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  1. Last family day as all left for home today. I did take everyone to the beach yesterday. First ramp 43 where nothing was happening with strong tide and lots of weeds. Switched to 49 again, but not much going on, although the beach was great. It was like summer. Caught and used fleas at both locations along with shrimp. Today winds are hitting 40 in gusts and a walk on the beach was actually painful from stinging sand. Looks like a rain event later in week and more wind.
  2. I was at 43 the other day and caught nothing in three hours and never saw a fish caught. I did not try sand fleas as I was using cut mullet since I got hear, but I do have a rake so I will try the fleas. Thanks for the recommendation. Our first week has been devoted to family, but next week I will get serious with the fishing and hopefully have some better reports
  3. It has not improved yet. According to Frank&Fran it was the worst surf fishing contest in years, very few fish with the largest being 24 inches, I fished today ( 6 early hours) with nothing to report. The surf is dead, I am not even losing bait. My nephew a fly fisherman went out on a kayak with some guide friends from New Inlet and caught his largest red ever. They report large schools reds (100's of fish) in six foot of water in the sound.
  4. Gave up on the Avon beaches and went to the south. First 43 which was crowded with guys doing nothing, so after a while I was off the 49 near the airport. After several hours all I caught was small sharks and again no one else was doing much. I did see one puffer get caught so that is my report, one puffer. Lots of rain schedule for tomorrow, maybe it will turn on the fish.
  5. Fished 34 north of Avon, great day at the beach, Lots of fisherman but no one caught anything that I saw. Spent five hours throwing mullet chunks at various locations and never had a bite. 10 oz did not hold bottom. They are setting up for the surf contest but the weather does not look good for the next couple days. Weather permitting I will work the south facing beaches tomorrow or the sound side.
  6. Arriving Saturday in Avon, can hardly wait.
  7. Can hardly wait, I arrive next Saturday (Avon) for three weeks. Great report, have fun.
  8. Three weeks til arrival and looking forward to it. How did the beach fair with weather. I have been following the reports and the fishing sounds pretty good.
  9. I arrive in Avon Oct 29 for three weeks. Anybody going to be around I would love to meet up and get to talk to some of you guys?
  10. I have eaten them and they are Ok, but not fluke. I fish a lot and I have never seen so many and all large ones.
  11. Tried to catch a few fluke yesterday, but the Sea Robins were out of control. I changed locations many time but they always found me. Changed bait from live to gulp/rubber and even metal but the robins never stopped. There were fluke but I believe the robins just kept beating them to the bait. I was catching 15-20 robins for every fluke bite (usually shorts). Sea Robin strips just turned them on even worst. Tried a big snapper and the robins just hung on to the bait has I reeled in, they could not even fit it in their mouth, but they tried over and over again. I finally gave up. I was just wondering if there are tricks out there to avoid the birds?
  12. Thanks, I will back off
  13. Will you ship or do you plan on being on Long Island NY in near future?
  14. Those pictures are amazing, we stayed on the south end of Avon last fall and in the three weeks we were there the beach went from narrow to right up against the dunes. When we walked over the dune there was a six foot drop to the water edge. I am sure those homeowners appreciate the beach rebuilding.
  15. Eels only work at night, my biggest fish was caught on an eel at 1pm on a bright sunny day. You must match the hatch, maybe with trout this might be valid, but there are times when a lure or fly that stands out works best. Floro is stronger, more abrasion resistant then mono. I used floro for years but now it is all mono and the catch is the same if not better.