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  1. Go next door, offer to buy the dog for an exorbitant price. Bring it home, let it out all day. They have to listen, you get a new best friend. Win win
  2. Yep, but when I was a kid I ate dirt and was usually a mess, as a result I just don't get sick often, I don't wash my hands before I eat either, so I'll probably die this weekend ....also, I need a knife to cut my way into most food products because they are wrapped in unstoppable plastic. I do wash vegetables
  3. I bring my own cloth bags to the supermarket. You'd be surprised how many plastic bags they use in the cloth ones, even if you say "no" when they ask if you want the burger wrapped in plastic. I guess to them it means "Yes, please put each meat item in it's own four plastic bags, then put that in the bag I brought"
  4. I want a record player in my truck. Guess I'll have to take the shocks out to soften the bumps and not shake up the keg behind the seat
  5. About 70 starting way back., and from all over the country and Canada .Mike Mc is the only one who tried to hump my leg. Truthfully, some of my best friends were found through this site, although I don't see them nearly enough since I have had to cut way back on my fishing
  6. Every place I used to fish has turned to crap. Selfish (and dangerous) pricks everywhere. I went once last year and probably will never fish salt again. Anyone need a couple hundred plugs?
  7. Nope, no one likes you guys
  8. 2 years ago at the canal, I watched every fish over the legal limit go up on the rocks. It turned my stomach. That was the last time I targeted stripers. I now fish for skate, scup, sea robins and spider crabs. It's just as much fun and can be done in the daytime
  9. An improvement on the reels that are already the best for the money? Good news!
  10. I always bring cole slaw. No matter how much I bring, it all gets eaten. PM me for Mrs Gegere's grandmother's secret recipe. If I post it publicly, I put myself st risk.
  11. Pigs are friends. You must be twisted to post such horrible thoughts.............Chuckle chuckle chuckle
  12. I use 80lb SS on my scup rod. I figure I ought to give myself at least an even chance. Spider crabs are no match for it either.
  13. The other option is to buy a wind on reel seat. Tape it on first to make sure it fits the reel well before you attach it permanently. I ended up having to use rubber strips under the hoods to make mine fit tightly.
  14. I had UC about 30 years ago. They told me it was chronic and had me eat too many football sized pills every day. I decided I didn't have time for UC, what with the diabetes and all. Figured bubbles would fix it. I stopped taking the pills and drank 2 liters of Diet Coke everyday. It worked..The doctors were flabbergasted. I haven't had any symptoms for 30 years. I still drink a lot of carbonated soda, lately IBC Diet Root Beer. Bubbles keep me healthy. This is all true, not a joke, but it might not work for normal people.