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  1. $85? I can send payment via paypal now. Thanks
  2. Primarily looking for a 9’, thanks anyways!
  3. Could you send me some pics on the top guides and the reel seat? Any damage, scratches or dings?
  4. Lol... it all makes sense now
  5. you're missing out, you don't know movies, you're missing out, not a fan of pacino? are all of the movies you watch in black and white?
  6. The Godfather, Casino, Donnie Brasco and Scarface
  7. Anyone has a st Croix triumph surf 9ft they’re not using anymore? I’m in the Boston area. Thanks!
  8. If you decided to ship, I will offer $140.
  9. I never seen hinges on guides like that? Talk about over engineering the hell out of a surf rod, Team Daiwa must have been on something lol.
  10. a cheap one, spend $5 at harbor freight your wallet and maybe your wife will thank you.
  11. Bruins Bump...
  12. Happy memorial day bump, special thanks for those that serve! $160 local pick up.
  13. Used for one season, no scratches, dings or damage on the reel. In excellent condition. Comes with box and papers, $165 picked around Boston.
  14. Gees picture and everything, why ask if you’re doing it anyways? someone’s salty... OP interested in a used 9ft ODM Genesis 1/2-3oz + $150?
  15. Is the IMX surf a 50/50 split?