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  1. I guess this is the new and improved Fly Fishing technique.
  2. Public are, not Private. If you look at the history of unions you will realize why you have a 40 hour work week and OT after that if your an hourly employee, have breaks after 4 hours, and so on. Our generations past suffered horrible working conditions, hence unions, but certain public unions took advantage of this and got selfish and lazy.
  3. I'm not talking about small home build outs(although homebuilders more and more are relying on illegals)I work mostly in Manhattan on huge jobs from a dozen floors all the way up to 60 stories or more. Can you imagine non union scabs that speak little english working under those circumstances. would be and is a disaster. Deaths, The Non union GC's try to save money, but end up paying out more at the end of the day.
  4. So the producer reached out to me again about doing the Documentary. I decided eff it and I'm not doing it. Not something I want to rehash.
  5. What does your's mean? Mine is My name plus shield # from back in the day.
  6. Almost moved there 15 years ago to one of those extensions out in the river overlooking lower Manhattan. The stench of curry was over the top
  7. Can't debate that
  8. Timmy S whats your feelings on that in NJ?
  9. At that age small dinks that stay soft create big pay outs
  10. I know more about this then most of you. The Nanny was paid off years ago to keep her mouth shut about an affair that happened years ago. Now we're here again. I hope she rapes him.
  11. Tim, me and you would have a great BBQ, I'm talking about NYC, and the BS going on there. They need to get their asses back in the classroom. No dispute on your wife and that part of teaching in NJ.
  12. Go here as a ELO rating?
  13. What are male strippers doing in your fuel tank?
  14. .net not com
  15. Yes. In private unions the Contractor pays into our benefits at no cost to tax payers, in public unions the tax payer pays for this, hence why my taxes are 20,000 a year. If your from NY look up "" and see the outrageous pensions and salaries of public unions