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  1. There are a lot of people down on OBX that will say mono is the only way to go for surf fishing. Down there I use it when fishing close by others but I still prefer braid.
  2. fish at every opportunity keep it simple slow down enjoy
  3. Correct what I call a shock leader is really a casting leader, 2 or 3 wraps around the spool and double the length of the rod. I normally use 30 lb braid and 60 mono as leader on Long Island but down on OBX its 17lb mono and 60 mono. I saw others using a braided leaders and I was thinking smaller knot although I am not sure what knot I would use to join 17 mono running to heavy braid. Maybe a reverse FG
  4. I normally use mono at ten pounds per ounce and I switched from albright/alberto knots to FG, but still hate the sound of the knot thru the guides. I thought braid would provide a smaller knot and still provide the safety factor. Anyone use braid for a shock leader?
  5. I asked this question in main section but thought it might be more suited to this section. Two piece surf rod, what is the preferred section assemble butt over tip or tip over butt? Advantages of either method?
  6. Is there an advantage to how the rod is put together? Recently purchase two new surf rods and each is assembled differently and I was wondering if there is an advantage to either?
  7. Glad you made it thru the storm. I also experience the winds which were so bad my lab refused to go on the beach. Strange weather several times during my stay, but it was still better then home. I left the drum population just like I found it, but caught everything else. Keep fishing and have a great time. The next cast will be the one............
  8. Week three and the sea mullet/ whiting have arrived. Fish on every cast, nice size. Fished as much as possible between weather and family obligations, but I never got my red and I never saw one caught. Had a great time, heading home Friday after a great stay. Just love the area.
  9. Just got back from 3 weeks and I saw people raking but I got the impression they were not getting much.
  10. Slow and then slower. After a couple casts the eel slows down.
  11. perfect
  12. Finishing my second week of my three week stay. I wish I had a lot to report. Have not caught any red drum at all nor have I seen a single drum caught. I know some big drum have been reported, but I guess the action is at night. I have fished Avon heavily both north and south of town , fished the point and east of 55 to the inlet. Not only am I not catching I have not seen others catching. Don't get me wrong I have caught enough flounder for a nice dinner, lots of blues, small black drum, and trout, but no red drum and no sea mullet/whting which I find very unusual. They are usually a stable. Been fishing three rods two mullet rigs and dinner rod (smaller hooks fished closer to shore) , bait has been cut mullet, shrimp and cut blue fish for the most part, also tried squid. One more week, having a great time some great weather and will keep trying . Yesterday was heavy rain and today winds are exceeding 25 knots, but its still better then home..................tight lines,
  13. I guess the notification process does not work, I signed up to be notified when it was available
  14. Penn web site has me on notice to tell me when it is available, never got a notice. J&H tackle also has told me as of several days ago it was still waiting for these reels.
  15. VI live liner shipping date promise missed again