ft Brand new, never taken from the tube, unregistered. Been on the shelf for months $750 shipped