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  1. Sold. Pm coming. Thank you SOL!
  2. Can you meet me in middle at $190?
  3. I'm in Ocean City/Ocean Pines, Maryland.
  4. Appreciate the offer but I'm scaling down some of my gear.
  5. Ttt....price drop... $200 shipped obo
  6. Ttt...price drop......$85 shipped
  7. For Sale: Akios 757 CSM "Vittesse" Conventional Surf Reel. $215 shipped paypal CONUS If anyone is familiar with the fabled Abu Garcia 7500CT then you'll love this reel. It's built on the same platform but include's a mag brake for casting control. This reel is in excellent condition as I've only casted it a few times then back on my shelf. Includes original box, seat clamp, manual, and oil. Reel holds about 300yd of 20lb mono. I put it next to one of my custom Abu reels for comparison. Thanks for looking!
  8. For Sale: Abu Garcia 5600CL in "Sunset Orange". $100 shipped paypal CONUS Reel is in very good shape. It's been sitting on my shelf and thinning reels that I don't use often. I added the orange Akios drag knob as well as the Akios handle. Thank you for looking!
  9. WMO

    Hope everyone is well. Haven't been on in awhile. I was supposed to fish but a last minute work thing came up that forced me to cancel on Friday. My buddies and the boat I was supposed to be on won the.daily Dolphin on Monday. 17K Real happy for them but bummed I couldn't run. Oh well At least I had a bit of skin in it, my down rigger has been on their boat all week long running their dredge and I prepped all their white marlin reels. Hope to see everyone soon in September!
  10. Would you take $135 shipped paypal? If so I'll take it. My S5 is on its last leg! Thanks for considering
  11. Sure miss seeing Earl on the beach. Remember this like it was yesterday.
  12. Reel sold pending payment. Thank you SOL!
  13. For sale is the 2nd of my Van Staal VR50 reels. Price is $480.00 FIRM PayPal shipped and insured CONUS. My loss your gain. I bought both brand new with the anticipation of using them this summer for bailing Mahi. Decided to get a nice set of teaser reels so I gotta move some gear to keep my wife happy