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  1. Interested in selling just the 270 outright?
  2. Lookin to sell a very lightly used Sage DS2.... 2 piece rod in 9ft 9wt. I have 2 of the same rod but plan to keep one. asking 150
  3. As the title says, looking for large arbor saltwater reel for a 9wt. Would prefer silver, but not a deal breaker for right reel. Interested in closeout Hydros V, Hardy, hatch and Ross. Whatcha got?
  4. I love finding stuff like this. What a great idea.
  5. It’s definitely it a traditional method, so I think it’s difficult to expect that a line can accomplish it.
  6. No time to fish.... but wife finds PLenty of time to pick shells!
  7. Nice profile.
  8. Parking there is awful.... even with the permits.
  9. Plenty of cheap stuff available. Especially from leftovers.
  10. Love chasing birds. Ton of fun.
  11. Bluefish already? Nooooo!
  12. So much fun when you downsize.
  13. That’s one bad fly rod!
  14. Sink tip will fish deep, but not deep enough to hit “no visibility”
  15. RIO has an intermediate that is extra heavy... clear tip. Might be close to what you are looking for.