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  1. Jeez Brian, You could be talking about me. My Dad lived with me for the last 5 years of his life. Watching him deteriorate was painful. I realize that my kids are thinking the same thoughts as you are, but about me. Damn, I miss him.
  2. Mine were black when I got them. When they start to get rusty, I hit them with WD40 and the wire brush wheel on my bench grinder. This how the black went away. If you are worried about the oil smell, hit 'em with Brakleen. I never worried about it. I've even read of people spraying their bait with WD40, But I don't think I'd do that. They take some maintenance, but my Sargent's Sports pliers started to corrode soon after I got them. I don't mind the removal of rust from stuff. most of my carpentry tools got a little rusty when used outside in the rain, or snow and needed to be cleaned up regularly. Now retired, I won't be working in the rain so much anymore. If I saw a pair of Sudsy's Sargents for sale, I'd grab them for sure.
  3. Get the bigger ones #2004 They will cut braid fine if you don't cut a whole lot of hooks with them. They like to be shot with WD40 every now and again. Any lumber yard will have nice leather sheaths that will hold them nicely. Bring them with you to check the fit. This is my second pair, probably been in the salt water at least 200 times.
  4. Just use the leftover braid on your freshwater reels. Pickerel will have a tough time snapping 50 lb braid, but they should have thought of that before they bit into the sparkly attached to it.
  5. Yep, you hit it on the head. I've been trying to give mine away for years, but no one wants them. Who can blame them. Why would anyone want pretty wooden creations that actually catch good fish?
  6. You can find Manley's easy. I've had both and let the Sargents go. The Manleys will cut braid nicely, until you cut 50 or so hooks. So I'd only cut a hook in an emergency.
  7. Is that you Bill? I didn't think anyone on this site had a last name.
  8. My son left one here. Not as powerful as a gas job, but it'll do the work. Made my weather blackened canoe look new in about ten minutes.
  9. Any of you ever dip a piece of fluoro and a piece of mono of the same diameter into a glass of water? You can't tell them apart. Good fluoro, like Seagar is a lot tougher though. If you fish around razor rocks or for fish with teeth, use fluoro. If you fish most places for stripers, blues and sea robins, stick with mono and spend the extra cash on coffee
  10. I'm not reading 5 pages. If someone hasn't already mentioned it, you can buy grit at a good paint store. It mixes in with exterior deck paint and makes a great walking surface. I've used it on wheelchair ramps. Be sure to use a good exterior primer first so that it won't flake off when the plywood bends a little.
  11. That's why I would never want to own a condo. It's bad enough having neighbors who pile crap up in their yards. If they could tell me what I could and couldn't do, I'd burn my house down and go live in the woods
  12. Frozen waffles Baby, frozen waffles, put a little Scrapple next to them if your from down there. You know where. Oh yeah pancake syrup without any maple in it at all.
  13. That paint job is amazing! Who is it made by? Linesider69 on this site. Awesome stuff. I was lucky to be a test pilot of his prototypes for a long time.
  14. Probably this one
  15. I had a mint Inductor, the first reel ever with magnetic braking. It cast really nice, but the cage wasn't stiff enough and it would twist out of shape and bind little. If it had had something like Newell crossbars, it would have been a world beater. I mounted it on a hickory handled Harnell and gave it to a friend. Looks great on the wall. The Inductor is probably the most wanted Ocean City. I think I paid about 50 bucks for it before Ebay went crazy