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  1. Titan long bed fit the bill for me. Pull a light fifth wheel on the beach with mine. No problems,
  2. They came with it. picked up the rack at the trailer place near the Riverhead traffic circle. No complaints other than not being able to use my brights because of the reflection off of the cooler.
  3. Curt front receiver with aluminum cooler rack and a Konga Cage with rod rack is all the fishing mods I have needed. Single receiver with a stabilizer bar works great. I tend to be a minimalist.
  4. Add another thing to my Spring project list. I love it. Thanks.
  5. This was an interesting article if anyone hasn't seen it. Up to 60 great whites identified in Mass waters this year. I had no idea there were that many.
  6. I was a googan only once and my father made sure it never happened again. My first trip out to MTK with my first buggy and I was to meet my father and some of his buddies on the north bar. So pumped to finally be in my own rig and fishing the point. Pulled up on the bar and yup my lights were on. I see my dad and some others in the water with some poles bent. In total excitement I jump out of the truck and yell out to my old man that i am here and am getting suited up. He storms out of the water calling me things he had never called me before as he tells me to turn off my effing lights. After I turn my lights off he tells me I am a stupid @$#E *(&hole and walks back out into the water. I went back into my truck not knowing what to do other then never ever pull up on guys fishing with my lights on. Sat there for a couple hours till the sun came up contemplating my stupidity.
  7. I went for the first time this year with my 10 year old son. He loved every minute of it and was treated so kindly and generously by many of the vendors and presenters. He walked into the show already pumped about fishing and walked out totally obsessed. I came home from work the following day to find him on the back deck with every lure box and bag i had dumped out. He was "reorganizing" for the fall run. Somehow all my best plugs ended up in his bag. He had all of my old plugs in another pile so that he could repaint them and try and sell them at next years show. I also found many a good deal and won some gear. We will certainly be back next year. Special thanks to Craig from VS, Alberto, Bill Wetzel, and Mr. Golofaro for "hooking" my son up and ensuring he had a great and positive experience. He will be looking for you guys on the beach.
  8. Jumped in earlier today off of Shag . They are starting to stack up. Nothing huge but good fish in good numbers.
  9. From the album M T K All the way!

  10. I put mine on the back of my license plate and just flip the plate when i go to the beach.
  11. Fishing maybe? Thanks for the tip, Craig is usually on the fish.
  12. Best beginner gun for the money for what you are going to do will be a mako predator 80 or 90 cm. Have them put a reel on it if you are going for bass. Not the best you can buy but for the money, an all around good gun for any inshore fish you are going to shoot on LI. More important than a gun is a flag and float. They also offer all the gear you will need and it is quality gear and awesome customer service. Good luck.
  13. Glad they got caught and I hope it ends up hurting them in a major way. One of them operates a prominent marina in MTK. Bunch of self centered jkoffs that just gave spearfishing a huge black eye. Disgusted by these guys.
  14. Their behavior did remind me of a bunker school pushed up on the beach and did get me thinking that it could be sharks pushing them in. If they were, there was no sign of them. There was another boat on them throwing flies and they were crushing them. Looked like a blast as these fish were big. Thanks for the replies.