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  1. I joined this site due to Gatr522, and have been addicted to it ever since. Im on everyday, and look forward to it. I rarely post, but I enjoy reading the endless information and it has greatly grown my passion for fishing. Tim does an unbelievable job. This site is the real deal.
  2. Would you ship the 2 Ticas? If so, how much to Folsom, PA 19033?
  3. Lot 11 please. Pm with total of shipping and fees.
  4. Ill take this, please
  5. I'll take the last lot for $28 shipped please
  6. Ill take these please
  7. Ill take this please
  8. Ill take these
  9. Ill take this Marc
  10. Hi Marc, I pm'ed you a couple days ago....Can you please tell me the status of the two lures I purchased on the 25th? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Ill take the top one, please. I will combine pp payment with this and the bayminnow from your other thread.
  12. Ill take this please
  13. Ill take 2 Troublemakers, the light use one($20) and an all white($25)
  14. I'll take 2 Regular johnnies. The all white, and grey/white please
  15.  Send me you name and address