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  1. Could you help me out with a better description, is it casting or spinning and the new style or old style? The old style had adjustable weights that could be added to butt.
  2. I know many use braid because its thinner and gives better distance. My question is if you compare say 18lb mono to a braid of the same diameter which would offer better distance?
  3. I have always concentrate on fishing the fall Oct-Nov but this year we are planning a mid-April trip. What can I expect for surf action at that time of year?
  4. Normally a bucktail is my go to lure, I fish bucktails before anything else and its what I trust more than any other lure. My normal rules 1-stay close to bottom, 2- slow and slower, 3- always fish the smallest bucktail possible (including trailer). Only when my rules are not working do I start to try other things like more speed, larger trailer etc.
  5. I use a swivel whenever using a teaser as I like to tie my teaser off the tag of the leader at the swivel. Also usea teaser when I think trist will be an issue, but when conditions allow it I will tie direct using fg or alberto. Be flexible and use the technique the best fits the application
  6. Thanks that was just what I was looking for. I think the instructions that come with the reel are a little confusing especially with regard to the left side adjustment. I have two of the reels and I should have asked Joe Moore when I was down there. He did the preliminary set up but I should have paid more attention.
  7. How do you do the initial setup of a Akios 656. Lets start from scratch to achieve max casting control. There are three mechanical adjustments, knobs on each size of spool and mag setting, The knob on handle side has no scale, knob on left side has an indicator scale and then there is mag knob. Assuming all loose where do you start.
  8. Calif. GM pickups were made in limited numbers
  9. I use a Cabelas marine charger that charges two batteries and has a built in program for long term storage. I have been using it for years. Just put the battery switch to off and leave it plugged in all winter. I change my batteries every three-four years.
  10. I have two 656 models and love them, and I will second Joe Moore. I great guy who can be counted on to help.
  11. Fish more, don't just wait for the perfect conditions, but instead fish whenever I have the time.
  12. Merry Christmas to all
  13. Work all different way depending on the condition, I have used it as a jig from the boat in fast moving water working it along the bottom. Every tackle bag should have on!
  14. My first reels a 302 manual bail and my squidder both birthday presents for my 16th, now I am approaching 70. I still have and use both every once in the while.