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  1. You should really think about what rods you want to bring in 2 separate ways. 1. Bring lots of gear because you cant easily replace much down there if needed. The bones are small so a 5 and 6 at would be fun to fish in the afternoon at the beach. A 10 for tarpon should do. 2. Don't bring anything you don't want to lose on a trip. I had an 8,9,10 rigged on the boat but used the 8 80% of the time. Had some laid up tarpon for a few hours with the 10. Assume the guides won't have flies or tippets for you so bring what you need and a little more. Flourocarbon tippets!
  2. Bring small cash for tips, 1s and fives Christmas island special is your fly if choice
  3. Sorry, gave to a buddy
  4. Orvis sling waterproof $100 Orvis backpack waterproof $100 Orvis backpack safe passage $90 Simms lumbar and dry pack $60 Patagonia beefy wading boots size 12 $45 Orvis lightweight boots new size 12 $110 current model on website Shipping is $6 for each
  5. Orvis sling waterproof $100 Patagonia beefy wading boots size 12 $45 Orvis lightweight boots new size 12 $95 currentmodel on website Shipping is $6 for each Removed some items and reduced
  6. No clue, it feels very stiff. I doubt that info is available
  7. I believe I have a 14/15 new from Orvis
  8. I believe I have a 14/15 new from Orvis
  9. Sent Address is in CT Thanks bro
  10. I'll take them
  11. Boca Grande is a great destination for poon
  12. G2

    Don't think he made many of this color. Original prototype.
  13. G2

    This is probably 2 oz. Told it was one of a kind by Gary but who knows.
  14. Any pics? With wood base?
  15. You may want an integrated line or scandi as other options. If you are thinking steelhead and heavy tips than Skagit will do ya. There are many variables you need to consider and play with.
  16. On a 6 if fishing the swing I would go scandi or integrated.
  17. Why does it have to be Skagit?
  18. Only left hand here..bummer. contact streams of dreams in Jersey
  19. I actually just put one on eBay. Stainless jaws, blue anodizing, pocket base, with bobbin cradle. Pm if interested New in box
  20. My buddy from field and stream did a podcast with me as the guest. Topic was crazy stuff you experience working in a fly shop along with the state of fly fishing in our region. There is a bunch of f bombs so it's not for the delicate but was all done in good fun. There's a hysterical video that circulated last week about Bob the garbage man soaking chunks in jerz that we speak about for a bit. Check it out, you might enjoy it.
  21. I have an orvis hydros Sl #2 with spare spool if interested
  22. Not to burst your bubble but the price is a bit high. If you take the zero off its probably more accurate. Sorry.