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  1. Just started fishing in Maine two weeks ago after traveling to Cape Cod early season. All boat fishing. First, it's been a very unusual season, cold, late and few big fish down there. Race Point did not go off by the time I left. We hit two schools of reasonable fish (briefly) and that was it. So my first impression is there are few big fish about period. Came back to Maine not expecting much and found a huge number of schoolies in my usual haunt- 3 hours of surface non stop on one recent trip. So there had to be thousands of sub-legal fish in this Bay, which is somewhat reassuring except no large. Pogies have now returned in numbers from Saco to Casco. I go out two days ago and get a 40" (28lbs on the bog) and 36", both nice fish, healthy, beautiful. So apparently there are some good fish about but definitely hunting needed. We are not in the good old days for sure.
  2. This thread started off with an important topic only to be hijacked by PeeWee. How about we check back in two weeks to see if the big fish have arrived, by then even the doubters will agree it's crashing. Personally I agree with the observations that there are no big fish. I fished hard in Vineyard Sound and Cape Cod Bay the past three weekends, including one four day period. I've fished for thirty years on the Cape. I even heard a guide who posts here and always has pics of big fish say 27" is the new normal. Hmmm. Guides depend on the health of the fishery for a living and don't usually bad mouth it. We need to completely re-frame the discussion and make a sustainable sport fishery the goal or you and I will keep saying "nice fish" when another 22" comes over the rails. Sad doesn't seem adequate. Feel free to wait on the lost or late school of big fish. They aren't coming. What should we do about the fishery managers who sacrifice our time and resources and passion for the third time since the eighties? Any of us getting any younger? Still takes 10-15 years to grow a great fish. Can't speed that up.
  3. Hi Farmer Jeff- I hope to see you there as well. On the beach and at the annual meeting.
  4. Checked out a well known spot in Scarborough on the drop this afternoon. Comorants and loons. Perfect rip. Must have been a reason no one else was out there, except a couple boats motoring around with fishing rods. Nice to loosen the elbow fly fishing. It felt a week early. The marsh might have some way up in the channels. Made me wonder if people catch holdovers in Maine (?) or find shad staging at this early moment (well before the shadbush blooms). I had no guilt doing the walk out or back if that counts.
  5. Sorry. I guess I can't tell sarcasm given how serious many people sound on this site. My bad. I'll dial back my sensitivity to the "thick skin" setting.
  6. Really people. Time to chill on the spot burn reprimands. Draggers are visible for twenty miles and try fishing behind one.
  7. Well, made it out into Vineyard Sound on Sunday for squid. No joy. Lot's of draggers running lanes but their nets were pretty empty (except for the acres of large scup by catch). H2O temp was 53 degrees, a good number. Some ponies around but scattered. Lots of gannets which were cool to sea. Ended the day with our limit of Tog which was a good opening day to have. But I still taste fresh squid in my mind. No sign of bass in the backwaters, which had a high reading of 55.4 degrees.
  8. Besides the procedural hurdles, which as human beings I think we can agree are practical but not necessarily insurmountable hurdles, I wonder what you and others think of the substance of this suggestion. There was a time when there was no ASFMC.
  9. Bingo! Thanks for the intel.
  10. Now that I've taken my Geritol, I'm ready to go! Game on!
  11. Besides needing to rebuild the spawning biomass, we need to plan a sustainable rec fishery going forward. This requires resources on the policing and data gathering side and consistent regulations coastwide. Nothwithstanding the apparently warped voting structure of ASFMC as currently configured, I would suggest we look at the Pacific Northwest as providing one option for managing SW species (Salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, halibut). They employ a SW license tagging system where you purchase a set of tags that enables you to take that number of fish. If you decide you want to keep more, you buy an additional tag. You must tag the fish upon catching AND document the general location and other vital statistics. No one is prevented from keeping fish but they must pay for the harvesting this public resource. As to what size/slot limit this system might apply to, I would definitely leave that up to scientists and data driven decisionmaking that ensures adequate breeding stock and sustainable population limits. If we fail to create a formula that does not fund data collection AND regulatory policing of the rules, we get what we pay for- constant uncertainly, fluctuation of fish population, politically expedient decisionmaking- in short a toxic brew that fails to satisfy anyone. I may not live long enough to see a 60lb bass being spawned today but I'd like my kids to have a shot at one. We can't speed up time but we can correct past mistakes. ASFMC should be ashamed at itself for its continued failure to do its job.
  12. I use a friend with long arms who can hold the bucket out far from the gunnel. ;-) I wonder if there is a net device you can dump them into that hangs over the side and keeps them fresh and depletes their ink. They have ridiculous amounts of ink.
  13. May 10,1998. Popular River.
  14. Yeah. I could see that. It's ridiculous out there. One reason I spend most of my outdoor time on my boat. The little fck$ can't swim (yet).
  15. Just had this happen. Pulled a deer tick embedded less than 24hrs but didnt talk to doc until a few days later. They said tetracyclamine within 72 hours is their protocol. I'm hoping I had an empty chamber in tick roulette.