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  1. A guy as light as you should be fine on a bike like that I would think.
  2. I was down at Island Beach State Park in Jersey today looking to capitalize on some Mullet action but it was pretty quiet out there today. Beautiful day for a bike ride in the fluffy sand though. There were some decent schools of Bay Anchovies that were hugging the shoreline but that's about the only sign of life I saw besides a thousand birds picking away in the sand. It was flat calm & the water was clear beautiful day for a bike ride on the beach. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to pick up.
  3. Thank you Phil. I lost my mother back in March of this year so I guess I get to find out what I'm made of from here on out!
  4. I'll kick us off on this one! Happy fall season everybody! Finger Mullet definitely have the attention of Bluefish all along the Coast right now. Albies are working over the Bay Abchovies which are heavy this time of year. We have some pods of Spearing around and of course plenty of Peanut Bunker and larger Bunker up and down the coast. A lot of guys are sitting in their lawn chairs or standing next to their sand spikes with their trucks nearby, tires deflated on down to about 15 pounds or so & their coolers are sitting on the tailgate filled up with ice and all sorts of different refreshments. Halloween is not far off and where now smack dab in the middle of arguably the best fishing month of the year. Also cooler temperatures are moving on in and that's going to be great for cooling off that warm water and starting the big push. Many bait guys are throwing Bunker heads on big 9/0 Gamakatsu Circle Hooks, hoping to get down below all those blue fish and maybe catch a big bass who happens to be migrating. In most areas out front right now it would take at least 5 oz to hold bottom. In a lot of places Mullet is on the menu & they've been running strong this year. Many refer to Mullet as "whitebait". While there is no question the larger bass are looking for a serious meal, fly rodding with a Mullet pattern can be a lot of fun this time of year. Mullet imitations are a pretty reliable searching pattern this time of year and that's why a lot of spin fisherman pack the SP Minnow in Mullet or perhaps a Super Strike Stubby Bullet or Sinking Little Neck in their plug bags in the fall. This time of year wind can kick up pretty nice and when it gets over 20 to 25 miles an hour I'll hit the surf happily with a little bit of metal and a whole lot of Tin. When it's windy I stick to Mullet Tins and when it's really windy I just go to the Ava jig with a Bucktail and a homemade Rind. As I work the beaches towards high tide I'll drop in just about any place but as the tide starts moving out I'm looking for cuts and definitely cruising beaches and looking for bird squalls. Mullet can easily get pinned against the beach and like Peanut Bunker & Bay Anchovies, fly fisherman can get quite a treat when large predators pin these helpless Bait fish against structure. It can also be a really frustrating time of year during these situations due to the plantiful numbersnumbers of bait in the water. That's why you have to carry some brighter colored patterns to help you stand out. But as a general rule of thumb when you're searching you kind of stick to the more subdued colors. Spin fisherman have to think twice about using soft Plastics this time of year because blue fish can go through several packages of Sluggos , Hogys or other Soft Plastics in a single day. But fly fisherman can handle this challenge pretty easily when the weather in in particular the wind cooperates. This is why my go-to Mullet pattern is built with durability in mind. Coloration on a Mullet Fly is easy. In some areas they will be light brown on the dorsal line in other areas they will be Medium Gray. Because Bunker are Olive Brown, I've always kind of favored Brown Mullet patterns. Of course you can use all kinds of Deceiver variations to effectively imitate Mullett and you can bring into play all sorts of colors that stand out which is a pretty good idea during a blitz. Sometimes when matching the Mulket hatch doesn't work, I'll go to a Electric Yellow or Chartreuse Dorsal line over White - opposed to a solid color. This time of year water can be very clear and contrast is always a good idea as Bass respond to it. I'll also incorporate a rattle into every single fly that I use. During a blitz a little sound is a great way to set your fly apart. So without further Ado here is my favorite Mullet pattern, in light brown as advertised simply because it could be mistaken for a Bunker as well unfortunately the lighting in the pictures doesn't really show the contrast on the back but it's Brown over White, so its got the subtle contrast, the rattle and the full synthetic durability so Blue Fish can pound it all day long. Typically I will fish it on an Intermediate fly line and utilize heavy fluorocarbon if necessary. I don't generally mess with wire leaders because I have found from personal experience that I catch less if any Stripers when using them. This is not to say that I haven't been surprised over the years but it's more a general observation. So fluorocarbon is IMO a necessary evil this time of year and I'll carry it from 30 lb all the way up to 80 lb if I have to. Also if I do happen to catch a Striper, this time of year I actually really pay attention and if needed I'll drop down as light as 12 lbs on the Tippet. At times making this simple change was all that was required to catch Striper after Striper when no Blues were around. I'm also ready to switch to a tiny Clouser the second I see Bay Anchovies. Sometimes this switch with the decrease in tippet is all you need on a fall day it's amazing how many guys miss this little trick. If perchance there are Spearing, a slightly bigger Clouser will usually do the trick or perhaps I'll use a Surf Candy. For Bunker I am committed to using little Cease fF,ly patterns more for experimentation purposes this year as I did the last two years but I'll also go to smaller Polar Fibre or Craft Fur patterns for them. One thing you notice with a Mullet is that it is more cylindrical in shape than a Bunker. for this reason I like a pattern that a striper could approach from any angle & see the right silhouette. So let's raise a glass to our military veterans and let's salute our favorite Mullet patterns!
  5. Yes absolutely we had fun reading and it was nice to see the pictures to to help us Invision what you're doing great job buddy!
  6. Well. I've been riding beaches now for two decades. Building your own bike is probably the way to go. But your budget will not get you corrosion resistant components and on a beach are going to get constant saltwater related rust issues. Unfortunately aluminum framed bikes are not really good for hauling any kind of weight. The key to navigating a beach is absolutely to travel light , perhaps a surf rod and a surf belt with a bazooka tube & a pouch for Tins, or a fly rod, a homemade shoulder box for all your flies and a stripping basket. Riding a beach is hard work if you go with pedal assist only. An e-bike is neat but all of the components really have to be considered and thought through otherwise you'll be rusting out pretty quick. The right tires are super important and you also want to be able to run them tubeless which means customizing the rim width built up tape and periodic injections of tubeless sealant into the tires. a good set of sand tires makes an absolutely huge difference. I can't even imagine building a bike for 500 bucks that would last let alone doing an e-bike maybe it's possible but wow. If you want to build a bike the problem is finding a frame that will fit a fat tire. The spacing required is really specialty. irregardless of whatever you build maintenance is key. treat the bike even better than the most expensive reel you can possibly think of. Rinse it with fresh water and then lubricate it at all the key points. keeping the chain from completely rusting out as just an everyday issue you have to stay on top of it. I use my fat bike to fish fresh water spots I ride a lot of train tracks I hunt with my bike too. People don't realize that these bikes are virtually silent when they're in the woods and you can really get moving. I am constantly spooking deer and bears So I keep a gun moon right on the bike when I'm in the forest. I also carry a sidearm. Beach fishing is a lot more leisurely an e-bike would be phenomenal for covering vast expanses of sand. What is kept most people from doing this up till the last few years is that it's really hard to Pedal in sand it's quite a workout. I do not own an e-bike all of my fatties are powered by me. however I absolutely see the benefit and I think I'll be really cool if you could come up with something that is corrosion-resistant and that holds up pretty well over the course of a fishing season. It's definitely the way to go to get down into spots that are far away or hard to get to. Without a motor I'm good for 5 to 10 miles of beach tops. With a motor I could definitely see the benefit. the other thing you have to think about is how are you going to get the bike to and from the beach so you're going to need a bike rack. I suppose you could make one of these two or just throw the bike in a pickup truck. most racks will not fit a fat bike. I have experimented quite a bit with racks and I have found One Up USA to be 100% Superior to all other racks I have literally had bikes fall off a moving vehicle thanks to Thule racks which are horrendous. most racks that you see in bike shops are made out of plastic components and they have rubber straps and all that kind of crap Not what you want. All you want is a heavy duty aluminum rack. something that locks to the vehicle and something that locks the bike to the vehicle. What you have to consider is an e-bike is even a lot more valuable than irregular fat bike so security becomes a big issue the rack pictured on the back of my Denali is a two bike rack but with two add-on kits I can easily make it a 4 bike rack. I have built a couple dozen of these things they can run about $1,000 for a 3 bike configuration well worth it. I actually modified a Thule rack that is okay for one bike so if you end up building a bike you could p.m. me and I'll sell it to you dirt cheap it will work reliably.
  7. Absolutely true buddy. No sooner then you lost your dog, my father passed away. Sorry for the delay in response.
  8. Great suggestion Dan, the Eyelet or Pop Rivet would make sense in terms of pressing together.
  9. Dan is really on point with the Grommet's ability to add strength & durability. My thought is however that this is a one off. Its a single metal lure, obviously someone made it. Drill it out & add an O ring & you'll get some life out of it. There are brass grommets easily available on Ebay but installing a lipped grommet like this would be tough/impossible without the right equipment. You could drill the right sized hole really pretty easily & then use a grommet tool to install Or, if you want to really do it the easy way, just pick up stainless steel grommets & washers. Slide the Grommet into the hole, add the washer on the opposite side & glue in place with Jones Insta Cuer 15 second CA glue. This is a good way for a do it yourselfer to take garage sale tins & make them last/be more reliable.
  10. Presumably fishing from a boat if traveling the world so the choices are easy - 1. Diamond Jigs 2. Bombers 3. Colt Snipers 4. Magic Tail Mojo Trolling Chute Rigs 5. Andrus Rip Splitter "Smilin Jack" style Bucktails with Rinds Probably some might like to add other open water trolling rigs like Green Machines or Boon Rigged Tuna Treat Packs in place of the Mojo Rig. Diamond Jigs cover all of your vertical jigging needs & let you hammer fish down deep, Bombers cover all baitfish & can be cast or trolled, Colt Snipers let you work the Middle & Surface of the water column, obviously the trolling lures let you work open oceans for pelagic species & Bucktails would be good because you can make them look like pretty much anything from squid to baitfish to eels..etc.
  11. Yes, an offset worm hook takes up half of the length of the Sluggo which is either 9 inches long. The entire front of the bait doesn't move it all during the retrieve. It zig zags and still works fine i& the tail wiggles..etc. A double rigged Sluggo is flexible. You can put a nail weight or two and it if you want to but it's not going to change the fact that it bends in the middle.
  12. Actually, both opinions expressed are IMO inaccurate. What makes the Double Rig EASILY out swim the Single Rig is that is't more flexible. If you're using a large Off-Set worm hook, that will impede the swimming action on the sluggo as only the rear half of the bait kicks. The Double Rig slithers away & is noticeable livelier than the single rig. Twist style head Jigs are another way to get lively action & drop a touch deeper if needed.
  13. It's definitely a good one, that Double Rigged black Sluggo. But I have had many nights out front where a Black Bomber kicked it's butt easily.
  14. I once saw Otshawytsha clean out a spring creed with nothing but an Orvis Superfine 3wt & a single Mosquito fly, which he called a " Mosquia". Fellas, this guy has been confirmed as a long, lost fishing buddy of mine & he lives in Alaska & is an avid fisherman who also happens to have a sharp sense of humor. The day he cleaned out the trout stream, he literally walked right down the middle of it, casting down & accross. He held the line in the water & bounced the line with his finger & proceeded to nail trout after trout after damn trout while laughing & joking the entire way down that stream. 25 fish landed at least. I will never forget that day as long as I live. ...and Yes, he caught a 22 inch pregnant female that day to boot. He may have been attracted to the word Superfine, which instantly makes his eyeballs as big as saucers. The mere mention of a Superfine trout rod will send him into a standup routine about how Brad Pitt can't fish to save his life. Unfortunately, I'm the person he is teasing quite mercilessly as being Brad Pitt. Folks, let this serve as a reminder that we should consider lightening up a little. Meanwhile, I tie up a Dozen Mosquita's & send them up to old Otshawytsha, now that I know he wasn't eaten by Polar bear like his first wife led me to believe all those years ago - that should keep him happy for a while! Thank you Hook1!
  15. Those are Ocean Lures Peanut Bunker. Synthetic tail holds Bunker Gels pretty well.