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  1. Is the polka dot pencil still available ?
  2. There's alot of love for big women nowadays, I think they're starting to realize and are tightening up their standards. Probably not... I hope not lol
  3. One of those heavies that you can only have a couple? Or are they easy to pound .
  4. The cafeteria wasn't cutting it, I moved to bedpans it's more fulfilling.
  5. I agree Tim, but I have attempted to joke with all. And your 100% right, I can't trigger most of them. But one little boy got real triggered from the very beginning LMFAO
  6. Oh, it's free. Have you seen it ? It should be with my keys
  7. Freestuffer, gotcha. I was going through hard times then, I was young and poor. I did receive alot of assistance from the members here, I have them to thank for so much kindness and generosity. Alot of those quality members that helped me through the years, and also fished with me have since passed on and for that I am upset. Have a great day
  8. Thanks lol, 20 years ago I was not only young and with children, but I was poor as could be. Received alot of assistance from members here through the years and that I will always be thankful for. Then after I lost everything in Hurricane Sandy, once again the SOL community came through, I got a nice package from Vermonter (Rip) and many others . Now 20 years later, I'm blessed to have all that is needed and I'm thankful for that as well, especially during this time of year !
  9. I don't know what you call them... I call them LUNCH
  10. No , that was one of Mybeachs first questions to me after my post. Surely you remember his genuine curiosity
  11. Looks like a good Thanksgiving
  12. Genuine curiosity about what I did ? Or was it post a pic of the fridge Skippy ? You were triggered. About what I have no idea. You thought you had found a Covid fear monger and you were wrong.
  13. I'll have one as long as they are nice and sticky