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  1. Hey! if we shut off the internet and cell phones, the Chinese and Russians will have a harder time turning us into insane criminals. I'll miss you guys, but I'll probably get over it. Oh. Wait! That pesky freedom of speech thing. Maybe the owners of sites like FB could do fact checking or even have a program that looks for Interference like we are talking about, and stop allowing the extreme Bullsh8t online that is dividing us a people. Sometimes access to too much can be, too much.
  2. Better take out the mirror too, so he doesn't have to look at you.
  3. Maybe let him share a cell with someone who is also crazy and has nothing to lose, tell the cellmate that he is "bad". Worked here in Boston with a certain pedophile priest.
  4. My right shoulder is now 90% useless and caused early retirement. If you have clicks, go to a good shoulder guy now, A good port and polish job can give you years more use of the arm. They don't like to replace shoulder joints in anyone under about 65 who is still active. Where do you live? I bet the SOL community can suggest the best shoulder guys in most East Coast areas, California too.
  5. I've used Breakaway clips (the 80s) for years, never had one bend or fail in any way. The last pack i bought looked like chrome, instead of the brown/black I was used to. Don't know if this a a change to all of their product or just an option. The brown wore off eventually anyway.
  6. Fishing in the daytime is less productive, but darters work 24 hours a day, so long as fish are present. I would never go fishing without a darter, and I don't even plug anymore
  7. ....the one day I forgot to bring my hockey tape.
  8. Oh, I forgot to say, the Squidder is as slow as molasses.. If a fish runs towards you, you will have a heck of a time keeping up with it
  9. Aluminum spooled Squidder. Mag if you must. It won't throw an SP Minnow very far, but once you reach 3 ounces or so, it'll keep up with your Siegler, at last in my hands. And it just feels right for chunking. If I ever plug again I'll use my Fathom12, but the Squidder is the one I like for throwing bait.
  10. Nah, it sucks when you work hard all weekend (like half of what you used to do all week) and wake up and it hurts everywhere. I'm going back to bed.
  11. Surfland, Newbury, Mass. I'm not there as often as I once was, but it still feels like home.
  12. Try a lumber yard, or a well stocked hardware store. A good leather one that fits your pliers ought to run you about 5 bucks.