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  1. I have the yakima powderhound carriers, it's the smaller model. I misplaced the key, but you can find them online. Let me know if you're interested I can take pics later this evening.
  2. Does either of the 4000FG Sustains come with an extra spool?
  3. I'm in! Thanks!
  4. power pro super slick 8 in Aqua Green, only color I use because the crazy in me feels it disappears in the water.
  5. I'm in! Thanks
  6. bingo, thanks thought it was some type of parrotfish
  7. Got this guy sent from family in Florida. Any one knows what it is? I was told it’s delicious.
  8. All models in the preorder is at $1000. Is this a glitch? Subject to change once they release?
  9. Would you ship the 7'6 stellar surf? I'm in Boston
  10. $110 picked up at the canal?
  11. Friday Bump.
  12. Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse in white grey... brand new took it out for pics. $75 shipped or trade for a 8-9ft surf rod.
  13. I've used a flat head screwdriver with a narrow tip, usually does the trick for me. I find my opening and usually flip it over with the cup end facing down, wedge a flathead and go at it.