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  1. Interested in trades?
  2. All good bro..hope you and the fam are well!
  3. Bob didnt i sell you an M6 years ago? Big regret! Hope you're well buddy
  4. 6 years is the max life expectancy of waders used season after season
  5. craig buckbee, FFI certified instructor Easterncaster at gmail
  6. Probably not that big of a difference to warrant counterweight adjustment
  7. I may have one. Will check
  8. not a lot of 6 wts sell on this page
  9. 9/10 on the salt. I used it on a pond down my block. Fresh is 10/10. Not sure why but the fresh is faster. Better streamer rod imo. Use a wulff triangle plus to get the best action. If you are looking for a dry fly 6 for dries, hoppers, I have a helios 6 mid flex. $300 for either hydros.
  10. Lemme know if interested. The fresh is a bit faster imo
  11. Ok. I have both. Pics coming
  12. Salt or fresh version?
  13. what rod wt are you putting the freestone on? would love to get this reel but not in possession of a freestone
  14. very nice art. love the sussino
  15. New in tube. $650 for the 5D $700 for the 8 D Price includes shipping
  16. Orvis Mirage new in box first generation with spare spool. Perfect for 9/10/11 wt Color is black nickel $400 plus shipping
  17. Any Backcountry?
  18. Nice rod
  19. I have an Orvis h2 8 switch
  20. I have an 8350 but havent peaked inside. please take pics if you do open it good luck
  21. Need a recommendation for an SOT kayak seat thanks