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  1. I haven’t done LSD in decades. Any contacts?
  2. This my next dog, Kangal. Strongest Bite force at 743 lb per sq inch.
  3. Was at Sore thumb this morning. Within 5 min my line was on shore and 3 feet of S@@t on line. Worst year I've ever experienced.
  4. Usually hit Duck Key every year and stay at Hawks cay resort. My brother in-law is a chef there. He won Florida chef of the year. William Ryan May want to dine there for top rated food.
  5. Biggest racist now are Black people. The weirdest racist are white leftist who hate white conservatives, but love Criminals.
  6. Hey what do you say about the fact that black men make up 6% of the population and commit 50%(8,000) of the murders and you want to talk about a few dozen murders SMH.
  7. LOL. My humor stinks
  8. Generally speaking I'd start in Long Island.
  9. I’d meet you if you’d have an I at the end of your name.
  10. 72 Ford Pinto. I don’t air down. I hit the Demo entrance at 70 and see How far I can get.
  11. I have 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 HEMI. It has true 4x4 locking all wheels when in low and air suspension which raises it a few inches.
  12. Why is Bill involved in Beach closures. He should stick to computers
  13. Anything made in China
  14. Gotta it going outboard