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  1. lets just say i went a lil overboard
  2. welcome
  3. ive never seen that reel, how does it compare to the 704z, 706z? i modified my 706z this weekend, got a lil creative with my dremel drill and cut out large drail holes on the bottom and three 1" holes alongs the reel wall. just waiting for the paint to dry. anyone have some pics of modified penn reels?
  4. which is better? or are they the same as some have implied
  5. s*%t, i can get my pic to upload, what am i doing wrong, ughhh
  6. im def looking for more help on technique, reading the beach, using the right plugs when...etc the boards are really helpful with most of that but i could def benefit from some proffesional services
  7. the yellow needle is hot
  8. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does the rear hook swivel or does it point down as in the pic
  9. did u get medium or heavy, fast action?
  10. Been spending the past few years on a couple other striper boards and have heard nothing but great things about this one. Glad to be here, nice to meet ya'll tight lines! rob
  11. so i better keep the 10 cases of heineken i bought for you guys and replace them with some snapper poppers instead
  12. HOLA!
  13. After looking at that 60 pounder on the site caught on the blue needle fish, i couldnt help but pick one up at tightlines in sag harbor today. I figured i needed to add it to my arsenal, question is what is the proper way to fish one???? Thanks
  14. just short for an italian last name psyche
  15. so as a new member do i get all 4 or do i have to choose 1?
  16. thanks for the warm welcome feel free to steal my awesome joke!
  17. never heard someone get called a goog love it!
  18. God and st peter have a day off and decide to go fishing. st. peter attaches a plug casts out, reels in...nothing. God casts out , plug comes off, reels in.... 100# striper wrapped around his line. St. peter looks at God and says "hey god, are we gonna fish are you gonna F$%K AROUND all day!"
  19. haha
  20. Long Island Surf long beach, jones, hamptons and montauk some times party boats from pt lookout and shinecock