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  1. Using a killie squid combo for fluke bait. Catching your bait.
  2. A good line that was my go to line for years. Before braid became popular all my bottom fishing reels used Ande
  3. A black teaser (hackle& hair) about 2 1/2 feet from black Mamba. This has always been my best combo and the go to rig I like to use in calm conditions. Although this is what I consider my most productive plug teaser combo its important that almost all my fish have been caught on the teaser.
  4. I had the line put on at the tackle shop, I asked for an underlayment of mono but was not really paying attention to the installer. When I put it on I cover the spool with about two layers of mono.
  5. About 300 yds J braid 20lb with mono underneath.
  6. I am an old fart and fished most of my life and I have never seen so many sea robins. I fish between the forks and shinny most of the time and there are days you can't get a bait to the bottom without the robins all over it. My surf fishing along the sound has the same results, a robin on every cast. I have tried eating and it may be mental but they are not like fluke or sea bass. They make good bait.
  7. I kayak fished just inside the inlet. Just south of the inlet there is a large marina and just outside the marina there is a good kayak launch spot. Good trout and flounder fishing. We did not go to the inlet, current too strong and I am too old.
  8. Buy sun screen lots of tubes and put them everywhere so if you forget to put on before going out in the sun at least you have a tube to get it on( better late than never) . Don't forget the ears!
  9. I fish the area about 6 weeks a year since I retired so I'm down there often. Bait is what everyone is using and the locals look at me like I am crazy when I use lures and I do use lures. The good old white bucktail with a trailer and a teaser is what I use most of the time. I have caught some reds but never the big one on the lure. Most of the time I follow the locals and fish bait but the rod rigged with a bucktail is always ready to go. Most of my rods are lighter then what the locals use and they have never been an issue.
  10. First day out fluking and everything was small. Cookie cutter 17 inch fluke and sea robbins. I can't help believe there has to be some 19 inch fish in the mix. What tricks do you guys use to avoid the smaller fish? I usually try bigger baits and bigger rigs (bucktails), when that does not work I move to another spot. I just thought there might be some other tricks , methods that might work to avoid some of the smaller fish.
  11. Did you get a lot of blowfish/blow toads? When I was there in early April that was a constant, always stealing the bait. Glad you had a great time.
  12. I have never noticed a difference when fishing for fluke and most of my fishing is in the shallows of Flanders and Shinny bays. That not to say Fluro isn't worth a try next time out.
  13. Are you there yet?
  14. You do maen Terminal Tackle in Kings Park not Kings Point.
  15. sent e-mail