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  1. ^^^ This is good advice ^^^^
  2. Gonna have to put it in a lot or feed the meter Now, Morgan's pier is within walking distance pricey but very close. Also,you can head over to Fishtown, Girard Ave has cleaned up rather nicely and is all yuppie now and what not, or search the No Libs area for a BYOB. Have fun
  3. Not for nothing but in a pinch crack open a can of Goya Pulpo add some heat and fresh garlic/evo on some good azzed seeded roll and voila... Lunch
  4. Anyone venture into Brinkman's yet?
  5. BTW, Again, Who is this Tim guy
  6. Yup landlubbers we are! Looking forward to this weekend with the kids up in the Lambertville area scouting some new places. Be safe with all this precipitation you guys think the river will be nuts?
  7. yeah, the insurance companies are calling the shots now, get them in get them out.... who cares whomever handles the work load as long as it's done the the most efficient way financially possible
  8. Yup it wasn't at all Saturday morning... Even my kids were bummed
  9. Dunno if this helps... Found a bait n tackle the other day in Morrisville Pa had a ton of different stuff I only grabbed nightcrawlers since I was trout fishing. If you're headed up that way it might be an option for you.
  10. State rd is longer but it move
  11. Posted this already but here it goes again
  12. DING! DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! So true...
  13. Hey D, is that near Dilly Dilly?