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  1. Bluefish? Big Shad?
  2. All plugs and gear have been given to southcoastphil and his charity! Thanks for all the quick replies everyone!
  3. South coast Phil- sent you a message buddy, let me know when you want to grab them! tailspin, same to you bud, that fly rod is yours whenever you can grab it,I’ll be around all day tomorrow
  4. Also adding to this a portable electric Weber grill. And an 8’ 5wt fiberglass Shakespeare fly rod/Reel combo. Again guys all this is free. I just can’t do a yard sale with all the social distancing stuff
  5. Hi guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here but I’m getting ready to move, cleaning out the garage and I have a couple buckets full of plugs I don’t ever use, plug bags, etc. here’s a pic of a few of the plugs, if anyone is interested DM Me, greater Lowell area. free stuff for anyone that wants to pick it up. also not sure, if this isn’t allowed here let. Me know
  6. Hi guys. I’ve been in Kauai for the last 4 days on my honeymoon. Every morning my wife is sleeping in, I’ve been trying to fish Kalapaki bay from shore with my 8wt, intermediate, and I’ve used fleece crabs, surf candies, clousers, and “barracuda tubes” but I haven’t had more than one 5” jack hit a little shrimpy gotcha. Looking to make the most of my fishing time here, saltwater or fresh, I just can’t justify a guide on this trip... any advice? If you know any spots that are good shots feel free to PM to avoid a spot burn.
  7. Sea robins on top water at south cape beach was one of the best days of fly fishing I’ve ever had.
  8. An articulated twist on one of the patterns I saw here. Hopefully something eats it. I was going for a barracuda tube for Hawaii in June.
  9. Articulated zoo cougar?
  10. Yes. 3 times while I was trying to read this thread. Hey Tim S... HAAALP!
  11. Bass pro or “white river” or “offshore angler” gear actually isn’t bad. I’ve had a couple 8wts (broke them with my own stupidity) and I still use their 8’6” 5wt for everything freshwater. When I worked there I got a hefty discount so I’d use what was cheap, and I’m very surprised at some of the gear I still have almost 6 years later. One of the reels I got when I worked there was paired with my 8wt, and has caught stripers, blues, fluke, steelhead, king salmon, LMB, Smb, pike, peacocks, jack crevalle, barracuda and has even had a blacktop reefshark take a run before the leader got cut, I can not kill it, it’s actually the same body as an Orvis access mid arbor. They contract with companies like St croix and Redington for rods, and Orvis, TFO and a few others for reels. The lines usually came from rio. Actually, the lines that they’re advertising for $9.99 in the spring classic are scientific angler lines that don’t meet manufacturing standards, they might be a little short, discolored, or missing a loop, but that’s almost the only floating fly lines I’ve used for a couple years.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen! Im getting married in June and we’re planning our honey moon. Thinking of Hawaii, Neither of us have ever been, so we don’t know which island to go to or what to do when we get there, so looking for advice. ill be bringing my fly rod(s) (8-10wt) but we’ll be primarily looking for things to do together. Volcanos, hikes, beaches and other outdoorsy things are what we’re most interested in. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated! -DanSmith
  13. Size 2 up front, 4 in the back; attempted to make it weedless. Hopefully some big salmonids and LMB eat this guy.
  14. now i lnow what to do with that chenille that’s been in my box for years... how are you tying in that marabou? Palmer? Or just big bunches?