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    My Grandson is by far #1 in my life, when he is smiling life is good.
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    Power Station Electrician
  1. How can I tell where my Fin-Nor AHAB 12 was made?
  2. WOW I'm in! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the responces guys. I picked up a bottle of 303 and will be useing it in the AM after a quik wash with a mild car soap. Sorry for starting a heated thread though.
  4. I want to start out right. What should I use to wash, clean and protect my new kayak? I know UV is killer.
  5. I'm in Thanks
  6. 127 plugs
  7. Well guys I pulled the trigger, picture in my profile. Yall have created a kayakquestionaholic, you know not what you have done I fear. Thanks guys
  8. From the album My Toys

  9. I have the chance to get a Heritage RedFish 14 Kayak "not the angler model" for right at $400. The boat is in very good shape and has not seen water for a couple years so the guy wants to be rid of it. The boat has an Anchor Buddy and one ram mount in front center and comes with a paddle. what do yall think? i have never paddled a kayak before, am 54yo and 240lb. I have paddled a Old Town Discovery 17 for many years now, solo and two up. Is this a good Kayak to fish out of "for me" and if I don't like yak fishing will I be able to get my money back out of it? Thanks guys
  10. i just took advantage of there $.01 shipping if you buy any clothes item. there are lots of $4.00 to $6.00 beanies and hats, I got a nice black watch cap for $5.99. That got me $.01 shipping on the entire order.