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  1. 2 years fishing for albies i found that albies are not picky like many people said. when they come they will take any color, jig i throw at them. i saw a guy caught one with steel wire leader and other guy caught them with some kind of popper lure for bass and i caught one with SP minnow bullet. match the hatch is not always work better than other lure.. i saw people use albie snax catch more fish than match the hatch people
  2. it's a nice rod but almost double price of the suzuki i need a budget one like suzuki. i love parabolic bend of the blackhole rods
  3. sorry for a dump question.. are they have the same lure rating? i have a Tuna snipper boat rod rate 1/2-2oz but i feel like 2-6oz. i never tried more than 2oz because i don't use it a lot. it's much stiffer than my VPR 3/4-4oz. Thanks
  4. lure rating is exactly what i want but one piece throw me off. Can you make 2pc model? butt joint will feel like 1pc
  5. what's the lure weight on the 8' rod?
  6. are you going to pay the fine for me when i fill up the 5gl bucket? lol
  7. I just have it in hand can not wait for this weekend hunting the albies.. mine is 5000 it is so light and smooth as butter.. believe or not I feel it is smoother than Catalina/Certate but not sure if it will stay that way when fighting with the fish or not.. it is smooth but not solid as the other 2. I feel it is more like a toy than a fishing reel. the handle looks cheap and weak but the reel rated 26lb drag I do not know if the handle can handle 10-15lb of drag. the 5000 holds close to 300m of Samurai braid.. I would say it is about 260-270m. does anyone own one? edit: please move to the main forum I realized I posted in the wrong forum after submitted it. thanks
  8. yeah.. i saw millions of them in local beach but not sure if it's legal to catch and quota for this species
  9. Hey people, is it legal to catch anchovies? Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, i've heard the pink is harder to see than the clear or it just marketing? i ran out of leader i need to order some for albies this week. Thanks
  11. last year the Albies took any size/color when you threw at them.. a friend of my threw 3oz - 4oz purple the epoxy tuna series at them and they took it. I preferred 7/8oz one for a better distance.. the smaller onces i can't reach to where they are.. sometimes i use 1.24oz I think the boat people are preferred the smaller onces if you want the size is smaller but heavier then go with the heavy minnow.
  12. Amazon link should be allowed.. i think the weighted ones will help a bit more distance as I'll cast from shore/beach Thanks HappyonChappy and Joppa
  13. Hey people... what kind of hooks/size you use on Albie snax for albie/bone? amazon link would be helpful i need to order some Thanks people
  14. Recieved the rod today in a perfect condition Thanks for the deal bri