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  1. Does the term MIMO describe the antenna technology or the signal-through-roof technology?
  2. So a 7” antenna can’t be taken out by a tree limb or branch? How are you planning on getting the signal through the roof? Drilling a hole and running a cable through it?
  3. I’m waiting for the night Spaz has a low-lying branch whack off his rooftop antenna and when he sets up the next morning for an urgent Teams meeting he’s got nothing but dead air. Better carry multiple antennas.
  4. Times Microwave LMR coax cables are very high end, but the center conductors are pretty thick so not great with small radius bends.
  5. If you install an NMO mount on the roof you can quickly screw in almost any kind of antenna on there and swap out if you need to.
  6. That’s what you see in the dining area with that cat. I guarantee when (not if) it vomits up a pile of roundworms in the kitchen the cooks scoop them up, ”We can mix them in with the noodles - nobody will know the difference”
  7. The entire endgame of conspiratorial thinking is there is no endgame. There’s no expectation of ever proving anything definitely. It’s all about claiming that “something” or “someone” is hiding something or colluding with others so well that the evidence that could prove it is is well-hidden - which, of course, just adds fuel to the conspiracy theory. When nothing comes of one conspiracy the claim is that it runs so deep that there’s no way to get to the bottom of it, which leads to a new conspiracy theory that the people covering “it” up are working with the same people who are tasked with trying to “uncover” it. Ultimately it enables strong believers in conspiracies to claim they’re being permanently victimized and can’t control their own destiny. It’s very sad.
  8. We don’t really need the blow by blow. See what I did there?
  9. Claiming that a woman looks like a Neanderthal isn’t a racial comment. Claiming a black person looks like a monkey IS a racial comment - it’s also one of the oldest tropes in the book. I’m not surprised that some people “need” this explained to them.
  10. And what was the reason the monitor station had to be taken down every night again?
  11. Those are not “concepts” no matter how many words you pack into a post.
  12. I made a plate of pancakes this morning. I added some powdered sugar to test the concept of, you know, adding powdered sugar to pancakes. Because, like, nobody has ever done that before. Seriously I think the “concept” of pulling an AirStream will become irritating faster than driving a motor home.
  13. You’re not “testing the concept” by buying a fat tire bike and riding on the beach, you dummy.
  14. A normal person would’ve said something like “to see if I liked it or not”, or something along those lines. But for spaz, it’s “testing the concept”
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