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  1. Would you do $300 for both IMX surf rods?
  2. Is this a USDM model?
  3. I was considering a GX before I got my 4runner. The only thing that I didn't like was the rear hatch opening like a door on the GX (sideways). I always thought to myself when I arrive at the fishing grounds theres going to be that one person whose parked right at my bumper and theres no way for me to unload my gear. The 4runner rear hatch opens conventionally and the rear sliding glass is a life saver as well. Also to note that gas prices isn't getting any cheaper. I rather be pumping 16 gallons of regular fuel then premium, so the 4runner was a no brainer. I have a 2010 trail edition with 160k, ticking like a swiss time piece.
  4. Schoolies and small keeper class fish are in. I have been catching them consistently this past week every morning. About 8-12 fish everyday this week, 5am to 8am.
  5. Thanks for clarifying Drew. Rich, I was hoping it was a mini flat, I really don't enjoying throwing anything over 2oz these days. Please refund when you get the chance.
  6. Sounds good, I'm willing to give you more then $5 in intel and put you on the fish the next time your in the bay state
  7. $20 for the guppy?
  8. No thank you.
  9. Brand new, have a JDM revolve tuna max power knob on it. I’m open to offers.
  10. I have a 5K, I believe all USDM were HG's. Might consider letting it go.
  11. I would think so, my buddy had a brand new Saltiga spinning reel and and it felt stiff out of the box. As mentioned above, grease likes to be used, after a half dozen of trips it was smooth as silk.
  12. 50 shipped for the 2 bones?
  13. What is the rating on the 10'6? Is the 9ft one piece or two? The 10'6 50/50 or 70/30 split? Thanks
  14. $55 shipped?