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  1. its as accurate as flipping a coin to tell you if you had covid at least one to three weeks ago, but not more recently than that. should you be lucky enough to get a positive. it might mean you have some immunity. or not.
  2. that's the right color too bro. i hope those are the 10 inchers though. cue sj. i don't even want to begin to unpack this
  3. a lot of times in late april/early may, we are just seeing migrants passing through. they are flying at night and landing in the morning. during the day they are fueling up, resting some, looking around for other orioles and then when night comes they continue on with their migration. so they are gone in the morning and replaced by more orioles moving through on migration. this goes on for a couple weeks or more. some days there are none around and sometimes there are orioles around everyday, they're just not the same ones. and sometimes, you do get one or two hanging around to breed too, that may stay for the summer or eventually move on. i had one for about 2 weeks. and one interesting thing about orioles is that individuals often sing a unique song. this guy had such a weird song, i originally thought it was another species since it was familiar, but I couldn't quite place it either. i tried the oranges again, but no dice and this bird has gone silent or moved on. yeah, they do that sometimes too. none came to mine this year and only saw one hummer back in april, the day after i put it up. no another one since. i took the feeders down this past monday i think. geez man, you been sick? best of luck. you getting a pcr or an antibody test? or both?
  4. you have tall trees in your yard and neighborhood? i guess you saw some orioles, do you still hear them singing around? i've never had any luck trying to attract them with oranges, even when i'm sure they are around. people swear by using grape jelly and a jelly feeder, but i've never tried that. no need eff around with that sloppy sticky ****. and just like the oranges, pretty sure the ants will find it first.
  5. eddy, why didn't the crop work on my avitard?
  6. yeah, sorry man. the last couple days got away from me. in another life, we could trade fig tree clones. at least its not gold
  7. i'm in turkey's often respond to screech owls, which do have a whinnying whistle or trill. one goes low to high another goes high to low. let me see if i can find a recording of it for you... as far as i can tell, they don't frown upon anything we do
  8. man that's a nice set of clubs. what does one use the c for? hummingbirds on the patio? sorry tom. that's awful. you know of any rinks opening back up? or plans for them to open back up?l well done and i'm sure well deserved by junior i heard eastern towhee and american robin. probably a couple other species in there too, but i'd have to listen again.
  9. you ain't just whistling dixie.
  10. let's not confuse the metrics. there's no one left for him to argue with.
  11. what have you done to bring him back?
  12. i have the same boots. how long you get out of them? in the past on a different pair of beans, i've use a couple large zip ties to hold boots on. one around the arch and one above the ankle, just need a big ass knife of dikes to get them off when you were done. did a couple seasons like that.
  13. where to? good luck btw.