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  1. I live too close to Boston. I'd like to move to somewhere less crowded, to where I could pull out of my driveway or the end of my street without waiting for traffic to allow me to. I suppose if I had a WW2 tank I could just drive over the cars that block my street while waiting for the 30 or so in front of them to go through the distant red light.

    Alas, a granddaughter two towns away keeps us here.

  2. Fences are traditionally located 3 feet inside the boundaries of the fence owners lot. Who owns the existing fence?


    I asked my neighbors if we could remove an ugly chain link fence between our front yards. They didn't want to and the ugly side was towards their house, so I figured it was their fence. After they moved away, the new neighbors said "Sure, pull it out". I checked my plot plan and it turned out that the fence was at least a foot onto my property. I removed the fence from the front yards and installed a "friendly neighbor gate" between our back yards

  3. A big piece of the problem is that the tests are not as accurate as we'd like them to be, So, the guy who tested positive might not have it, and some of those who "didn't get it from him" could actually be positive. I hate masks, but I wear one whenever I'm not going to be able to keep a good distance.

  4. I have heard from people that I trust that there are good duo locks, but after losing plug after plug, I dropped all of mine into the Joppa Flats. I've been using Breakaways since they came out, never had a problem. I do know of two failures though, both with pencil poppers, one let go of the plug, the other bent enough to lose another, probably due to the crazy swinging of the pencil's nose.

  5. A spinning rod tends to have less eyes, since the rod will be bent down during the battle. The conventional has more, to distribute the force and keep the line from riding the blank.  All of my conventional rods (10-11 feet) have 8 guides and a tip top. I can't count them on a spinner because I don't have any