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  1. I haven't looked in on y'all for a while now and what do I find when I log on? This sad news. Mike and I had some fun in here and in that other place back in the day. I always enjoyed his posts. He was smart and had a great sense of humor and personality. RIP Mike I hope the fishin' is good where you are....
  2. Now here's what it was all about.....DA FISHIN' !
  3. Y'all that have known me may remember that back in 2000 and again in 2002 myself and assorted brothers in law and nephews etc went on fly-out fishing trips to Canada. Well some of us are starting to have some health problems that could soon make it impossible to do this trip. Soooo we decided to give it one last, do-or-die, go for broke, hang it all out, trip. This time there was myself, 3 BILs, 2 nephews and a family friend. I got back here in Deer Park in the wee hours of Monday June 17th. wore out, burnt down, frozen, cut, stabbed, and.....happier and more satisfied than I've ever been in my entire life. The fishing was killer. I mean it was crazy good. The first two time is was slow to so so. but this time we pounded 'em every day. we were at the Lake Betty Outpost of Kabeelo lodge in North Eastern Ontario. Our first time at this lake. The first two times we went to Lake Kamingiskamo (sp) it's roughly 10 miles across and in the shape of a human hand. Betty is less than 1/3 that size and just an irregular circular shape. Some of these lakes have lake trout and/or Muskies but this one just has northern pike and walleyes. We also caught a few of what THEY call smallmouth bass. but I've always called 'em rock bass. In the previous 2 trips we caught more pike than walleye and they weren't very big but this time we hammered em every day. They have a very narrow "slot" for keepers. 16" to 18". Until this trip I'd never caught one big enough to keep but this time we had trouble catching any that were not too big. The biggest we caught was 26" and I personally had 2 25s, a 23 1/2 and a 21. We all caught many in the 18 to 20 class. On the other hand, although we caught a ;lot of Pike they ran somewhat smaller that what we caught in Kami. My Personal best was 43" back then but the best I had this time was a 33. Still we had many in the 28 to 30 class. We quit keeping the pike about halfway through the first trip. They are hell to clean and don't really taste all that good. The walleye on the other hand are quite delicious. Here's a few pics to help illustrate the trip: