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  1. Goat got one!
  2. That's awesome!! I was lucky enough to catch one Dead show when I was 15 years old at RFK the summer Jerry died and it just so happened that Bruce Hornsby was on the keys and Bob Dylan opened. I worked my way all the way up to the front for the first set. It is a great memory.
  3. For real? That's a dream concert!
  4. Haven't been on here I a while. Had my hands full. The one in the back really enjoys Eyes of the World at Oakland Coliseum with Branford Marsalis on sax and Bruce Hornsby on the keys.
  5. Has anyone heard of any fish being caught from the beach this fall? I haven't but I haven't been looking too hard.
  6. Urban...water was same as air 42 degrees.
  7. I fished Laguna Madre and the majority of reds were sub 40". I caught less specs than reds but I was targeting reds. The specs I did catch in Texas were bigger than the ones I have caught in the bay w/ the exception of a few. The best spec fishing I have ever had was about five years ago in the southern portion of the bay. Myself and two other guys had a 90 spec day with most fish between "20-25". I have not seen a day like that since. A couple cold winters really put a dent in their population. They were rebounding the summer before last but then last winter's cold snap knocked them back down again. FYI, a well known guide on the bay caught a 49" drum around Tangier Sound Area less than two weeks ago. It was a monster. Caught it hanging out with a bunch of stripers. I caught a couple puppy drum in 46 degree water a couple falls ago.
  8. I have filled the twins crib with creatures from Assateague minus the Giraffe. You can't see the striper in the picture which is fitting since it is often missing from my beach.
  9. Especially when you are so geeked out that you finally got a big one that you have no idea what you are doing.
  10. Apparently the Point in Hatteras was on absolute fire this past day I will make it there..
  11. A small wreck anchor with an anchor trolley works best although you can improvise with a brick or really anything that will sink and get hung up. Fish the inlet side of south jetty unless you can somehow safely access the beachside of south jetty (not likely). The inner wall of Cape H. is more kayak friendly than the outer wall.
  12. Who is your carrier. I couldn't post from the beach if I wanted to. The main thing I want to know is if its fishable...not if there are fish (that's what text and friend are for)
  13. Got a good one on Easter in 2016, this one was this Saturday. Next year I will have to go on Good Friday. Happy Easter!