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  1. and more importantly, eff eddy.
  2. jorts. their called jorts.
  3. he already said he wanted to keep her
  4. please ask him/her what size shot he/she recommends for rabbit hunting maybe wear a go pro.
  5. mind the tub. daddy's got bathtime from now on and keep her away from boatramps. * best wishes deadman. sounds like you are living an actual nightmare.
  6. let's rewrite history and plus, now a burka
  7. idk if the 80 and quitman parts are funny though
  8. tried it, it doesn't work. the effing heathens will sit there and eat seeds over their fallen comrades bodies. the problem with trying to win the squirrel race is that they are territorial and as soon as you eliminate one using your yard for its territory, another squirrel will move in.
  9. not far, just past the wood pile, which is the dark blob in some of the pics. there's at least a few acres back there, with some houses on the other side. i only have .33 acres, but no real worry about anything going in back there though. the property belongs to the wooden fenced yard, and that guy is a dick. the guy that lives next to him played 47 games for the flyers. he seems like an okay guy and his wife's pretty cute.
  10. i vote for patronizing the overpriced independent grocer. isn't that what vacation is all about? divesting of your tourist dollars they have next to zero fear of people. in fact, i'm willing to bet they have been hand fed.
  11. And this was my backyard this morning.
  12. Thats the new tower out my window
  13. there should be some a block or two away...