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  1. I have a friend who always left a note on his dashboard stating that he was fishing, his phone number and that if the car needed to be moved for any reason, to please call him. More than once he got calls from the local police. On one occasion, the officer waited for him, told him that it was illegal to park where he was, and then showed him a sneaky spot where he could park without repercussions

  2. Two of my 3 uncles lost it after WW2. One told his skipper his mind was going, he was a sonar guy in a sub. Skip wouldn't listen. He ended up in an institution near San Francisco. Never came back to the real world. The other drank himself to death. The third started a car dealership and lived a great life.


    I lost a great friend last year to PTSD, Desert Storm, although he lived a normal family life, he never came out of full combat terror intensity function. You had to tell folks just meeting him not to surprise him, or they might die.


    God bless all those who fight, or fought for their country.

  3. I use the Omnipod system from Insulet. A three day supply of insulin in a pod a little smaller than a dental floss package. No tubing. You fill the pod and stick it on your back.

    The plan was that some time this Summer, the system would work with the Dexcom CGM and the whole shebang would be controlled by your cellphone. including automatic shutoff of basal insulin if you dropped below a set number.

    Unfortunately, this dreadful virus has slowed the introduction of this full system. Hopefully they get it released soon. If they do, they will stand existing diabetic treatment systems on on their collective noses.

  4. They're for hunting rabbits Cousin. You tie a string to them and run through the woods (or a meadow if you prefer)  The rabbits chase them (fun to watch from a safe distance).  You stop quickly and the rabbit runs into the weight, knocking himself out One loop is for woods or bushy areas, the other is for grass or meadow type terrain.