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  1. aba - american birding association i guess a lot of the local audubon chapters are okay. but i've never really considered myself a birder and gone to any meetings. hell, i've only been birding a few times. by birding, i mean going out for the sole purpose of just looking for birds.
  2. audubon was a fraud and i'm not such a huge fan of the society that bears his name these days either.
  3. sorry rocky, that's awful news.
  4. african or european?
  5. safety ****ing gas can nozzle
  6. 72 year old from kalifornia. this is my surprised face
  7. what's it been like 4 months? i'm so tired being at home. unless you're in england, then its just called broil
  8. besides a really bad picture for bird identification? but if you want a guess, i'll play the percentages and say it looks like a turkey vulture. longer tail, dihedral wings.
  9. that seems small for maine
  10. wow, where'd you find the san marano tomatoes??!?!? i've been looking everywhere for them, but all i can find are those stupid san marzano ones
  11. Thats what lockdown was like here.
  12. that's too bad, always liked him.
  13. i love that hockey tutorial guy. if he ever gives a product a bad review though, we'll know for sure that eddy got laid.