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  1. May 10,1998. Popular River.
  2. Yeah. I could see that. It's ridiculous out there. One reason I spend most of my outdoor time on my boat. The little fck$ can't swim (yet).
  3. Just had this happen. Pulled a deer tick embedded less than 24hrs but didnt talk to doc until a few days later. They said tetracyclamine within 72 hours is their protocol. I'm hoping I had an empty chamber in tick roulette.
  4. Okay. I'll start this annual thread as I took the boat out in Portland harbor yesterday and water temp was already at 48(!). I'm hoping to drop in vineyard sound next weekend and some squid activity would be great news.
  5. I detect a little cabin fever in the tone of some of these posts. Fresh fish with sea lice sounds heartening and not like holdovers.
  6. The tackle shop on veranda St Portland. Right off RT 295. Kittery trading Post is serious too. For fly shops, Eldridge brothers in York on RT 1 and all points fly shop in South Portland on Rt 1.
  7. I guess I find humor in strange places, including PETA propaganda. I do love dogs. I do love fish. But I don't mix them up. I tend to release them both when I catch them.
  8. And let us not forget about fishing ledges at all tides, where the waves feed through cuts and pull out crabs and bait. Feed a sinking head into these cuts with a large pollack imitation and see what happens. Oops. I forgot that was what happened in the late 90's & early 2000's. Now you'll have to be satisfied with schoolies. Gotta love those fisheries managers and how they look out for our Maine interests. Eldridge Brothers is the premier Maine-based fly shop, with upstart All Points in S. Portland doing a nice job. I think Dana's Tackle Shop on Veranda St is great, He's been around a long time for good reason, and, because I fish all methods, he covers the bases.
  9. My very best dog and fishing companion, a Welshie who I got when 10 weeks old. She'd have preferred I hunted but we all have our failings.
  10. I love the Afterhours Dorkster (not a metal lip) and mini swimmer. They're wood, cast a mile, and draw interest whenever I use it. They do chip a bit but keep on producing. The Dorkster in white is always on my short list.
  11. I sent an email as well. Now is not the time to be increasing pressure on bass or replacing responsible fisheries managers. We never seem to learn and none of us is getting any younger.
  12. Hogy White Large paddletail. 43" 30+lbs. released. Cape Cod Bay. June 2018. Caught on St Croix Avid with 30 Lb braid and 40 Lb floro. Great Day.
  13. For Virginia to make this proposal does not bode well for the season, despite the YOY 2011 and 2017 classes. 2011 should be at 30 plus inches if any are left.
  14. You hole sizes are right to keep the pesky English sparrows at bay. But it's complex problem. I have had to experiment from year to year in my placement. Once you get it right they seem to return. I also put out nesting material to help the cause (you can buy these balls of cotton at some bird shops). I also trim my springer spaniel outside (!) It's early so don't give up hope, Chickadees are the most apt to investigate new holes. Don't be shy about moving them around; nature's laws are often unfathomable but for trial and error. Good luck!
  15. I agree. I guess what I was inartfully trying to figure out is when are they considered a healthy population again.