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  1. LOL
  2. What I like to do particularly during the pandemic is make sure that I'm layered up in various types of protection. I use the base layer in the photo & then my high school football helmet. Then, I lock my Drag down tight & on three I'll just run in the opposite direction & dive on the ground for cover. Then, when I get up I'll sanitize myself & spray down the equipment. I'll put a training video up on this based on demand. If I snag a Charlie Graves tin though, I just go swimming for it.
  3. I don't know, haven't been to the Canal area in a few years. Can anyone shed light on M&D? I see their Facebook page is still active.
  4. For Mass I have been a long time fan of any local shop really, but over the years, M&D Outfitters is one of the local shops I find is most likely to be in stock of the exact right things at the right time of year, excluding custom plugs of course which no one is ever really in stock on (though Red Top in Bourne does a great job trying to stay in stock). I also love the Bear's Den for Fly Fishing & always buy from them when I need tying supplies or a fly rod. Scott Wessels is a class act all the way, couldn't be a nicer dude running a great fly shop & in fact, I think he runs the best shop in the entire US & I've been to all of them. Yellowstone Anglers is another great freshwater shop. For NY State it's WC Dette's Fly Shop all the way for me & always will be. Also love Urban Anglers and used to love English Trappings in Pawling NY but I think they went out of business. Adirondack Sport & Tackle was once upon a time a must stop but now, with Francis Betters no longer with us, sheesh. For CT it's River's End all the way & I've bought big ticket items & little odds & ends over the years, was always thankful they were there. I used to run Cabela's, East Hartford fishing dept & have to shop at River's end to get what I needed. LOL. CAB just didn't believe we actually had saltwater in CT. The best freshwater fly shop is Upcountry, Grady has done wonders with that place over the years. Classic Custom was another good one with Dave Goulet running the show but they are no longer there so - CC all the way these days. For Rhode Island I have to say Saltwater Edge though they are not a stop for lures as they seem to perpetually always be out of stock - again, who isn't though. Great shop though that just needs a better lure buying strategy. In NJ it's got to be Tackle Direct all the way. No one else is as good as they are with their on line presence. Again, out of stock a lot on key lures but they have good follow through on line & people from all over the country buy there. Chark Bait is another good one out west & I shop there from time to time as well. Kittery Trading Post in Maine is another nice stop as well. Here's my Dream - some day....(I could be lured out of lure retirement to run this store) ....IF ONLY SOMEBODY could SOMEHOW buy a couple million of every Super Strike lure & keep them in stock, then swing deals with all the awesome Plug Builders & keep their plugs in stock also. After Hours & MIkes would be MUST CARRY Plugs....WOWWWW Plus carry Dan Tinman's Tins, Charlie Graves & Point Jude Tins, a whole METAL department would be needed laced with Kastmasters, Hopkins, Deadly Dicks, West Coast Metals, exotic South African lures...ooohhh yeah!, plus a WALL of Sluggos & Hogy and then all the other odds ends like Paddle Tails, Houdini Shad (yes, the mold still exsists & if you wanted a couple 100,000, zoom would do it), RonZee's, Super Flukes.... Then we'd have a Bomber isle opposite a Mambo Minnow Isle around the corner from an SP minniow & Shimano Isle. Colt Snipers in Stock...Andrus Bucktails, homemade Rinds in jars, bunker oil, Surf Rods & Surf Fly rods, Reels, braid (832 & Fireline would be the bulk stand by lines with Andes & Diawa available as needed). A nice tight wall of terminal tackle, waders, wet suits, dry suits, mudders, surf bags, pliers and of course, every StormR product made. Centruy, Lammy & whatever "other" rods you want (Shimano, Loomis, Sage, St. Croix, TFO & whatever else was in demand enough to warrant carrying). Probably would need two or three custom in house builders available. Live Bait "Lockers" outside, complete with aeration buckets. Rented just like a boat slip, order your bait in advance & it would be waiting in your bait locker. Pay by CC. Small liquor store on site also, could also be tagged to Bait lockers. Hire Strippers as cashiers too. All the way man. Would need a crazy rewards program & special Credit Card also - tied into vehicle discounts, boat purchases, points & other rewards. Guided Trips available. Dan Wood & Captain Ray Cast Fly running right out of the shop. Ty Croce available on demand. We've all fantasized about an amazing shop. Our local shops do what they can afford. But folks, some of us "kids" think bigger. Theft, by the way, is a nightmare for local shops. Too many dirt bags out there ruin retail for those of us that are willing to support it. So in my dream store, RoboCops are on patrol in every Isle with my permission to machine gun blast any shoplifters. Shoot 'em dead on sight! Lastly, we'd need a door man to prevent any crazy ex-wives from entering the establishment. They could perform a simple blood test to see if they take various meds & what not. Then they'd have to perform a simple eye test. Any women with wandering eyes would need to be barred from entering. Lighting up the grill now so happy Memorial Day to everyone in advance! Remember your Grandmother's, Grandfathers, Mom's & Pops, siblings. God bless each of you & all those who fished before us.
  5. When you compare it to the diameter of the running line, you'll notice the taper. It's not swelled up like a floating line for sure but it is a continuous uniform sink tip taper that is significantly thicker than the running line.
  6. Very impressive but considering the source I'm not surprised! Great work man
  7. Holy cow Graveyard, Lad! You are extremely organized to be able to pull that number out. Amazing. I can't say as I have a clue to my spending!
  8. Sims makes a nice lightweight 3 mm sock --they're pretty good.
  9. Dan's Sandeels look pretty nice! Though I've never fished one I have a bit of knack for looking at a lure or two & right away, all the boxes appear to be checked & then some! Large/pronounced Eye, excellentl slender profile, some wiggle (not really needed actually but nice to have a little flutter on the arse end. I've kind of had my go-to imitations over the years and they've worked pretty well with no complaints from I. But there are a number of different ways to skin a cat. In the surf where the water's frothy the forces of the ocean are throwing the Sandeels around, usually a smaller silver imitation does the trick. Dan's imitations look like they be perfect. Charlie Graves Tins also cover this base nicely as does Point Jude The most time tested of the bunch is probably the original Diamond Jig with a small tube on it which most people don't want to fish because it's not sexy enough. The Point Jude Po-je is also another good one Hogy makes a really nice imitation also & it definitely works most of what I'm showing you here has been battle tested for me so that's why I'm showing it by the way. And when the bait gets a little bigger the old Polish Sandeel kills 'em as well. there are a number of modern rip-offs that sort of look like this bait but they lack the pearlescent belly & sides. If you really want to get realistic just break out a fly rod & there are a number of excellent invitations that will just flat out produce from the beach. I tie a Clouser type Sandeel that has been great over the years. This particular pattern has been my top producer year in & year out. Lou Tabory's Cape Cod sandals another good one.
  10. With a head length of 25' feet? Nope.
  11. 400 Grain line on the OP's slower 9wt fly rod? Might want to try 350
  12. I fish with 4 Tins & between 1-3 bazooka tubes on my belt. I use a Bucktail pouch for the Tins & I also keep a rinds holder on the belt - along with a Boga Grip and VanStall pliers. I also have a giant plug bag which I leave on shore or on the fat bike. The Bucktail pouch can be loaded with all sorts of goodies including epoxy jigs and other metal objects :))))) Soft plastics like Sluggos or Hogys & 9" Houdini Shads can be kept pre hooked in special freezer bags that are wide and shallow and you can store them rolled up inside a bazooka tube. :))))) Lastly you can use a very small Plano box and you can fit all sorts of microbait in that such as Zoom SuperFlukes, small paddle tails, Silversides, Anchovy's..etc When I know certain bait is present such as springtime Sandeels or Peanuts or big Bunker ..etc I'll just pack accordingly. Even though I have all that crap on me I wind up using the 4 different Charlie Graves tins that I rotate. They cover 90% of the smaller bait fish/forage. Do I have a couple of Mike's custom plugs on me at all times? Yup. Do I have an after-hours rascal junior on me at all times? Pretty much. Yup. The beauty of the belt system is that it's perfect for all that non heavily weighted stuff. The problem is when you get into different types of jig heads and what not and you're trying to walk around with 20 lb of lead strapped to your body. LOL If I'm up on the canal which is becoming more of a rare occurrence for me due to the crowds, I just pack my plugs accordingly. I also carry a large, double deep plano box with emergency patterns. You'll find Mackerel and Mullet imitations in there along with big Menhaden & key Darters or Danny's or...other goodies:)))) one large box pretty much houses emergency plugs. generally I put this particular box inside a frame bag on the fat bike. That way, if unexpected **** hits the fan, at least I have a couple options. All this said one belt pouch, one pork rind container & A single bazooka tube is perfect for corousing. If I'm fly fishing it's a single rod, A single real with two spools & one fly wallet extra large size plastic bag variety and a few plastic boxes with flies in them. Sometimes I'll throw the fly fishing equipment on the bike and take off with a couple of surf rods and my trusty belt and that's about it.
  13. Park in town & ride bike to fishing spot.
  14. Yes, we had said that the Rio Rio Outbound Short WF9S6 Taper is similar to the Sci Anglers Sonar Sink 25 except shoter by 5', if you read back a bit.
  15. I thought I had mentioned that at the end of my first paragraph, no? "select a fly line that can be used throughout the season in the Northeast & as the OP stated, in the waters of Monomoy." I know you're not the OP, I'm just saying the advice that is being given here by many is not quite on point.