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  1. Vacation is over and fishing was the poorest I have experienced but it was the first early April I have ever fished in the Avon area. I will be back this fall which is what I consider the best time of the year. I think the water was just too cool. Lots of blow toads, sand sharks and skates/rays were caught. Last fall was the first time I caught so many large blues on OBX , they are quite common up here on Long Island. Small ones are much better eating, but big ones are fun to catch. Home now and back to household chores, I love vacation!
  2. Thanks Porktown, I have all surf poles (9 ft+) with me so I will probably stick with the surf. I have fished the sound on past stays and it is shallow at most access points. My best sound fishing was via a kayak. Don't get wrong I am having a great time, love OBX area, but the fishing is slow right now.
  3. Completed my first week and I wish I had more to report but there is not much action. Saw one slot red caught , lots of small sharks and a few blowfish. I have concentrated along the Avon beaches and along Hatteras and Frisco beaches, using cut mullet, squid and shrimp ( not a single bite on shrimp). So far no sea mullet or blues although I did catch a small flounder ( so small I can't figure how it got on the hook). Most locals say it just too low of a water temperature. As I said I have never been down here this early so I don't know if this is normal with regard to water temp, or it is just the result of this past winter.
  4. Porktown thanks. I am very familiar with the area, I spend several weeks each fall in Avon or Hatteras and have been doing so for at least the last ten years. This will be my second time for a spring visit and I have never been down as early the beginning of April. During my last spring visit a few years ago the winds were heavy and constant day after day making fishing very difficult. I was wondering if that kind of a windy spring is normal? I normally fish the south shore of LI out to Montauk and it is all braid but I have some rigs with mono for the NC fishing. I tend to go with the flow.
  5. I arrive this Friday for two weeks any last minute knowledge you guys can offer. How is the weather looking and the fishing this spring. Thanks, see you soon
  6. Thanks johnbull, I will be in Avon 3/30-4/13, so that works for me
  7. If I did what you are suggesting it was by mistake because I don't even know what your talking about. But I did hit the "read" button it would be constant, its not. Thanks for helping.
  8. Thanks Byron, it sounds like it all depends weather and water temperature. I have made the trip to Avon once before in the spring and it was several years ago. According to my fishing log windy conditions messed up that trip, making fishing almost impossible. Hope this year works out better, I think this past winter was colder and wetter than usual.
  9. I have been using the fg knot for braid running line to mono shocker, but I was wondering about an fg knot for mono running line (20 #) to mono 50# shock leader. Normally use Alberto for mono to mono but looking for smaller knot.
  10. Thanks I will check the website. I am starting to pick the rods I am bring and I am leaning towards the heavier conventional stuff. I enjoy casting the lite stuff for flounder but I think I will be too early for that type of fishing.
  11. Firmed up my trip, first two weeks in April. Staying in Avon. Are you allowed to drive on the Avon beaches in spring?
  12. Penn Carnage looks like a nice rod
  13. Just open the Long Island section and saw the article on Paulie, it opened on post 89, I never visited this post before. The problem continues.
  14. Could you help me out with a better description, is it casting or spinning and the new style or old style? The old style had adjustable weights that could be added to butt.
  15. I know many use braid because its thinner and gives better distance. My question is if you compare say 18lb mono to a braid of the same diameter which would offer better distance?