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  1. The 14000 is the reel that the shop recommended . It looked kind of big . I may have started this topic in the wrong forum , maybe should have started it in the Mass forum
  2. I am looking to upgrade my current outfit . Currently I use an 10 foot Airwave paired with a Boca 60 . How much will I notice the difference between getting a 11 foot Airwave , tica dollphin or other sub $200 rods compared to jumping to a $300 dollar stick like the tiralejo. This comba will be used to gain casting distance while plugging , light jigging and swimmer throwing .My first choice is the Shimano tiralejo 110HA 2-6 or 110MHA 3-6 looking for opinions. The reel choice is the Ultegra xtd 14000. Looking for opinions on the two rod choices and the reel match . Anything else I should be looking in in the price range ? Thanks for the help and opinions.
  3. I have a broken sk9ms medium action. The bottom piece broke just below were it goes into the top piece. This was done on the second cast! Does anyone have one with the reverse problem and willing to sell the bottom ?
  4. I hate game 7 especially against Montreal . How many posts and crossbars can we hit!
  5. Where are you located?
  6. I have seen some older posts and reviews talking about this reel. Does anybody have any new opinions on how these have held up? I am looking at it as an inexpensive reel for my teenage son. It will be paired with a 9 foot lamiglas surf king.
  7. Is shipping possible? Where are you located?
  8. What is the model number of the tica?
  9. I will take the lami if this transaction doesn't take place.
  10. I am looking to match the above rod with the perfect reel. The penn battle is one that I am considering . Can anybody give me advise of the size battle to use or give any suggestions as to other reels with size than will work well? I hope to keep it in the 100-150 price range. Thanks for your help
  11. That is awesome!
  12. Thanks for all the advise. The plan was foiled by the terrible Saturday afternoon traffic. I lost interest after sitting in it and didn't make the trip to narragansett. Next time I will have to try out the local ny surf spots. Hope everybody has a great late summer and fall.
  13. 5 pm, don't live in ri now but do most of my fishing there. Maybe I will explore the ny or ct shore on this trip
  14. I will be dropping somebody off Saturday at JFK for a 5:00 flight. Is there any local place that is open to pick up some eels/ fresh bunker before heading to RI? Thanks for the help
  15. I have to make a drop off at JFK on Saturday for a five o'clock flight. I hope to then head for watch hill or narragansett. Can anybody help me out with a bait shop off 95 that sells eels and stays open after 5 on Saturday? I really don't want to take the longer way and stop at cabelas in east Hartford. Thanks for the help, hope everybody has a successful weekend