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    Part of "Reel Team Six" with Jeff Lomonaco. We live and breathe fishing and love it!
  1. Yes sir!! Sad to see her go eventually while I drive a VW Passat That is a nice truck to have!
  2. Oh boy lol .... Poor truck ... I am going to give it a wash this week after our **** snow!
  3. Towing Capacity (Max.) 2000/10400 lbs ... Got pics finally!!
  4. 2015 Dodge Ram Express Quad Cab Asking $22K Roughly 52,000 Miles On It ***Need To Get Pictures Still*** Center Moriches, New York (Long Island) 4 Inch Touch Screen, Cloth Seats, Quad Cab, White Paint, Rhyno Bed Lining w/ Rubber Mat. Access Roll Top (Awesome Quality), Access, Racks On Bed w/ Fishing Rod Rack by RAC A ROD. The truck is in EXCELLENT condition. I barely use it as I have a company car now. I purchased it to fish and have use it on the beach no more than 10 times. Unfortunately a big loss for me! Again, I will get pictures ASAP!!!!! It is in MINT condition. Washed and Waxed monthly even when barely used. Looks like every other White Ram Express out there, I promise. Shoot me a call if interested and I will get pics ASAP. Thought I would post this here first before anywhere else! I purchased it to fish. Hopefully someone can continue that here. Cell: 631-335-7829 Name: Luke
  5. BEACHMASTER!!! I'm In ..... "2015 Ward Melville Fishing Club Expo"
  6. Starting to realize that the $800+ I spent on it was useless. I never have time to play the damn thing and never will. Only enjoy playing Madden and COD (Can just play it on my PS3). Might as well sell to someone who has kids and that will use the hell out of it. Just saw a package similar to mine sell for $1600 online. So hopefully this will work for someone for the holidays or something.
  7. Hey guys. As you know the PS4 has come out. Cannot get it anywhere. I am selling mine. It comes with the 500gb Console system, two controllers, HDMI Cables and all other cables, Call Of Duty: Ghosts, Madden 2014, Full Year Online Pass ($50 Value), and Best Buy 2 Year Coverage ($90 Value). I did open and test the system out for an hour to make sure all was good. It is perfect and good to go! Comes in the full packaging and PS4 box. I am selling the whole Package for $1000.
  8. White Water Outfitters in Hampton Bays, NY. Ask for Burt. He is the man! Brought my reel in the other day and did it in the spot while I hung out. In and out snap of a finger. Plus they moving into a new 11,000 square foot shop this week. So now I can bring my reels and go shopping for a while in that big ass place!!! Best tackle shop out there in my opinion!
  9. I can't see it on my phone...where are you located?
  10. Looking for these darters. NEED BLUE !! But will here some other colors you all have