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  1. I feel your pain ... strangely enough I lost my most productive plug last Friday night up North. Same (former) black mag darter that was worn to pretty much clear plastic. Must have had 50 fish on it this fall. Hopefully it washes up for you to find down there. I bit the bullet and got a new one and started the break-in process last night. 1 for 3 on the incoming and the paint already started to chip.
  2. Would you do $90 shipped? If so, I'll take it.
  3. Had a nice little daybreak pick on a heavy ava in moco this morning. Tough to keep contact, no doubt, but when I could I had hits. Clean and mean out ... refreshing start to the day
  4. Hit the beach for the glorious sunset tonight ... crosswind was fierce and it was a shade chilly but a 2oz bucktail helped me manage a quick 5 bass before the moon showed.
  5. 9/10 Arrived in pristine condition. Thanks SOL and TimS!
  6. I'll take it shipped for asking.
  7. Received! Thanks Tim S and SOL!
  8. I’ll take the 9/10 for $420. Paypal ok? Thanks
  9. Just sent payment via PayPal. Thanks!
  10. I'll take it. Paypal ok?
  11. Great, thanks. Payment sent.
  12. I'll take the Aquaskinz medium bag for asking. Paypal work?
  13. I have a Tsunami TSAWBS-701MH Airwave Boat Spinning Rod (new with tags) that I would send along with $140 plus PP fee + shipping, if interested.
  14. I will take it for $130 shipped if this is still available.
  15. I'll take 5. Thanks