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  1. If corona didn't kill her, that bud light will.
  2. Remove the spool, pour some hot tap water over it... watch the line shrink..
  3. $150 for the legend? Assuming it’s two piece and not fused. I can meet up at South Shore Plaza this week.
  4. Are you looking to sell outright?
  5. Switch the knob, I'm considering swapping it with a Type B size M knob. You might get away with a Type A size M 19g compared to the Type B 25g
  6. The favorite ones never last...
  7. 99% Russian 1% Wamp
  8. You make sure that guy wasn't an Native? It will be foolish to call the EPO, if he might be legally harvesting fish. There's been a few articles about Natives being harassed, it might be worth a shot asking before taking action.
  9. Well said... I'm split in the middle. I'm all for buying American goods, hell... I'm still buying benchmades! But, I don't mind taking a trip to my local harbor freight for tools I can do the same job with to save a few bucks.
  10. You should be fine. If you plan on throwing jigs more then 5oz constantly then yes, Jigster is the way to go. If you plan on throwing lighter plugs at 2-3oz and the occasional 5oz jig the Legend will suffice. I had the Legend in the past it's stiffer then I would like, I think St Croix built the blank where it covers a vast scale in lure weights.
  11. Was in a hurry going out last year to one of my go to's that was a hour away from me, I forgot to bring my hooks. I didn't had the chance to pre-rig my lines, thought to myself I can tie it up when I get there. I had to swallow that tiny bit of pride in myself and ask a fellow fisherman for some hooks. Good day overall, still produced and thanked the fellow beside me.
  12. Looking for a 10 year old reel in excellent or new condition. Let me know if you have one.
  13. final bump before taking this elsewhere
  14. bump
  15. Good stuff Capt