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  1. 21 and 1/2 inches from butt to middle of the reel seat . Yes the rod is grey with red, black , and silver trim . I’m in Indiana.
  2. I just got this . Love the rod , exactly what I wanted , but the reel seat barely fits my VR 75. It fits every other reel I own , including a vs250 . So looking to move it . $145 shipped PayPal . Rod is a 50/50 split . Extremely light weight. Great deal for someone . Rated 1-4 . Feels more 3/4 to 3 to me . Has all tags . 5 year warranty.
  3. Philosophical mode , I’m going to use that . Carp are so much easier to catch when their heads are down , or heads up eating off the surface . Lounging , sunning carp not so much .
  4. I would imagine any small wet fly you could delicately place right in front of their face might be taken . I would fish them at the warmest sunniest part of the day . I haven’t tried in the winter with the fly . I catch a few on corn with just a sprinkling of free baits in the winter . Of course I was just enlightened about a new way , that is close to a guarantee. : )
  5. Liberal ? Do you know me . Start a thread about bow fishing . I don’t care . We are discussing fishing for carp with hook and line .
  6. Is that carp fishing ? I don’t think so . It’s bow hunting for carp . I bow hunt for deer , and have killed a pile , but I eat them . What’s the point of shooting a fish you don’t want to eat ? I don’t get it.
  7. I enjoy the European carp scene . Nash and Korda put out a lot of video content as well as good podcasts . They really take it to another level. It doesn’t always translate to success here . Their fish are heavily baited with boilies , pellets, and particles . They are used to feeding on those foods . It takes a bit of work and time to get carp used to feeding on those items here. I dig the gear though . I like how technical and precise it is.
  8. I have quite a few . Fox 3 piece 13ft 2.75 tc will throw 3 oz. Greys 13 ft 3.5 TC will throw 5 oz. I’ve used them all for whiting , pompano , redfish , bait , in Florida . They are more moderate and have worked very well . My favorites are a Century 9ft 3 piece close quarters . It is 2.75 tc . It would be my go to for Florida if it fit my VR 75. But the Alps reel seat is too small. I have been using a 2.5 TC Harrison 3 piece custom . It’s nice but is a little soft .
  9. Let us know how that comes out . I need to give the feed corn route a try . Winter storms here today . Working on some rigs for spring .
  10. I had some sunline troutist darkness at 2lb . It was so thin I found it almost impossible to work with . These Japanese lines are true to there breaking strength for sure . I’m setting up a new ultralight for this year . I have a new tenryu 4 piece 5foot ultralight . Love the rod . I want to put a Shimano vanford 500 on it . I have the sunline trout area meister coming in . I would love for this line to behave on the 500 , the yardage seems like it would work . Or I will go with the 1000. I feel like the 500 is a better fit . Decisions, decisions. Spending too much $ on that finesse fishing site !
  11. I used to do something very similar to that with mono , making it double and twisting it. I doubt I would now as I’ve gone to 400 lb mono rub leaders . I don’t think that part will ever fail . And I don’t use a leader many times before I retire it. And the coated cable is plenty strong too . Also I’ve never had a shark rig fail at crimp .
  12. Interesting . I use a running rig , weight slides freely . I use any where between 1/4 up to an ounce depending on the conditions . And I fish a tight line , there is no setting the hook , the baitrunner goes , just tighten up up .
  13. Here are a couple rigs I use for pop ups . Ronnie or Spinner rig
  14. Fluorocarbon stiffness prevents the hair from getting tangle and messing up the presentation. Carp tend to be sporadic feeders most of the year . Half the battle is making sure your rigs are fishing for long periods of time .
  15. Sweet corn is king . Carp instantly recognize it and accept it as food . The problem for me is so do a host of other fishes . Once sunfish or shiners get on my sweet corn , they eat every piece . Establishing beds of sweet corn in the heat of summer for carp is difficult . Spring , fall , and winter is prime sweet corn time as other fish seem to eat it less . Sweet corn is easily picked of hooks or hair rigs by sunfish . I go to a small yellow pop up or artificial corn when I can’t keep sweet corn on the rig . I’m summer I will switch to method mixes , pellets , or oat mixtures , and fish pop up’s . I still use sweet corn , just not by itself . Sweet corn an be fished on the hook , but a properly built hair rig will do a much better job . Here are a few I use with sweet corn . I tie them with fluorocarbon , 10 lb for larger fish and 6 lb if I’m fishing a place that has small carp .