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  1. I wouldn't say "fine arts" Carl. I play jump blues and early early rock n roll. The big bass through a big amp gets the butts moving on the dance floor.
  2. Yes I do Carl. Not working gives me more time to do things I really like.
  3. Meant to be there Eddie, I get confused as to what day it might be. One of the shortcomings of not working anymore. Chuckle chuckle chuckle.
  4. Measured it, it's two inches. The belt on my tool belt is 3 Thanks for setting it right Bogey.. Occidental Leather stuff fits 3 inch belts, but would be pretty near useless in the surf
  5. Try your local lumber yard. Tough 3 inch wide nylon belt with strong plastic snap buckle, about six bucks. The rivets will rust after 8 or 10 years, so you get to buy another one.
  6. I have a fifty foot tape(good enough) and will bring stakes and a starting line rope
  7. I used to. I never found a friendship with a spinning reel, always used a thumbleveler, A fathom 12 on either a honey 121-3M or a Daiwa 11 foot Sealine X. You'll lose a little distance, but gain a lot more control.
  8. I musta just figured it was time for a change, although I deny ever having been present at said "canal"
  9. A great big bowl of my almost good enough cole slaw, because vegetables are good or you, even if they happen to be cabbage.
  10. May 19, I'm in!
  11. C'mon guys. You can't expect everyone to get all lathered up over an event that is months away. If you set a date right now. I'll be there, so will most of the other misfits that show up every year. It'll be great to see you all again.
  12. This is my daughter's new mustang, a 2015 model, her name is Chloe
  13. The vicious killer isn't as all black as she used to be, but still mean as all get out.
  14. Freshwater bait caster, Spend the 30 bucks on an Abu Black Max, grab a few 1/2 ounce plugs and go catch a largemouth bass