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  1. Dont smoke it pal!
  2. Bumping the flow to 1500 at 230pm
  3. The guides love that fly
  4. That was me for 10 years
  5. They only use xmas island specials at el pesce
  6. Yes, very nice rod. Can sling a nice line and add some distance to your cast
  7. New, unused Size 12 $42 shipped con US
  8. hippy
  9. It took a year to come back???
  10. I shared your big game dream years ago with a similar set up..never used.
  11. Great reel if you only have the use of one arm. I know 2 anglers, 1 on this site that use them with Great success
  12. What line wts was this again
  13. played with the reel and the drag is a bit itchy, you dont want it bud, sorry need to get it serviced before i could do anything with it in good faith
  14. I have a sweet salt 6 orvis hydros (helios blank) that was my go to carp rod if interested