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  1. “Oh Daddy, that song makes me cry” The Darlings always made me smile, especially Charlene.
  2. I plugged for years with thumblevelers. Used PowerPro from 50 to 80 lb test. I wouldn’t go below 50 due to the danger of slicing your thumb on a surprise hit. Keep the braid tight on the spool and cross it up faster than an Abu would
  3. Take the old stretchy belt that came with the waders you bought twenty years ago. Sew one end to the back of the bag so that it teaches over the flap. Sew another chunk of it to the bottom of the bag. No wave is gonna open the bag ever again.
  4. I stopped using eels when I thought about the fact that I was killing one animal to catch another that I was going to release anyway. Plugs are less effective, but also less hassle.
  5. I have rods (conventional) from 9 1/2 foot fiberglass to 11 foot graphite. Throwing a 3 ounce bank sinker with the same line and reel, my best measured casts are within a few feet of each other, something like 110 yards. I believe that, within reason, technique is more important that rod length. Use what you are comfortable with. I certainly wouldn’t want to fight with anyone who can push eight n bait with a stout 13 footer
  6. Not so much anymore, but still involved with my kids homes, my own, and a few of my favorite customers from a few years ago. probably working three days/month.
  7. Try Big Stretch, easier to work with holds paint well and stretches if the wood shrinks. All I’ll use both inside and out. DAP has a similar product for less money, I’ve used it, but haven’t had enough time to give it five stars.
  8. Hey Tim, Eddie Taylor (Stripercrazy) isn’t in the memorial forum and he oughtta be. I announced his departure yin the Rhody forum. Will you add it to the memorial, or should I? Thanks, Stewie



  9. In Mass, I only had to be 60 for a free salt license. Still had to pay the “handling fee”. Two more years I get a free freshwater one too
  10. I remember the guy in Waltham who came the day before Christmas with nothing but booze and beer on the truck. “No charge today boys, I can’t sell it , but they can’t stop me from giving it away”
  11. There is no extra charge for a “real” license in Mass , you simply need a pile of paper to prove you are who you are and that you live where you live. Actually, they were pretty nice at the RMV. I’m not used to that
  12. Due to shoulder problems, I don’t plug anymore, but when I did, t was always with thumb levelers. I tried a whole lot of them over the years but stopped looking when I found the Penn Fathom 12(first issue) the reel has brake blocks like an Abu. I engage one block and leave a wee bit of side to side for the spool. 3in1 Blue(5wt?) in the bearings and it casts effortlessly all night long. Now that I only chunk, I’ve gone back to my Squidders, especially the one with the Newell spool and bars. When throwing 3 or more ounces, I get the same distance with the 140 as I do with the Fathom. There’s something special about fishing with a reel that was introduced in 1938 and dominated the surfcasting scene until the 1980s. Mine ride on honey Lamis too
  13. You need two lures. Al’s Goldfish in chrome, and another in gold. Pretty much all I use and stores in your pocket in one of those Altoids boxes that you’ve been saving because it’s just a little too cool to throw away. Oh, and a black Jitterbug for largemouth at night
  14. I could have sworn I heard something big rip off my house. Checked this morning, still have all my roof shingles. Might have just been a squeaky chain on Elvira Gulch’s bicycle
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