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  1. Things are much simpler when all you do is Fly-Fish. The more you open up to other forms of art, or in this case fishing, the more complex each situation becomes. That's when tangents creep in. Some social groups have large gatherings where they congregate & enjoy regional or ethnic cuisines, display arts & crafts, participate in ritual dancing, dress in various ethnic ensembles (often very colorful) and so forth while socializing. it is in environments like this where tangents are born. Some may say its due to sheer boredom, others may insist it's a way of exercising the mind and others may use large functions like this to quite literally pawn off family members temporarily, or in some cases for good. I myself like to read the situation & react accordingly. If I notice a high concentration of mayflies coming off the water & going up into the air like little helicopters, I'm not fast to tie on the according fly. There may be more to the situation than meets the eye. A glance up higher into the sky might reveal hundreds of Dragon Flies swooping in to pick off the Mayflies. That's when I like to light a beech-wood tipped cigar & look further for answers as I wait patiently for my attempts at smoke rings, which wind up looking more like smoke puffs, to dissipate. I may notice Swallows picking off the Dragon flies & inadvertently dropping them every now & then, tearing a wing off or biting off a part of their abdomen or tail. It's a Barbaric comedy that plays out in the air sometimes, high above the water's surface. As the wounded, maimed or even forever crippled Dragonflies fall to the surface, I may study the rise rings to determine if the Trout are taking them or if they prefer the easier number of Mayflies both trapped in the surface meniscus or floating vulnerably as they wait for the wings to air dry. Of course, not all Mayfly species behave this way as some burst right through the meniscus & become airborne and others swim their way to the edge of the river & quite literally crawl out before hatching. As Brad Pitt showed in "A River Runs Through It," sometimes it isn't the fly that matters it's how you use it. Many working class types are very good at preparing in advance & packing all the right essentials, but a blurry line exists between using them the right way and using them to create a higher level still, as some may say - creating art, with such things. Others may be lost in a science fiction novel & wake up to find themselves crashing through the trees & disrupting the sanctity of a quiet golf course as they skip off the runway at 100 mph as they toggle back & forth with the joy stick for their very lives. Others may just be thankful they've kept to a simple approach & a simple way of doing things, which can make all situations in life much easier.
  2. Fascinating insights Otshawytsha, I've never considered the possibility that Brad Pitt is merely a vessel for people to project their dreams & hopes into, but this may account for many here steadfastly refusing, as Brad Pitt did in "A River Runs Through It," to ever put down the fly rod in favor of another form of fishing. It may be a comforting notion to you that no one cares what Brad Pitt has to say, many hard working types often wrap themselves in comforting notions when faced with the grim reality that genetics, and the almighty God - if you will - has gifted someone with such vast popularity due to physical good looks and charisma. The resulting hysteria he causes when in public is universally appealing to many. This attention can also cause some, usually those in more remote areas, to also not care what Brad Pitt has to say & I can certainly understand this notion. In fact, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences never awarded Pitt a single Oscar for any of the movies he starred in. This would fortify your viewpoints that the public truly doesn't care. Of course, Pitt did win an Oscar for directing "12 Years a Slave" which I admittedly haven't ever seen. Apparently the movie is based on an incredible true story of one man's fight for survival and freedom in pre-Civil War times. A free black man named Solomon Northrup is abducted & sold into slavery. He faces cruelty which is personified by a malevolent slae owner & also encounters unexpected kindness. Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity during his incredible 12 year odyssey. This feat certainly speaks volumes about what Pitt, who chose to immerse himself in some very interesting & socially important subject material when he chose to direct this film. Winning an Oscar for it is truly an accomplishment & shows what he can do when he infects others with his charisma & leadership qualities & produces "art." I think you may be lacking an appreciation for "art" in your viewpoint & of course, I may be wrong, but what people care about most is often art. The Shadow Cast in "A River Runs Through It", a movie that is judged by peers to be best in class. Brad Pitt is synonymous with these things to an entire generation. When we stop to consider his epic struggle to stop smoking Pot in his hollywoood mansion, we see an example of how legal drug use can cause real & serious problems for anyone, young or old, famous or pedestrian. The fact that a famous celebrity struggled with it only helps to spread the word as to the dangers that substance abuse poses. Perhaps in some ways it was a good thing for many that he went through this & as far as we know, has overcame it. Certainly your point about Brad Pitt throwing away the best chance he had to be happy in life when he broke up his marriage with Angelina Jolie by failing as a husband to keep his wife interested is a provocative but opinionated notion as I always liked Jennifer Anniston better myself. I don't think it's fair to contend that Pitt's sad existence is in no way as interesting or thrilling to your average jack movie-goer as that broken lost doomed fly fisherman who bucks the mores of Prohibition era Montana to cohabit with a native american woman, as many white frontiersmen have found happiness among the eskimos. As for Harrison Ford, who has been married three times & probably also gave up his one true chance at happiness when back in 1979 he divorced his first wife & mother of his two sons Mary Marquardt, who was a Chef - I imagine now that Ford must be quite sick & tired of always having to do the cooking. Many that spend vast amounts of time underground or indoors are often more in touch with the coldness & the darkness of space and they may inherently idolize the harassed look of an intergalactic smuggler & admire that he is too cynical to waste his "precious" time on sweet talking the ladies - which Brad Pitt no doubt would point out is a big mistake by the way. These same types who often have too much time on their hands to think as they perform idle tasks can also romanticize with princesses who also happen to be leaders of a make-believe "Rebel Alliance" of all preposterous things. They may fantasize about carrying on an illicit affair with an interplanetary princess who is going to one day save the galaxy & bring down tyranny forever. But this whole notion is some kind of warped, sick dream because Princess Leia is a prude & she can't even crack a smile without bristling when Han Solo makes a joke. Who on earth would waste their time with such girl? Well we all know in real life that Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia in the made up movie, finally admitted what really happened behind the scenes & off the set while filming Star Wars all those years ago. Fisher, now 60, revealed that her & Harrison Ford had a whirlwind three-month-long, "drink-sozzled, drug-addled affair" when filming the first Star Wars movie at Elstree studios in Hertforshire in 1976. Many upstart know it alls types weren't even born yet so I find it very interesting that Harrison Ford, who was married at the time in real life, threw away a good woman who cooks & who bore him two wonderful sons, for a cranky, high & mighty innocent fake princess. But not to worry right? It's common for actors in made up movies to have a stunt double do the risky or technical scenes. In fact, Brad Pitt didn't even perform the Shadow Cast in "A River Runs Through It." - and Harrison Ford didn't perform any of his stunts either. That may explain why in 2017 he crash landed his single Aviat Husky when he flew dangerously close to an American Airlines Boeing 737 jet, packed with passengers, that was awaiting departure. It was a narrow miss that shows a blatant disregard for others. Not to be deterred, the now 72 year old Harrison Ford crash landed his vintage plane on a golf course just last week, narrowly avoiding a catastrophy over several residential homes in Venice, California. Of course, he had to be transported to Santa Monica hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries including a broken ankle and pelvis. Witnesses even say they saw the actor bleeding profusely from the face. A number of golfers said that they were unable to finish their rounds because of the huge gashes & gouges that Ford's plane made in the fairway. Clearly, at least Bradd Pitt, who may be unusually good looking & charismatic, doesn't actually think he is Hans Solo, pretending to fly an imaginary "Millennium Falcon" space ship around the skies & make believe he's dog-fighting with X-Wing fighters.
  3. I once saw a young lad who's only fishing toggery was his rod, a pair of khakis & his black wingtips, literally walk down the center of a small river casting in similar fashion. By Jesus I told him right to his face it would never work but guess what? It did. Repeatedly. I was furious with envy.
  4. Absolutely & thank you Yogi, so are you! Great site, great people & fun to be a part of it all.
  5. Yes I posted all the various rigging methods above. If it's pure "action" or body wiggle we're looking for, the Circle Hook method up top wins. Obviously, the shorter the shank of the hook, the more the wiggle.
  6. "In Missouri, where I come from, we don't talk about what we do - we just do it. If we talk about it, it's seen as bragging." -Brad Pitt Well Otshawytsha, I certainly wouldn't want to speak for Brad Pitt as I know there are many who prefer to watch the classic, shorter, & funnier TV sitcoms like "the Munsters" for example, or perhaps others may have a preference to enjoy more thought provoking documentaries regarding the truth about UFO 's or the nightmarish accounts of alleged Sasquatch sightings in the northern territories. What I do know is that the Big Blackfoot river, due to its geological origins has certainly caused many hard working types, in the Transportation, Logistics, Mining, Construction & other industries to develop mixed feelings about Brad Pitt or his relationship to the sport of Fly Fishing - perhaps even influencing their view Fly Fishing. Others may resemble Brad Pitt's "brother" Norman, played by Craig Sheffer in the movie A River Runs Through it more so than they do Brad Pitt & hence there may be various degrees of jealousy based solely on genetics that could further confound some people's views on the sport of Fly-Fishing. Ironically, as it may be due to my resemblance to Brad Pitt, I always found the shadow cast his character "performed" in the movie, "A River Runs Through It" to be a multi-level example of the real lessons the movie taught. Thinking back to Paul (Brad Pitt) proposing that he & his brother Norman take the day off to fish the "big river, which they both know refers to the powerful Big Blackfoot with its many powerful fish. The Big Blackfoot's headwaters are on the Continental Divide, near a mine where the lowest temperature in the continental United States was officially recorded, at 69.7 degrees below zero. Only true miners are probably aware of facts like this, but anyone who took a basic Geology class in college probably is familiar with the notion that much of the Blackfoot was created instantly, when an enormous glacial lake, covering what we know of today as Mondana & Idaho, broke its ice dam &caused the biggest flood in history that has geological proof behind it. The Blackfoot is a difficult place for trout to live, since the water is so swift & powerful, but it's the river the brothers know best, having fished it since the beginning of the 20th century. The fact that Brad Pitt of all actors was parading around fishing in the Big Blackfoot may not sit right with some, based on the chalice of respect that they hold in their hands, hands that are worn from hard work & difficulty of surviving on the frontier. Lord knows Brad Pitt never picked up a shovel or a pick or an ax, except perhaps to film a scene in one of his many movies. However, unlike the Elkhorn, the Blackfoot is actually treated with due respect by the brothers in the movie. In the historical & nature related details that Norman shares throughout the movie, there is a constant tone of awe. The Big Blackfoot exudes a kind of sublime beauty & strength that exceeds human grasp, whether in the unimaginably cold temperatures of the Continental Divide mine, or the flood of biblical proportions that took place on such a massive scale - the brothers fishing the river since the dawn of the century can't compare to such ancient vastness. But, and forgive me for starting a sentence with a word many use as a slang term & one that Grammarians would clearly point out violates the rule that a conjunction can't start a sentence. Many may remember this being mentioned & this would be highly likely for those that may have attended Catholic schools where Grammar is more often stressed. I would contend this notion falls somewhere between superstition & style choice. Because, it isn't really a true rule of grammar at all. If we hone in on the Shadow Cast that "Paul" (Brad Pitt) deploys towards the end of the movie, I think we can shed some light into what's at stake here. The Blackfoot's size & strength makes it suitable only for those fly fishermen who won't be intimidated by the river, but will still treat it with the proper attention and respect it deserves. Clearly Norman is less comfortable than Paul is in this kind of terrain, which forces him to practice a certain skill particular to fly-fishing in problematic areas blocked by elements of nature - the roll cast. Paul watches Norman & is careful not to seem superior, but he suggests that the fish are out a bit further, on a diagonal. They both act as if Paul hadn't said anything, but Norman obeys the directions & finds that more fish are biting just as Paul said they would. Many a Blue Collar worker cringed at this scene, how could an actor as good looking & flashy as Brad Pitt have been right? How could he actually have known what he was talking about? Norman then casts his rod & immediately catches a fish & lands it on a sandbar. The fish is too large for the basket & Paul tips his hat to Norman in respect. For a fleeting moment, many a blue collar worker was won back over at this point in the film. Norman then watches Brad Pitt jump into the river & swim out to a cliff, where he climbs up & steadies himself to cast. Those who resent Brad Pitt were no doubt hoping he would slip & fall in. Water is sliding off of him & seems to make a kind of halo, flickering with the vapor rising from the river. Pitt then casts hard upstream and then pivots gracefully downstream, circling several times in an elegant motion he calls "shadow casting." He thinks fish see the shadows of the fly over the water & immediately hit it when the fly touches. Norman notes that shadow casting never worked for him, he's not sure if he believes in it, but perhaps he just didn't have the arm and wrist strength of his brother? Or, perhaps he was too sensible to depart from the method of fishing their sensible, Presbyterian Minister & father Walter taught him & his brother? In any event, Paul takes on an angelic nature at this point of the film. Paul's graceful actions similarly link his skill to a higher goodness & in turn, his skill in fly fishing is described not as an element of competitive sport or hobby, but rather as a true art form, with techniques that have something of the genius and the unknowable to them. Interpreted literally, Brad Pitt performing the Shadow Cast to catch the biggest fish represents an extremely advanced degree of difficulty cast deployed by flashier brother, who succeeded in a way that his more sensible brother never will. Where as, the more sensible brother chose to succeed in life, something Brad Pitt's character did not ultimately do. But let's not confuse "Paul," a character in a Novel & subsequent film, with Brad Pitt - who is obviously fairly successful with a net worth of approximately $300 million in actual, real life. It is here that many depart with varying viewpoints. Some reason that analytically speaking, the Shadow Cast itself is just silly, others may acknowledge it as a form of art and still other more hard working types may feel the flashy Brad Pitt makes a mockery of the Big Blackfoot, swimming through it, Shadow Casting & of course, catching the biggest fish - outdoing the sensible brother Norman in the process. Others may draw conclusions about the sport of fly fishing based on this movie & think many of the ideals & notions that are portrayed in the film somehow pigeon-hole all fly-fisherman into a similar category - then they form opinions about the sport & those who do it. However, I'm going to pose a notion that few if any I have ever encountered or heard of have ever thought of. Again, not speaking on behalf of Brad Pitt here & forgive the resemblance - those that feel Brad Pitt movie "A River Runs Through It" lacks merit & contains sacrilegious content opposing many holy chalices of respect that they hold dear, might be surprised by how confused Brad Pitt would be when these things were pointed out to him. In fact, he might not even know or care which movie a potential filibuster might be referencing as they accost the piece of his work for having negative connotations or undertones. He could ask his ex wives, Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, if perhaps either of them knew what the person was talking about? But how could they truly know? Brad Pitt has made so many movies, he most likely would have to think long & hard, reflecting back over those millions & millions of dollars he's made - all the way back to a particular film which was in size & scope a fairly low budget movie directed by someone besides he & written as well by someone else. You see. Brad Pitt was only doing his job. And, and I apologize for starting yet another sentence with a conjunction - he was acting.!
  7. For me, the method I fish depends on conditions & what I'm seeing as I read the water & determine what's going on. In Rivers, large or small & right down to babbling brooks, I Fly-Fish only. In Saltwater, I'm into all sorts of dirty things including but not limited to Fly Fishing, Spin Casting, using Conventional reels from the Surf & by boat, Jigging..etc. Fly Fishing is probably most fun to me. But as per Flip Pallot, walking down to the flats skiff with both a fly rod & a spinning set up, I do what I think will work best in given conditions. I love working Tins with Conventional reels from the surf. I love Pencil Popping with a rod that has a bouncy tip. I love throwing soft plastics with light spinning tackle. I even like Bass fishing at times with bait casters or buzz baits. Custom wood plugs really get me going, as does tying a fly. But the real soft spot in my heart, for me, has always been Fly Fishing & I've gone truly overboard with the sport. I know a lot of fisherman are purists & what not. I'm not one of them. The thing is, reaching the fish comes into play & also true passion for other forms of delivering an artificial imitation to the water. Also, water depth & wind play a role in which type of fishing I'm going to do on a given outing. I have a love of the sport of fishing, in a very broad context.
  8. Hi CharlieStriper, The whole chart is due for an update & I'll put something up very soon that is eaier to view on this platform. I did some testing on some new lines recently. In the meantime, after going through this entire post, I think Esa & Hirdy above have summed up the problem that Marketing has created & that a highly comptitive industry has caused. Many companies & those who run them, or categories within them, are do varying degrees - arrogant. Bold statement. Generalized too. I've not only met them personally, but many have made decisions that we are, as a Fly-Fishing community, too stupid as to deserve accurate portrayals of technical Rod, Line & even Reel specs. At this point, MANY companies are misleading us & dumbing things down with very "Fish Focused" messages that quite frankly completely ignore the techical side of the sport. My advice? 1. Know the optimal weight range of your rods, in scientific terms. 2. Study the lines you plan to purchase in advance. Look for problems like - NO INFO ON WEIGHT OF HEAD & ALSO, WEIGHT OF ENTIRE CASTABLE PORTION OF FLY LINE. 3. Examine the tapers as compared to the applications you will deploy them for. 4. Avoid opinionated viewpoints & don't support Fly Fishing companies who devalue us as being too stupid to want to know what we are buying.Stick to the facts. I'll make it one of my SOL priorities to get some updated info up "soon" & obviously after the fall run dies down. The next month, from here on out is all hands on deck. Thank you for your post & please stay tuned okay.
  9. Thank you Phil & happy Birthday to your mom from me!
  10. Don't forget that when a lure doesn't cast as far as you'd like, it may be a case of one rod throwing everything & it just happens to not load the lighter bait like the Sluggo Double Rig. I get borderline unbelievable distance when I toss these with the right Spinning rod, which for me is a Lammy Ron Aara 8/12 rod rated for this application. I also get pretty satisfactory distance on a few 10', 10'6" & up to 12'6" rods, both Conventional and Spinning. Try tossing a Sluggo Double on something rated appropriately, you may be completely shocked at how, when that rod bends & loads, it will sling even an unweighted plastic quite a bit further than would seem possible.
  11. Forgot to include the Hogy Circle Hook rigging method. Basically it's a circle hook with a Twistie Grip. Here's a great video on the concept. The corkscrew grip can be added to any type of rigging imaginable, I'll routinely take more than 25 Stripers on a single Soft Plastic, no glue needed. BAH! Just pick up a few bags of these bad boys & you're all set. Also, here is another video on the 10' Original Jigging Hogy fished as a popper, rigged with the offset worm hook as I mentioned above. In this next video, Mike Hogan is fishing a pocket of Stripers that are on large Squid. He goes through three different types of rigging & adjusts as was necessary based on the dropping Tide & the weeds he was encountering, he starts off with the Double Rig which is either done with 130 lb Mono or Wire, the latter of which is favored when Bluefish or Barracuda & other toothy predators are around. He winds up moving to the unweighted grip hook & then he cycles through to the weighted grip hook which I didn't mention in the previous post either. Hard for me to remember ALL the tricks the first time through. This hook is used when you have Stripers around that are big enough to Head Strike a bait. I also was asked to show the "Drop Shot" method of rigging a Soft Plastic, so here is the basic set up. Bank Sinkers or Cannon Ball Sinkers will work just fine for this method. Notice the Offset Worm Hook on this rig. You can obviously use an Offset Twisty Grip hook as well, the length of the hook keeps the bait from tangling around the main line so I do like Offset hooks for this type of boating application where you're dead drifting through areas & you need to present the bait 25 feet to 500ft down or more. This is a pretty interesting Drop Shot Fishing Demo & also how to make your own set ups & you can adapt this to Striper Fishing when you want to just clean up during the summer doldrums. And lastly, here is an awesome rigging method that is super under-utilized & IM O even better than the Point Jude Tin Head method, mainly because we're using a CorkScrew Twisty Grip to assist in positioning the bait on the Tin Head delivery platform. You could absolutely use the CorkScrew on the Point Jude Head & you'd achieve exactly the same thing. You can also use the CorkScrew on a Eel-Bob Wobble Head, in similar fashion to what you see below. Now, before you "pooh-pooh" this method, have a quick peek at this 30 second clip that should completely change your life! LOL Here's how you install the Cork Screw Grip, in this video, it's being installed on the Hogy Swimming Tin or as I call them, Eel Bob heads.
  12. Hi Phil & cheers to all. I got a kick out of your post not only because of the passion but also because I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and For some reason I think about soft Plastics each morning G I wonder why? That's because back in 2006 Captain Mike Hogan founded Hogy lures & after test fishing them for a full year I decided to carry every single thing Hogy made at Cabela's, once I convinced the folks in Nebraska that we actually had an ocean on the shore of Connecticut . They came out to verify it and then slowly let me carry a few odds and ends. Cabela's based assortments on the fact that Bass Pro wasn't really carrying any saltwater lures to speak of when they first opened up by Gillette Stadium. Funny way to do business right? Rather than a sort for obvious Common Sense reasons look at the competitor and see what they're doing and then react to them. Moot point Now That Bass Pro Shops owns Cabela's. LOL I would comp Shop Bass Pro, once a quarter and I would photograph the entire store with a discrete pencam walking through each aisle & reporting how their fishing department was slowly growing a saltwater presence and at one point the district manager of Cabela's told me if I liked how Bass Pro was starting to carry saltwater lures I should just go work there. I found that to be a hysterical response but I guess that's par for the course for Big Box retail. But I digress that's a different story for a different day. I always found Hogy to be a spectacular performer both in terms of sales and in terms of all the Captains that used them & applied different rigging techniques to fish them. Lunker City was also awesome for New England Waters both because of the Sluggo and also the Finesse fish which were the two main Bad Boys in their lineup. Their Shaker shed was also excellent. As we get into rigging we have to acknowledge how long is the bait we are using and then what is the appropriate hook size for that bait? There is no one hook or wait combination that works in all situations and it's pretty much nonsense to even think that. Saltwater Captains mostly either fish soft Plastics top water from a boat. They often Chase Bird Squalls & fish on the surface but they have the benefit of being able to present soft plastic baits at much deeper depths than shore fisherman generally can. There's quite an argument out there among soft plastic users in the Long Island Sound and also from the shore as far as which brands work best & what the best way to rig them is. I fish from a 20-foot skiff a lot and I have a whole bag of soft Plastics at all times. A common misconception is that they're only a topwater bait. To the contrary. From living down at the mouth of the river in the little borough of Fenwick I could see Long Sand Shoal from porch and I probably have the cut that runs right through the middle of it completely memorized. To me the most deadly method of boat fishing with a soft plastic is to Simply Drop-Shot them, providing you have a generally Sandy Bottom. I would do that on an offset worm hook exclusively for a number of reasons can show the rig if anyone would like to see it. I get what you are doing with the VMC 9260, which is a hook I have never favored for Live Eels due to its lack of a bait Barb, which causes Eels to fall off more easily than the Mustad equivalent. However- for soft Plastics I actually do use the 90260 but as part of a double rig usually or as a Jig Head weighted significantly & equipped with a twisty to rig the soft plastic more securely. Let's do some more in depth photos on rigging methods, why don't you put up what you're doing so we can get a look at it. I'd be interested to get a visual on the method you like best. Here are some photos of 9' baits rigged various ways. I'll include hook measurements, advantages & disagdvantages. Probably the most popular method of rigging a 9" Sluggo or a Hogy is to use an 11/0 offset saltwater grade worm hook. When rigging a 7-inch bait guys will drop down to 7/0 sized worm hooks. The reason this is the most popular method is because the hook naturally holds the bait fairly well in place due to the bend at the eye. the standard 1/0 owner hook will measure 4 in in length three and a half inch of which will protrude into the front portion of the bait. Many like this method, myself included, because Stripers tend to hit the middle of the bait so the hook point, riding weedless style point up, is in perfect position to maximize hookup ratio & also, as the Striper attempts to stun the bait with jaw concussive strikes, they hook themselves & all you need to do is pull to set the hook with a nice tug. There is a reason professional freshwater Bass guys use offset hooks on longer baits - they are excellent in weeds & the hookup ratio is great. I will use this style rig when fishing skinny water & I'll deploy various nail weights if mild current turns on. the key is to pick out the right size hook for the bait & as you can see the hook point protrudes at least one third of the way into the body of the Sluggo. this style of rigging will catch Plenty of Fish because the main goal when you rig a Sluggo this way is to zig zag the bait. essentially you are walking the dog except you're tugging your Rod tip or pumping it as you retrieve. This trick was taught to me by Captain Dan Wood of CT Woods and Waterfowl & deferring to his 35 plus years of being a captain on Long Island Sound, I went ahead and did what he said and rigged the bait the way he showed me to. Sure enough - it's productive, very much so! Here is a Hogy 7" equivalent rigged the same way. I have had 50 fish fall days on a simple 7" Ice Sluggo rigged with a 7/0 Owner Off-Set hook. when you get into a 9 inch Sluggo you move your hook size up to match so that the hook point is aft of the 1/3 mark at least. I'll fish a lot at night with a Finesse Fish rigged up weedless 11/0 offset worm hook & depending if I'm in a salt marsh or up at Tidal Creek, I may add a few weights as needed This is your garden-variety 11/0 Owner hook rigged on a Sluggo. Works terrific for zigzag retrieves but certainly it is not going to make this bait as flexible as a double rig which we will get into. As you can see the hook impedes the body greatly. For stronger current, you need a Double-Wide bait to dig in & mash side-to side. Sluggos are terrific for this, and the Hogy Double Daddies are my favorites. Look at the girth on this bait. Another neat hook features the 45 degree offset with the Twistie-Grip. Excellent way to be able to fish a Soft Plastic securely & get that hook point back into the front third of the bait. These style hooks come weighted or non-weighted to fit various applications. I'm a big fan of these hooks. With the unweighted hook, I'll crush fish with a slithering soft popper approach that creates lethal eratic swimming action & commotion causing surface explosions. I use the 10" Jigging Hogy for this. A little ringing trick is to position the hook barb in one of the flanks of the bait not right in the center when you are setting up for popper fishing with a soft plastic. Notice how my hook point is off to one side This helps the bait swim erratically & appear wounded. You can also securely swim a soft plastic with neutral buoyancy with this hook or, add a touch of nail weight as needed.Great way to slither align the side of a jetty where snag points abound. At other times you're fishing out front & you want your bait to slither around all over the place out behind the second or third set of breakers in the wash. You'regoing to need a touch of weight both for an extra bit of casting distance & also to get down & hold bottom. Bingo. The weighted offset Twistie-Grip grip hook comes into play. Here we have an Ice Hogy Double Wide. The Hogy Little Big Head is another way to get the advantages of an offset worm hook but also get a little bit of nose down swimming action this is excellent way to add a subtle amount of extra weight. there may be other times where a little extra weight is needed at which point you dip into your bag of jig heads and try to match the proper jig head up with the right soft plastic. Here are few examples first my home poor which is a knockoff of the classic Iron Mike jig head great for swim shads. A variety - Then we get into the liveliest of all surface Sluggos. The pre-pored Double Rig. Amazing swimming action is facilitated by the rigging, this bait swims as if it is actually alive. Plus, as an added benefit, you have two hooks, one in the front section of the bait & one in the aft tail area. I carry a Double Rigged sluggo wherever I go. The objective, most of the time is to make this bait zig-zag. But, the reason I love it so much is because you can also pulse & pause it.Absolutely deadly, even in current. It will slay fish from the Cape Cod Canal all the way into the race a Long Island Sound out to Montauk and along the shores of New England and New Jersey & beyond. Double rigging can also be effective when we start getting into longer Bates typically 14 to 18 inches. I recommend heavy fluorocarbon for this application. Some guys use tieable wire. Dupe photo, sorry The Wobble Head from Point Jude - in Bubblegum rigged on a 10" Hogy. Hard for Stripers to resist. when you factor in the length of the head your hook is right about where you wanted to be in the body to optimize your hookup rate. Smaller size twisty hook's can be good for 7-inch baits. and when you are faced with heavy current you're going to need some nice heavy jig heads. Here is an Eel-Bob Head as an alternative to the Point Jude head. and lastly and I think Phil, this is kind of how you may be rigging your slugos, with a very short & heavy Owner bait hook.. In my example I've got a twisty on the back end of the leaday jig to securely hold the Sligo in place rather than just ringing with a hook only which is yet another way to do it. The drawback to this style is that my hook is not very far back into the body of the bait and I will miss fish on this set up at times. A benefit to an unweighted hook and the jig head with the twisty alike is that I get great body flexibility - but not any better than the double rigged Sluggo which because of the tailhook actually swims with better balance and has a better hook up ratio. If you tested a few times in the water you will see this to be true. the drawback to the double rig is that it's pre poured and more expensive.
  13. A guy as light as you should be fine on a bike like that I would think.
  14. I was down at Island Beach State Park in Jersey today looking to capitalize on some Mullet action but it was pretty quiet out there today. Beautiful day for a bike ride in the fluffy sand though. There were some decent schools of Bay Anchovies that were hugging the shoreline but that's about the only sign of life I saw besides a thousand birds picking away in the sand. It was flat calm & the water was clear beautiful day for a bike ride on the beach. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to pick up.
  15. Thank you Phil. I lost my mother back in March of this year so I guess I get to find out what I'm made of from here on out!