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  1. there you go piney, now you know precisely what not to do. give your kid a sewing needle for his birthday you got him exactly what he needs to make fly tying fun and easy so he enjoys it for years to come hope you catchem up tom. was thinking of trying the sods down here with some crabs.
  2. dated a girl in hs school for a 2 or 3 years and she told me her step-grandfather molested her. poor girl had ptsd and would have hallucinations. and seeing the moon high in the ski was a trigger for her. sucked bad. i really tried to get her some help but it was basically impossible.
  3. do the gays even get the aids anymore?
  4. i was negative for covid with an expired home kit that showed positive on the control, so i figure it was working. it is definitely upper respiratory for me and i get some spastic coughing going to the point of getting lightheaded. no fever though, and not much else except some slighty runny/congested nose at times. taking all kinds of **** for it too. mucinex dm, robo cf, occasional pseudofed and some steriod **** from france
  5. pretty sure i'm 3/4 of the way to full blown pneumonia too, so that's fun.
  6. and sorry i didn't get a dfs together, the day got away from me. we are down in tuckerton as of last night and had a soccer game in hammonton. then our friends dropped off roccette's bff to stay with us for the rest of the time down here. we be clammin' monday
  7. i'm down for $10 or whatever for the bracket i just need the paypal/venmo please
  8. that sounds like a license to print and steal money. what a ****ing racket. that's the one i would have gotten, though loon makes nice stuff and you wouldn't have gone wrong with either. with the hair stacker you can do lots more like elk hair caddis and pretty much every other hairwing fly there is
  9. or shut up is fine too. but not that "i made my picks in the thread" like a eunuch nonsense you may be a slow learner, but your getting there he looks well rested
  10. but yeah, looks like i'm in there twice in one of the views
  11. kooky fackin' kanooks. websiters they ain't. i think the cloacal kisses have a bracket in the game: eddy's tunnel buddys
  12. i had a bracket filled out almost all the way and it disappeared.
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