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  1. That’s not a problem, appreciate the generosity. Glad to hear they’re going to a good home.
  2. I have a buddy who would be happily be intersted in this.
  3. This didn't age too well. Definitely gonna need a doctor for that torn achilles.
  4. Normal, that edge of the handle is tapered. If it was sitting flush it will rub at every rotation.
  5. I'm going to retract my offer, this seems to be too sticky for me if we're hung up on postage. Good luck.
  6. Shipping would be ~$12 using USPS. Best I could do is $525 shipped, if not, no worries. Thanks
  7. Would you do $525 shipped to me in Boston? Paypal ready
  8. Would you consider shipping this to Boston? Interested.
  9. 20 shipped to Boston for the Guppy?
  10. A bit larger and heavier then I usually throw, thanks anyways.
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