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  1. got skunk friday. Headed back out in next couple days.
  2. I know the pogies have been the food of choice in the bays but what have people been having luck with in the rivers lately? Flies or lures
  3. I am sure the discussion has happened before but companies also develop new products. What do people have the best luck with for line on at 9-10wt? I currently toss cortland and find that the memory is getting bad. To bring it one step further, how often do you replace your line?
  4. slabosorous, look up Mud Dog Flies(Mike Rice) he can hook you up with a package of flies to get you rolling. Frustrating to start for some but once you start hooking up you won't look back. Get a nice chest pack to keep your crap in when you are wading. Also make sure you are using some sort of loop know so that the streamer swims naturally and isn't being pulled along at an angle.
  5. Thanks for the report OTW. Maybe we can jam some more ppl on the rivers.
  6. I'm at capacity on my fly box I carry with me on my chest pack and it is turning into a disaster. Share your home base solutions to storing your arsenal of saltwater bugs.... Looking for ideas.
  7. A 30lber would make me happy as a large threshold definition
  8. Do you use the squid from shore? If so more beach, rivers, jetty? I have a few squid patterns but haven't had any luck with them. Whats your go to color?
  9. They just actually cleaned it up and arranged it to walk on clam flats easy. Been there 2 of last three nights just before dark. Have about 16 fish between 2 nights but big of like 18-20
  10. I find I run into the 26-30 range in fall run, spring is basically all schoolies. Haven't fly fished at night so may try that not that waters heated up and chuck some big herring patterns
  11. Have people been leaning towards the pink/green colors for herring or having luck with something else. I was going with grey/blue and white the other day
  12. more like puts asses in the way
  13. I have been fly fishing for stripers on the SS of Mass for a while now and catch plenty of fish on flats and rivers. They are not bad fish and no complaints, but this year my goal is to really try and figure out how to land those larger bass. Does anyone have any pointers to help with this at all?
  14. My advice would be to keep a watch at the current breaks, which a lot of times you can tell by the difference in ripples or surface texture. The problem is in the river a lot of the times these breaks will only stay at a spot for a short period. Got out last night and landed a bakers dozen on the fly with a 22" being largest.
  15. Its a lot easier to get to some areas by just throwing it on the car and driving than paddling across. It is decievingly far. Also means more fishing time. Just got a 16' whaler for the bay this summer been trying to get a boat for years can't wait. The carolina are nice to get in over the flats though and they can take a beating and easy to clean.