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  1. Hubba !
  2. The first time I met Bernzy in person was in a beach side condo he was renting in weekapaug. ( i think Jigman and Gary2 were there too). Throwing Timber and I got out of my truck which was hundreds of feet from his condo and I immediately smelled roast pork smells. After calculating the direction of the wind in relation to Bernzy's condo, my pace quickened and I burst into that door proclaiming " DO I SMELL PORK!?!" Bernzy handed me a plate and a new friendship was formed. Rest in Peace Bernzy... you were a good man.
  3. I used to do well with a gary yamamoto senko hooked on a single small 3/0 live bait hook. Just cast and reel really slow like your retrieving a needle fish. savage hits. black was the best color at night.. go figure.
  4. Hey Man, sorry... I missed your post. That is where I learned to make glass back in 1989... So, id say neither friend or foe- Mentor? I don't have any foes in the glass world, We are all buddies....
  5. sorry man.. loosing a dog hurts like a mofo
  6. I edited the post title.. first time i have used my buttons in 5 years i think... hehehe
  7. and they ate 8 pounds of meat a day...
  8. pearl white danny worked slow / erratic then slow/ etc..... late afternoon on a warm day. darters too.. The hit on a danny in broad daylight on a glass calm day is what dreams are made of.
  9. he was a frontiersman and I believe he was somewhat detached from the direct conflicts that brought the revolution to a boiling point. Had he lived in Boston and was a merchant or a wealthy land owner with skin in the game, I bet he would have had a different viewpoint. Just my opinion of course.
  10. oh man... my back hurts just seeing that thing again. I made 30 of those for Fairhaven Mass Town Hall... they were replacements for the old sandwich glass co. sconces that are on the outside and inside of the building.