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  1. Snapped off a 5 ounce pyramid sinker, a fish finder and a 8/0 circle. Forgot what I was doing and cast my Squidder like it was my Fathom.  Haven't been much as I mostly fish in Rhode Island and the State of Massachusetts has decided that R.I. is a bad place. I'd feel pretty dumb if I went and came down with the bugs, even if I caught it at home

  2. So, Who gets the money?  Will it be distributed to family's who lost their moms, sons, daughters? or to the politicians and their flunkies? The biggies in this company should be drawn and quartered.  The fact that a few bucks gets you out of trouble for such a grievous crime is indicative of the serious problem this whole country is facing.

  3. 7 mins ago, Billybob said:

    See, I would go along with that, God bless her Stewie.

    Sadly, I don't see grandaddyness in the near future.


    So, in that case, ya send the woman, right?

    Nah, I always like to go with her. Didja notice the open bag o' cookies and the fast moving hand?

  4. BillyBob, you got it all wrong. When my wife and I go shopping, we dance up and down the isles to the pop music, before masks we were the only ones smiling in the whole store. It does, however, drive some people insane to see us enjoying what they seem to hate. It is even more fun if you bring a grandkid or two along for the fun.



  5. The Manley's will cut almost any hook, handy if you have one in your arm and the other is attached to an angry bluefish. They will also cut mono well. I cut braid with mine for years, but cut too many hooks and they just can't do it any more. A little oil every now and then and they last for at least a decade. Any lumber yard will sell you a nice leather sheath for them for a few bucks

  6. 1 hour ago, ZAFisher said:


    Sounds like a fun "SP" challenge.

    Can you recall what length of rod you did this with?

    I'll set up an 11' 1-3oz and a 530 Omoto thumb leveler (I recall you prefer them to a LW reel) filled with 20lb Fireline? Just for fun.

    It was my old Daiwa Sealine with the blue and black wraps, an eleven footer. I can't remember the actual distance, but it was well North of 50 yards. I had told people that I could do 75-80 feet and was very surprised to reach over 150.

  7. 4 hours ago, snag777 said:

    not at all

    there is lot confusion out there,i like to test and find the truth.

    "I'm hoping you didn't think my earlier response was not serious" 

       Jeekers!  I just read your quote of my original post, I meant to say "I'm hoping you didn't think my earlier response was serious"   The "not" changed it, a lot.

  8. 4 hours ago, snag777 said:

    what is your longest cast with 1 oz plug ?

    Never actually used Ashaway, there's a spool somewhere in my basement.  I bet I could do 60-75 feet though, Tossed an SP minnow a measured 160 something feet with my Fathom 12, 50 lb braid, and witnesses


    I'm hoping you didn't think my earlier response was not serious