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  1. I have an 8350 but havent peaked inside. please take pics if you do open it good luck
  2. Need a recommendation for an SOT kayak seat thanks
  3. American Angler RIP I've subscribed to 6 or so FF magazine's for the last 15 years or so and I'm down to maybe 2 or 3 subscriptions now. Truth is, during the last year or so I Hardy finger through them as I get my fix online. Too bad.
  4. I think part of this is the type of magazine produced. By far the Drake is the most popular but imo has some of the worst amateur writing going with at least one really well written professional article but none are how to or gear related. Fly Fish Journal is very nice but its not diverse from issue to issue.
  5. Still a good book imo
  6. In my basement
  7. I think the J style rack may be a better bet for me but will look more at these, thanks
  8. For an outback. I have Thule carriers but they aren't wide enough for my bars Thanks
  9. snatch em up!!! all of them
  10. i have one I believe in black, theyve been going for high prices though, like 150. not looking to sell but can be tempted
  11. $2
  12. I used them years ago with the Atlantis and after a break on the salt decided to bust out the rod again. I was going through a box of lines and came across 2 nib intermediate lines. Had never heard of the head issue but certainly it could happen
  13. Any thoughts on the airflo original 2 hand line? Is it the gold standard for heavier rods? Just found a couple
  14. I'll see if my new net bag will fit those dimensions
  15. I may have a new rubber net to sell you. Bought one from urban anglers (not the NYC shop) but decided on a different net all together
  16. Comparison of the cnd Atlantis 11 versus the oceana 8/9/10?
  17. Dave Did you ever get one of these?
  18. Yes, very sad. He actually wasn't sick for long, it all happened in a matter of 2 months. I didn't know Dave well but he was a friend and very good to me. Stuck up for me real good when one of the guys was all over me after having a few too many. True gentleman who can't be replaced. Will miss him.
  19. Found a note from Tony
  20. Let the fish decide
  21. How much is the repair fee out of curiosity?
  22. Or the Catskill fly fishing museum
  23. The other line work out?
  24. Is one tip shorter than the others?