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  1. My beast came from Pasadena, Ca
  2. Maybe that's why I asked the question. I don't have any desire to watch real violence
  3. I cheated at Scrabble once.......but it was to let my son's girlfriend win
  4. Hadn't Rittenhouse already killed two when he was "assaulted" ?
  5. I only use thumblevelers. I like 50 or 65 lb braid so it won't slice my thumb on a hit. 12 foot 60 lb Ande leader to grab when landing a fish on the rocks. Load the reel with as much braid as will fit, when it gets worn, or lost, fill with mono, then reverse. Braid can last for years, I add a few feet of 15 lb mono on the spool to start, for grip, and should I ever hook a sea monster and get to the bitter end, I'd rather not watch my reel rip off the seat and crash through the guides
  6. My little dog is/was black. She is getting grey like me. Truth be told, she owns me. Does that make me, or my dog racist? of us must be wrong!
  7. 8 Pages and only three photos. Think of all of us trying to live vicariously through you. I think you can do better.
  8. It was like 30 years ago Mike. Might have been the only one I ever kept that wasn't gonna die anyway
  9. I remember my first keeper. My friend Jack had a camera.
  10. I use a spinning reel for ice fishing. My freshwater rod has a levelwind. For everything else, I use my thumbs. Years ago I bought a decent spinning outfit. Winch and Moocks tried to teach me how to use it. I sold it fairly quickly.
  11. CDS

    It's sad that politics has divided us to the point where if you like one side, the virus is a hoax and anyone who believes it is dangerous is a ******, and those who do believe it is dangerous, stay away from big gatherings only to see high incidents in their area due to those who don't give a **** about anyone but themselves
  12. CDS

    I don't like it that I can't go to a neighboring state to fish without quarantining when I come back, but being in two of the danger groups, I appreciate the wearing of masks and general distancing. I haven't lost any friends or relatives, but I have friends who have. If you want to go lick supermarket carriage handles, be my guest.
  13. We lost another great last Friday. Toots had Covid symptoms and died in the hospital. He was 77
  14. Hook up to something that can go LOUD!
  15. One of the prettiest ladies ever to roam this earth has passed on to the next. Godspeed Emma Peel
  16. CatWoman!
  17. ......and I misspelled her name, only one "N" asked the tyrant to fix it
  18. I lost a bet with him and had to wear a Phillies hat for the entire fall run up here in Mass. I caught an awful lot of guff for it. Ted is a great guy.
  19. All three of my kids just wanted cake and a few friends along with the family. Guess I'm not top shelf.
  20. .....bunch of grumpy bastages.
  21. Are Dino Nugs really made from dinosaurs? I don't think so. But anyone who eats a nugget that is not shaped like a T-Rex or a Stegosaurus is a fool and should be treated as such.
  22. I think it is on the Disney Channel, Yup, pretty cool documentary
  23. Nope, He's a friend. Trying to keep this creaky old diabetic alive for a few more years. Hopefully see you in a few weeks,Sir
  24. I'm going for flu, and the second shingles vaccination on Thursday. Not because of the government, but because my doctor, who I trust, thinks I oughtta.