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  1. If you even consider hg (mercury) you have been around it too long, go see a doctor.
  2. God Bless
  3. The back of the LI Fisherman had adds for that type of work, look there.
  4. Remember there are inline and offset circles and in some areas you must use inline, which cause less damage to the fish. My limited experience seems to indicate the offset are eaiser to hook fish, but I do plan on switching to inline the season.
  5. Only you can answer that, its what you are confortable with and also the type of fishing you do. For bait fishing I like a longer rod, but for constantly casting/plugging a shorter rod is better. I also found age effects which rod is best for me, my lonest rods are now 11ft.
  6. Both VRBO and I think AirBNB individuals sometimes use those same rental agencies.
  7. Look at Red Drum tackle in Buxton NC they build on Ballastic blanks, I almost ordered a 13 foot 3pc ,but decided to cancel when I realized a 13 ft rod might be a little too much for my 71yr old body. Their customs are cheaper then the factory blanks and made with better componets. They are running a sale
  8. I assume 2pc and a 50/50 split
  9. Where are you on north shore, I am interested wading River?
  10. A delay in delivery would have been understandable and had they just said there would be a longer wait all would have been good. If you would just look at my first post you would see all I was looking for was a contact so that I could resolve an issue with an order. I only explained the problem in detail because some of the guys asked about the problem. All is good now, they apoligized for all the miss information, they got an order to Lami and they authorized a fast ship. END OF STORY
  11. Godsson38 you should be careful you are going to fall off your soap box.
  12. No, they never charged me.
  13. TD called and admitted their order never got to Lami. They claim to have it right now, but they could not explain all their prior responses. Its all water under the bridge hopefully. Just wonder how long it would have gone on if I had not contacted Lami and then convince TD they did not have an order with Lami. Thanks for all the suggestions and for the record I call my three closest tackle shops and none of them would match the TA price plus free shipping and no tax. I always go local first.
  14. Yes I know but TA said the problem was Lami was closed. I have contact with Lami and they assured TA has not placed an order with them or even attempted to contact them and I am talkinhg to the person in Lami who handles TA accounts.
  15. I don't want drag this out any longer. If it was an honest mistake fine, **** happens. What got me mad is their responses. 1- two week delivery no problem, 2- I will call you right back, 3- checked on your order and you should have it within 5 days, 4- Tried to check with Lami and they are closed. That's way beyond a mistake its just pure lies, tell the customer anything. I was hoping that someone would have a contact with someone higher up in Tackle Direct so that I could get around the customer service people that are just feeding bull**** to me.