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  1. in MA they're here in late April to mid May depends on the weather condition.. 2-4 weeks later they will come to the piers, so the boat people enjoy first
  2. you're already used both rods go with the one you like more.. if you like both equal then buy the mojor so you can have both.. for jigging go with TFO for plugs go with Mojo TFO is a lot lighter than the mojo
  3. someone caught it at the beach somewhere in CA i wonder if it's a CA halibut or a fluke Thanks
  4. why don't you stay with the well known brands like seaguar, yo-zuri ..etc? you get what you pay for. i never trust the amazon reviews.. normally i read 1-2 stars reviews not the positive ones. fake reviews are everywhere
  5. Ballistic LT 4k or 5K and even 6K if you want more line capacity.. the 6k is only 11.1oz.. the LT series are super smooth you won't disappointed
  6. night time is better with a light.. without a light day time is better
  7. how is it compares to the RI one?
  8. I have the 5k size it is super smooth but not solid to me because it is too light i felt like a toy. I killed too many false albacore with this reel.. Catalina 4k was my main gear for false albacore last year but this year the ballistic 5k took over the Catalina job... rod and reel are under 15oz I can not happier than that..
  9. the best time to catch smelt is few hours before the sun set or early in the morning until around 10. If you have a light/lantern at night the bite will be better than day time. that's my personal experiences.
  10. yeah you can catch them either night or day but day time is better.. you'll need a light at night time, else they're very slow
  11. for the sp minnow i use the bigger one, the floating 2017 model i forgot what weight on it but i believe they're 1 5/8oz and the bullet sinking 1.5oz . for the epoxy i use 7/8oz
  12. i have this rod it's super light and can cast the light lures like SP minnow and epoxy jig if you use it for albie fishing. i caught a lot of albies with this rod and landed some 40's inch strippers at canal in this year. it's as light as the TFO blue in case you curious how light it's. this VPR cast further and lighter than the ODM Frontier 10'6 3/4-4 but the ODM is a lot more backbone than the VPR... i bought the VPR at a full price at redtop you can't go wrong with the VPR
  13. hey buddy, would you mind to ship? I will pay for for shipping cost thanks
  14. based on the place where i'm fishing the albies don't care the color.. people use different colors and jig sizes but they're all caught albies and the ratio is about the same but people use albie snax caught more than the metal jigs. i saw like that every time not one or two times... i go every weekend.. believe or not i use only 2 jigs, epoxy 7/8oz olive and 7/8oz silverside on every weekend and i caught them everytime i go there. i use SP minnow sometime and caught them too it's a second year i'm fishing for the ablies... i'm not a pro one of my friends didn't believe in flouro.. he put the flouro leader into his guppy fish tank the guppies come and bite the line... invisible? he laughed