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  1. I dunno. I would say that a popper is one of the most basic, and necessary lures to carry. I would guess that 90% of SOLers would agree that the 2 3/8 ounce SS is the best one on the market, although they might not like yellow.
  2. She musta got that from your wife Brian, and I'm not surprised. Congratulations to her, and lucky for you, she's not going to school that's 1800 miles away
  3. Berkley sells a pair of plastic rod holders for short money.. they have foam lined slots for 4 rods. attach one to the top of your tailgate with some sheet metal screws. When you accidentally break it off, you have a spare.
  4. I use Ande leader wheels. 50 and 80 lb test. Tough stuff. I used pink but after switching to braid, I can't even chunk with it, no feel for what's happening at the far end.
  5. 1000 meters? That's half mile. Maybe they ought to make it 1000 miles, that'd fix everything
  6. Alda was a bad impersonation of Groucho Marx on that show. Sutherland owned that role
  7. A Squidder filled with mono on a Honey Lami
  8. Make that Super Strike Popper the 2 3/8 ounce sinker. It casts very well,and is not just a topwater plug as it will swim enticingly under when fished slow. ....and make it yellow
  9. The steeper the hill, the deeper the deep end.
  10. I've said this time and time again. If you are just starting, buy right handed. The selection of lefties is limited, especially in non levelwind reels. This may change due to the fact that 99% of fishermen start with a standard left hand crank spinning reel, but I'd still start righty if I had the chance to do it again.
  11. Carl, maybe all the bass that were predisposed to run through the canal were caught and killed over the last few years.
  12. I don't know how much they go for now, but of the many, many thumblevelers I used, the Penn Fathom is by far the best. Nice brakes, nice drag, very compact, and casts as well as any. I'd get a 12 for braid or a 15 for mono
  13. I give up, What are you talking about Billybob?
  14. Good work Mike!
  15. I find as I get older, so does my wife. After 40 years, she still looks great, and she still likes me.(not sure why)