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  1. I'm with Ted on the check vavle. Mine it right between the well pump plastic pipe and the copper for the pressure tank. Check valve seals go bad many times. You only need to have run the pump hard one time and got some grit in the line than sat on the valve seat and scratched the gasket. Or it's just onld and the seal is worn out
  2. Yes mine is tilled and I got 3 50' rows of corn, 4 25' rows of beans in yester day. Planted 12 tommatoes, 12 bell peppers and 8 sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. I will plan more beans and corn rown in staged times for stagared maturity. The wife likes salad so I may grow from rows of kale and spinach. Had horrible luck last year with zucchini. It just did not growm many and I had 18 plants and got 4 zucchini before the squah bugs killed them all. And suggestions on other dtuff to grow that is easy?
  3. I don't know where you are from, but I would look outside HD or Lowes for a replacement door. Most of the stuff they sell is trashy as its priced for the "cheap" home market. Years ago I bought doors from Lowes and they work, but the glass seals fail and get moisture in the doors, the doors don't seat as I would like and the frames have twisted. Look for the local stores the contractors buy from and look at them. Lowes and HD might have some higher end doors if you ask about them. I've put a new door from Jeld Wen on the front and the garage when I buit it and both are holdup nicely. I also replaced all the windows in the house with BF Rich and those windows are top noch IMO. A few higher end vendors for research: BF Rich Integrity Jeld Wen Marvin Therm tru
  4. This is the one I did a couple years back for steering with your feet and mounted to the stern.
  5. I have fished with John before and he's retired and has a lot of free time to fish. Send him a PM and go out with him. A little rain and some wind, just put your dry top on and stay on the protected side of the river.
  6. Like said, but an access point to plug into your router. Normally you add it tot he other side of the house. Then set the access point on a separate channel than the router.
  7. You should go to Maryland kayak fishing forum and ask John Veil, his name is his Avatar name on the forum. He fishes and trolls the Severn all the time.
  8. As a white water guy you are always taught if you want to control the boat, you have to go faster, or as fast as the water or you can't steer. When you go slower than the water, you are at its mercy. You might have been on a slight angle and the wave turned you and then took you. As just stated, I would have out right been digging coming in and going as fast as I could get it..
  9. Hot is always on the left side or marked with red. It should be the stub coming out of the wall on the left side also.
  10. I have the Ride 135 and Commander. I mainly stand to stretch, when in rivers and ready to shoot a rapid I stand to see which is the better shoot, and sight casting to structure bass fishing. I can't see it being much use in saltwater except sight casting to reds, fishing flats in FLA or getting a stretch. I never found much call for it on the Chesapeake. Bass fishing is a different story and I mainly stand then as my butt is tired.
  11. Maybe if you get one you can stand in, I don't think you can sitting down. I can't find a video or picture of it, but I read Jeff Little Talking about how Chad Hoover will stand in the Ride 135 on one leg and the ride will literally lean over and take water over the side and not flip. The 115 is the same, just slower.
  12. I spend a lot of time paddling backwards on the river to maintain my distance from shore in Freshwater. I can just see where its would be highly sought after in freshwater and bass fishing. I highly value standing up when I get to rock ridges in the river. I can see them better and target the clevises better.
  13. The slayer is going to dominate the fresh water market. I know as I am a bass fisherman that fishes the bay also. The slayer will work better in tighter areas, as in bass fishing. You're always drifting too close to shore and you can just back up and keep fishing. Bass fishing you are always working the shore. You guys are fishing open, and usually deep, water for stripers which makes no need for reverse. The slayer will work in fresh and salt and standing is a bigger concern to freshwater in standing to see the bottom structure in shallow water.
  14. From the areas you stated a Commander 120/140 or Native Ultimate 12/14 would be a champ. Like a canoe but super stable with a high and low seat in the commander. I have a Commander and Ride 135. The only problem with the commander is its not a rough water boat. If those wakes are large you might want the Ride for a Sit on Top. The ride now comes with a High or Low seat. Check out some other kayak forums that might have people in your area, they will not let me link here. This is mostly east coast people. Find a few local kayakers and when you ice out they should let you paddle their kayaks. Hit the dealer and ask if you can leave you license and paddle a kayak. I mainly stand up to check rapids in rivers and sight fishing in shallow water. Which is why he wants to stand. Muskies can be found more in shallow water ditches waiting to ambush. He knows this and wants to stand to look for structure. The Ride 115, 115x or 135 would be awesome for this. The 115X has a removable electronics area to house the FF, battery and transducer. I would have bought the 135X, but they don't make it, yet. If you want propulsion you have the Hobie PA and the Slayer propel you can consider. Guys here will not like the propel from weeds on the prop, but I think it will be a bigger hit in Freshwater like you are, plus it has reverse.
  15. I hunt out of a Commander 120 on flat water and looking to get a ride 135 to take the dog. She would bring too much water into the commander. Here is how I made the blind for it. http://archeryrob.wordpressDOTcom/2013/03/20/waterfowl-blind-for-a-commander-kayak/ EDIT - OK paste in in the URL and change the DOT to a period must be some spammers using wordpress and they have it edited out on here.