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  1. You did better than me, it's been mostly small puffers, lots of sand sharks and skates. This week has been more relaxation vacation than fishing, but it been great. One day was lost due to high winds otherwise it's been nice, but a little cool. First time staying in Frisco and much of my time has been fishing around the airport ramps. Beaches seem shallower than the Avon areas I normally stay and fish.
  2. Three more days and a 12 hour drive and I am there, can hardly wait.
  3. So they are calling the steel bulkhead a jetty?
  4. Red Drum reports keep talking about jetties, I thought I knew the area pretty well, but I don't recall ever seeing "jetties". Where are these jetties? I think of jetties as rocks extending from the beach off into the water and I don't recall ever seeing a jetty.
  5. Smaller fish never leave, but the question is when will they start to feed. Most of the back bays, rivers and creeks hold fish all winter. My earliest was beginning of March while fishing for white perch.
  6. Just firmed up a week in Frisco, can't wait. What action should I expect? Anyone else planning to be around during the week.
  7. thanks PM
  8. $35- I will take it. PM me
  9. Not sure what lot you are talking about, most of my fishing is Wading River creek east.
  10. Fish the Shoreham / wading River area to east (Iron Pier area)
  11. I have both and only cast 11 ft or less as a matter of comfort. Light (less than 8) bait fishing it spinner hands down but when fishing larger fish using ( more than 8) an 8oz plus bait combo conventional is the way to go. New conventionals with good casting control are not hard to learn and don't require that much more muscle, and they are fun to use.
  12. where are you located?
  13. Where are you? Selling two but keep showing three.
  14. Check your fuel lines, if you are sucking air the fuel pump works harder which makes the oil pump pump harder and add too much oil. Install a clear piece of fuel line close to the motor and look for bubbles which is a clear indication air is leaking in. An oil change won't correct the problem
  15. Merry x-mas I wish you all a happy and safe (covid free) new year