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  1. Yes it is enforced— sometimes. I’ve had cops ask me while I was out on my rock to move my car if it was down there. They will close the gate sometimes. I always walk though.
  2. The signs are new versions of the ones they had up until last year, same regs though. Parking on the road in town and walking is the safest bet for those without a pass. It is free 2 hour parking on the road and no one will bother you at night
  3. By the lighthouse has been like that for years now, maybe even a decade.
  4. I think technically it is only 30 min parking all the time for everyone, but I’ve never had anyone bother me at night , even in the summer. There is a workaround that requires some walking (which I’ve edited out for my own personal gain). Even if they pass it, it sounds like it will be like Larkin in watch hill, ie loosely enforced after hours and off season. They pretty much just want to make sure you are paying to park at the beach during the day in the summer (because there are workarounds to that) . Hate to lose any access but I wouldn’t sweat this one.
  5. I used to do a few summer and fall block trips. I stopped going to block in october because I was leaving epic fishing on the main Land to get get skunked on block. Not sure how it’s been the past couple years.
  6. Couple blues tonight. All they wanted was hogys and sluggos LOL. Guy 100 yds down from me was crushing slot bass on bucktails.
  7. black scoter (guess) and a couple wood ducks?
  8. With all these storms i didnt even bother for albies this year. Been down that road before! Storms seem to kill shore albie fishing. Bass fishing has been kinda so so, i think it needs to get a little colder and we will be in business. Had a huge shad blitz in front of me tonight which was a first. Nothing on them and it was short lived. Landed one small blue.
  9. You’re right I should edit lol. My memory was a little foggy, haven’t launched out of there in awhile
  10. Don’t risk it . I was seeing signs that say crmc permit required, strictly enforced. The fact that they are being difficult makes me think they will be giving out tickets this year. Idk how big the ticket is but if the out of state pass is 200 it’s probably substantial.
  11. I used to do it in a sit on top kayak on outgoing tides like a madman. I’d probably wait for slack and go straight out if I was in a boat. Left and right is danger if I remember correctly and you don’t want to go barreling down on a strong current if you’re unfamiliar with the place. Also blow an air horn as you near the end because you’re gonna have surfcasters with 200 yds of line out drifting plugs sometimes
  12. I have to say, they are incredibly difficult for seemingly no reason. I live just over the river in CT, had to pay 200 dollars, scan copies of all my documents to drive (as if its implied I'm driving on the road illegally), wait for them to call to make an appointment--- they didn't call; I called them. I tried making my appointment on a thursday which was one of my rare days off; no dice, come back next tuesday. They are open from 8-3 on weekdays only, wakefield only, and only will come out to "do their inspection," on times that they set, and they are NOT flexible with those times. I work in wakefield and it is still a hassle because they are only open during working hours and I have to get coverage so I can run over there. Classic state government DMV style crap!! LOL!
  13. Do they check to make sure you have a shovel, etc.?
  14. I have a wetsuit and *wade* to rocks in south county, never go over my head though especially at night. I would not recommend "skishing," at any of the spots I fish. Can't think of a benefit that would be worth the risk. Over the years I've seen guys get themselves into trouble fishing normally , and come to think of it I had to help get a novice skisher back up onto the rocks after he exhausted himself trying to swim in decent surf on a new moon at the WH LH. Why he thought that was even remotely a good idea I do not know. There are certain spots on BI where you would quickly find yourself in a life threatening situation if you tried swimming out... not worth it for catch and release fishing IMO.
  15. Saw a ton of bait with nothing on them . Should be really good in a week or so is my guess.