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  1. I considered the ci4 reel , it’s a bit lighter . Glad I went with this version . I don’t think the extra cost is worth it on a freshwater reel .
  2. It’s been great . Has a shallow spool . Have it filled with 3lb troutist area meister, holds 100 yards . I have it on a Daiwa iprimi 56xul . I fish this rod and reel more than anything else , has done trout , sunfish , catfish , bass to 4 lb , and a carp over 10 lbs .
  3. Had another 11 inch bluegill today . For the last year I’ve been really enjoying jdm micro spoons . They have been out fishing live bait in the deep clear stone quarry lakes that are in my area .
  4. Had an hour to fish yesterday , had a couple on a new rig and bait .
  5. Had this bluegill today . Don’t think I’ve ever caught one this large . Right at 11 inches.
  6. Had 3 small post spawn males . Fished with just one rods clipped and alarmed up for a few hours . Also had a dozen channel cats.
  7. I’ve seen them while diving in Indiana. They are worldwide . About the size of a dime .
  8. What exactly are we looking at here ? : )
  9. Was out tonight playing with a new Daiwa mobile telescopic ultralight pack rod . Found some carp on the surface cruising , managed one off the top with a small piece of bread .
  10. It’s incredibly light . It took it out again tonight and caught largemouth to 3lbs on a 4 gram crusader minnow . On the way out I found some carp . I always bring a few pieces of bread and try to a get one off the top . A quick re rig with # 8 octopus and a thumbnail sized piece of bread , I managed one off the top . Rod handled the 10 lb carp on 4 lb mono easily . Even managed to get it on the bank without a net .
  11. I’m happy with it . I moved to an area that has a lot of ponds ,lakes ,and river close that I bike to , this is easy to ride with and am impressed with the quality . I see a 9 footer in my future .
  12. Decided I had to have one . This is the 7’4 ultralight . Was out with it yesterday throwing 1.5 gram micro spoons .
  13. That’s a beast . Please explain the old mash ball !
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