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  1. i'm sorry for your loss flee, and thankful for people like your dad.
  2. yep. she's not from around here. i like chicken livers too
  3. which goes better with canned meats?
  4. that **** disgusting. the only use i've found for it so far is on a pastrami and rye sandwich, with undressed coleslaw.
  5. man that's pretty nutty. a crippled BE is not much use to a falconer. must be some fringe black market reason someone would want one.
  6. whoa, that's some next level ****.
  7. i had to drag a fluke roccette caught 150 yards down the beach in the wash so she could show her mom. seems the bad noise is instinctive in them.
  8. you should see the wreaths we make.
  9. i like an endive salad too once in a while. just endives and dressing works. also a cucumber salad and tomato salads. same thing, just those things, some dressing and herbs.
  10. that sounds better, like it might actually take a while to digest, but yeah too much washing and chopping.
  11. that they can carry the bacteria in their blood and since they move around a lot, huge distances like north america to south america, they could be responsible for its spread beyond local/regional transport from deer and deer ticks.
  12. yeah, sounds like lettuce and croutons to me. mrs. rocco writes "salad" on the list, but she means lettuce. she doesn't even add croutons, just dressing, and for her thats salad. i like croutons, tomato, cukes, maybe some radish, carrot or purple cabbage, etc. to give it some different chews and tastes. still not a meal for me though, unless its super hot out and i don't really feel like eating much anyway.
  13. guy i work with studies birds and their parasites. one of the things he's been looking at is birds as a vector for lyme's disease. deer don't really move that far, but lyme's disease does