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  1. Just heard nails on the hall floor
  2. Roccette dragged ekman’s bed into her room tonight hoping he’d crash there. So far he’s right on schedule at the foot of my bed, but we left our doors open so we shall see.
  3. Hoppes #9
  4. Yeah I want the rust off there is silicone spray gonna do that?
  5. how am i gonna fix this? been in the garage since last palooza card cleaner and wd40?
  6. Enjoy jimmys happy j4 i think making a real pie crust is a lot of bang for a little effort. those pre made ones taste like cardboard by comparison to me. Or try the pillsbury dough Twins abortions. Don’t doubt the are good but not really a pot pie.
  7. or southeast asia
  8. the hidden lives of pets series on netflix is pretty fascinating. and a little scary. ****ing lizard learned from an ipad.
  9. That’s what I was going to say. It won’t suck and you can stop wondering about Nate.
  10. so is one of them yours wade? and if so, which ine? good luck ern. i’ve had photoreactoinary skin problems before and its awful. but not the big c.
  11. is that what the sun does to your face with the creams ern?
  12. i would be willing to wager top of the line breaks easier than the middle of the road.
  13. on to the weedwhacker anyway
  14. this doesn’t seem like a good sign