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  1. nice job nighty
  2. i'm sorry i asked
  3. care to elaborate on the amish maffs? isn't three quarters of the way through two yards the same as being halfway through 1 yard?
  4. go nighty go
  5. would it be a fine if they didn't mention parros by name and that he should be fired?
  6. May be getting my interwebs back between 10 and 12 today. Id so, i’m in.
  7. Congrats to her. ‘Murica!
  8. sorry fellas. I only have internet on my phone and even that is throttled back right now because i am over my data limit. Not online much and not doing dfs on my tiny phone.
  9. at least my innernet is down. internet too. Good thing they can get here thursday
  10. sorry to hear about your cat sj.
  11. they look like they are friends
  12. i had to do this a couple years ago and went with the progressives. no regerts! took some getting use to, but not too bad. that said, know quite a few people that couldn't get used to them. i think the conventional wisdom here is go with the progressives, but you might have to go with bifocals if you can't. i have a hunch it has lot to do with the fitting, because they kind of just put the glasses on your face and makes some marks where they think the lenses should change.
  13. eddy caught a world record white catfish but he ate it. 30 years ago now he wants some kind of medal or something. and its actually a channel cat.