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  1. ....long time ago, when my kids were still kids, we used to play 20 questions in the car. My youngest daughter (about 4) would always be a vegetable, you guessed it, peas. We still joke about it, 25 years later
  2. You can have the carrots, I'll take the peas. Pass the butter and salt please
  3. That's all my reels. Two Squidders, a Fathom 12 and a Swedish Abu 7000c3. As long as they till sell parts, I'm all set.
  4. Linesider69 Darter. They worked better for me than any other plug out there, Can't argue against the white bucktail as I rarely used them
  5. I love a traction system that you have to shut off whenever it would be handy. I did run my Chrysler 300 around an ice skating exit ramp a wee too fast, just to see what it would do. It was pretty cool, it went bump bump bump on different brakes and made the curve. Not quite as smoothly as I might have without it, but pretty cool just the same.
  6. This is Annie, Rescue from Pasadena when my daughter was working at the shelter. 14 pounds. She loves everybody but MikeMc. Annie is mostly Whippet, but with enough Chihuahua to make her ridiculously cute
  7. It worked! wood turning of plug is 7 inches long. Plug weighs 2.1 oz.
  8. I am selling plugs that have been given to me by friends, like John, to give the proceeds to my friend Silent Scott's widow. I'm guessing that the plug is worth 30-35, you can have it for 35 shipped if you want it. It does have a few tiny hook pointers near the tail from being slid into storage tubes, so I can't call it mint. For some reason, I can't move the photo to my computer (high tech dope). send me your cell number and I'll shoot you a picture. for 40 I'll throw in a light(1 ounce?) slopehead Bernzy too...Stew
  9. I have a signed prototype. I believe it was the second one made. It has been wet and is a marvelous swimmer, has very light pointers and VMCs show a tad of tarnish. It will show very well The money will go to Mike, as he gave it to me. $100, because he deserves it.
  10. I have a Surf Howdy that has never been wet
  11. Actually, she told me she misses you, maybe it was a love bite.
  12. Funny, I found that setup exactly, was about to PM Foli, but I guess I'll just keep it now.
  13. Te Squidder and the Honey Lami, Peanut butter and jelly Some reels that do really well with said Honey Lami
  14. I've seen little kids stick their fingers in her eyes. She gets really mad and tends to lick noses when that happens You musta done something really stupid. She won't stand up for molestation.
  15. MY Annie ate a pitbull for breakfast this morning If you look to the left, you can see her viciously trying to loosen my teeth