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  1. Looking for 12000F /16000F. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a 14000/18000F Saragosa handle or one from a Stella FA 10000/20000.
  3. Looking for a daiwa whisker ss3000. Thanks SOL.
  4. Yes they are made universal. With models of 33.35.40
  5. Just curious. What part of the US do you fish in? Such expensive equipment...
  6. Just curious, what kind of rod is that? I always like seeing white rods.
  7. How long are the two halves? Willing to sell just the rod?
  8. Check out the JDM 2013 biomaster 4/5000. 315g for a 5000.
  9. Shimano PowerPro Zero Impact The knot in any braided line is the weakest point and therefore the point of failure. In regular situations the knot can be up to 50% weaker than the line itself. Power Pro Zero-Impact provides a line with Terminal Zone Technology. The line strength in the terminal zone (black area in the image) is up to 50% stronger without compromising the total line capacity of the reel spool. Shimano says: “Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly marked black termination zones to realise 100% knot strength and feel a level of confidence that is unmatched by any other superline on the market!”
  10. It's yours MrB. PM on the way. Thanks SOL
  11. Sorry. Reel isn't spooled with any line. Bumping this reel one last final time. $135Shipped.
  12. How audible is the baitrunner clicker?
  13. PM sent quan808. Thanks!