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  1. so. who is latifah queen of? and who is king latifah
  2. 130 point shutout on the bench tonight
  3. lol.
  4. how long did it take you to master that?
  5. excellent. the place is going to change someday in the not to distant future, and i'm not sure how, so sooner is better
  6. well that's not new really.
  7. not much new here i suppose. i still owe you a behind the scenes tour so let me know if you are every down in philthy on a week day. how's by you with the gf? your son still playing ball, or has he been graduated 3 years ago by now
  8. you should google that i know a few people with tickets for that, been talking about it all week. i think there are some other conflicting sporting events this weekend earlier day game stuff. and if you move it inside, something like 50k ticket holders won't have seats, which shouldn't be a big deal because no one cares about pens or flyers fans he must live at the garden. no way he finds his way there on his own for each and every game. gloob!!!! how the **** are ya? you should tell eddy how hot the bite has been at the nuke plant
  9. shut up seal, no one likes you!!!
  10. i don't bother and use clear mono (or sometimes tinted blue) to wrap with. no discernible difference in catching. don't paint the eyes either.
  11. nope, one sister, newton hs. nice work erik, throwing rocks
  12. your watershed hates you
  13. i thought pretty much the same, but how are bb and younger bb in the same pic
  14. yeah, wtf! you should have shoveled last night.
  15. depends on whats chewing on them few a few hours, you should be fine. i've used maribou on sw flies and still do occasionally, but the fish can do a number on them in pretty short order. bluefish especially, like one a fly