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  1. This is why I'm not going to vote anymore.
  2. Hawaiian shirts are no longer cool.
  3. We know a woman who spends about $500 a month on cigs and DD and she drives a 14 y/o beater and she complains about how poor she is Yeah, it's not the economy that's in the toilet - it's some people's heads.
  4. For you, a Motorola flip phone. I'm not sure your ready for this millennium's technology. But yeah, S5.
  5. This detail escaped me when I first read your post. What does this have to do with my feelings toward religion in general?
  6. Are they all going to be "Christian values" advocates? If so, then none.
  7. Anyone who lets an infant drown in a 5g bucket lacks the qualification to be a parent so that's on them. The infant doesn't know any better but the "parent" is supposed to.
  8. Sorry, I thought this was another abortion diversion. Carry on.
  9. Holy crap. I actually agree with some of this stuff. Scary times.
  10. W T F??? Who the hell eats boiled peanuts??
  11. I gotta go outside and polish my gold Van Staals. All six of them. Later.
  12. Then you must be high. He can't do funny.