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  1. Pics chewwy? 10 or 10 6?
  2. Sorry, I should have specified. I would like the heavier 2-6 10' 6" rod. Thank you though.
  3. Central CT, frequently in RI, and headed to Boston this weekend.
  4. Let me know what you have, looking for good condition. Ethan
  5. I'm interested in this rod. I'm from central CT, if you are in the area, I would like to try it out. How would you describe the action? Fast? Moderate? Is this 1pc or two? Appreciate the info.
  6. Thanks chief, but I'm looking to buy a handful of them, not just singles.
  7. Anyone?
  8. All yours gaff. Thanks Tim, but I have nothing you are looking for.
  9. TTT
  10. I think those will fit my truck. Any interest in some plugs? If you were to sell it how much would you be looking for?
  11. Anyone?
  12. 28 on the two SS darters?
  13. If you decide to sell let me know. Still looking.
  14. Can I get a better picture of the mounts? Thanks
  15. Deal. When I get to a pc I'll pm you.