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  1. Sad to say but in this day and age the golden broom rule is probably in affect and thus, usually the issue gets swept under the rug...
  2. Well? How'd ya make out down there below the Mason Dixon line????
  3. Very true on the smack talking, actually great reading! We should do a Pa fish tour and, "invade," Nu Joisey
  4. Yeah man, we gotta make the Pa Fishing thingy happen
  5. Having done the taxes and thought I was going to have all bit of a return, well... not happening so the purchase is going to have to put on the back burner for a while. Again, thanks for the info and between the input here and some informative vids on the "U" tube thingy this semi-auto is definitely on my radar.
  6. Yeah again with all this rain but hey I finally wisened up, don't take the ride over anymore just pre scout the Neshaminy and when's it chocolate rage I know not to head over.
  7. Nice!
  8. Haha like the tip of the spear! And thanks for the input and again the skepticism is just oozing from me, my spider-sense is tingling way way above the redline.
  9. oh hey almost forgot... post some pics or it, "never," happened hahaa
  10. good for you!
  11. Yeah, cruised their web site before posting and its the usual... Also, they had Stevens shotguns posted and some articles detailing their history. So, what got me was the pricing point at $200.00 for the semi-auto. Hmmm... I'm a Philly guy and were just a lil bit on the skeptical side to say the least hence posting here so the sharpies can lay out some real deal info. Any info greatly appreciated.
  12. Well? Been staying local. Any reports to add
  13. Ok an update to the current trout season. Hit Tyler State Park no specific area but a couple days post 2nd stocking and of course threw everything at them. Assorted Power baits, earthworms, spinners, meal worms only A sunny landed no trout at all. I mean literally hitting them on their heads and nuthin’ Oh well, at least consistency is in my side.
  14. Curious to know the infamous, “quality?” Status of Hatfield shotguns? Was cruising through a local Wallyworld and saw a couple in the case? The price point was on the low side. thanks
  15. Yeah. taking the kids opening day in the am, ohhhhh the joy!