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  1. aba - american birding association i guess a lot of the local audubon chapters are okay. but i've never really considered myself a birder and gone to any meetings. hell, i've only been birding a few times. by birding, i mean going out for the sole purpose of just looking for birds.
  2. audubon was a fraud and i'm not such a huge fan of the society that bears his name these days either.
  3. sorry rocky, that's awful news.
  4. african or european?
  5. safety ****ing gas can nozzle
  6. 72 year old from kalifornia. this is my surprised face
  7. what's it been like 4 months? i'm so tired being at home. unless you're in england, then its just called broil
  8. besides a really bad picture for bird identification? but if you want a guess, i'll play the percentages and say it looks like a turkey vulture. longer tail, dihedral wings.
  9. that seems small for maine
  10. wow, where'd you find the san marano tomatoes??!?!? i've been looking everywhere for them, but all i can find are those stupid san marzano ones
  11. Thats what lockdown was like here.
  12. that's too bad, always liked him.
  13. i love that hockey tutorial guy. if he ever gives a product a bad review though, we'll know for sure that eddy got laid.
  14. this should be good. looking forward to the thread already
  15. yeah those smoked piney peppers are freeking dynamite on pizza
  16. "when red wins the lottery"
  17. we signed roccette up for camp and today was the first day nj camps were open. i was pushing for a 2 week delay against mrs. rocco just in case **** goes sideways. i got tired of hearing mrs. rocco bad noising about redoing the camp schedule again so i lost. camp lost power in the storms and we had to go pick her up a little while ago.
  18. could you be more precise as to how many pages? i'm not doing anything today, and by anything, i mean scrolling back an unknown number of pages. thank you are those like heavy duty walking on the parking lot skate guards? the rinks i know in nj that are opening are saying you come dressed except for skates, get your temp taken, they give you a place to put on your skates and wear a mask until you step on the ice. no more than 25 guys on the ice and no contact
  19. i'm still trying to figure out who was first?
  20. i feel like i drove by myrtle beach in my early 20s
  21. i don't even know how far south i've been in car. nc for sure, sc maybe? pretty sure not georgia. of course i've flow to florida.
  22. tent caterpillars includes gypsy moths
  23. not an easy bird to find, they spend a lot of time in the thickets and are generally pretty secretive. pretty cool birds, but not super flashy. they do a number on tent caterpillars and have one of the shortest incubation and nesting periods of all north american birds