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  1. I have the same problem with my Symetre 3000FL. I notice something isn't right once I open the bail. Hard to describe but something feels stuck. I think it's just bad design. I've almost always purchased shimano reels when looking for under $120 bucks for light duty to freshwater, but I've been gravitating more towards Daiwa around that price point in the last couple of years.
  2. Gulp alternative = I don't want the best, I'm too good.. want to challenge myself, I need a handi-cap, Berkeley takes too much of my money every year, I'm boycotting.
  3. If I came across this post the same day we might have known what really happened but after a month, definitely hard to back track. I can't blame the shop, they were really busy during that time as we all know, and they are not the type to do clear out someone's lost bag especially just after 1 day. Come on really I don't even wanna go there. I'm thinking maybe a unsavory customer seen it behind the counter. Just wished I could find out, I feel bad.
  4. Just talked to him..he doesn't know. Plus he didn't receive it directly and it's been over a month ago. So, that just sucks. Sorry man.
  5. No one is stupid enough to take the valuables and give in an empty bag. Makes no sense. I posted on FB that you need to describe the contents, which John confirmed he had the bag the same day on his FB page. Try to do something right and some middle man screws you. Not saying it's Johns fault, but someone there is in the wrong. BTW, I gave it to a Lady that works there, not to John personally.
  6. Waitt a minute!! I returned everything in the bag, had a white metal lip, a few pencils, some float rigs, a pack of Marlboro lights, 2 containers. I dont rember the whole lot, since I was just looking for some ID. That sucks, how could it have disappeared after 1 day? I'm gonna have a word with John.
  7. I recovered that bass pro olive colored bag. More of a container holder with strap. Your brother have silver-ish hair / in his 50ish? Or the 2 younger guys. I was fishing next to both. I waited over 30 min, not 10 min for sure. Didn't move from that spot at all. I was fishing next to them and when they left my eyes were still on the water and didn't notice it until I turned around. I kinda waited around for awhile but didn't show up so I turned it in to Betty & Nicks. Glad it was picked up within a day or so.
  8. Tiderunner belt. Never rinsed in 3 or 4yrs. Not a speck of rust or corrosion. No wear to be seen. Cheap compared to what others are charging for a inferior belt. No brainer in mho.
  9. That's my number one reason why I hate to use them Once it has a little back play, it just gets worse.
  10. A cart would be great but it would definitely need balloon wheels and most of the ones I've seen are not very portable, as in putting in a car to transport it considering you're going to have a crap load of fishing rods and tackle in the car already. It's great if you live a couple of blocks from the beach, just take it out of the garage and walk it.
  11. Yeah got the email today. Has anyone used the new ones enough to know if there is still back play on the handle?
  12. Beach is a little tricky. If there's a decent surf my stringer gets tossed around and the fluke washes ashore. I would have to have a really long rope to extend the stringer and try to place them far enough from the crashing surf. It really depends on the type of waves and how big. Small rolling waves are not a problem, it's that big wave that crashed at the lip. Best bet is to find a cut and hope the rip current keeps it out, but then there's a good chance a predator fish or scavenger will take a stab at it as well. If you're going to be out there over 3 hrs, I think it's worth lugging a small cooler, plus you'll have cold drinks for your effort. Also think about this, if you limit out, you'll actually wish you had a cooler to put all of them in to carry.
  13. If you want a spinning...well I hate to say it but Okuma Baitfeeder. About $60. I've used the ABF65 for while back for a few months, it actually wasn't half bad. Decent main drag, Baitfeeder worked well. 65 felt like a 12000 size, gaudy, but got the job done. It doesn't like even a speck of sand so rinsing well each time is a must. There is also the Daiwa Regal Bite n Run. $50 up to a 5000 size I think. I never used the Daiwa though I'd probably trust Daiwa's quality more than Okuma, still, just speculating ...but both are around the $50 range so~ don't expect too much.
  14. Those 75s are perfect for the beach, was so glad he made them in that size. I just have to remember to change to 125s on the jetty/inlets. I know I left the 75s on a few times at the inlet and hooked up to few good fish last year but held up great. This year, I hope to say ....good thing I had those125s.
  15. I don't mind the new ones, it still has enough angle that the knot will stay in place and gives a little more room for thicker applications. Having said that, I never had a problem with the old version because I never use say, a 3 oz Bucktail with a 50# clip, but when you're changing lures enough times you'll probably run into a heavier gauge now and then. But true, can't please everyone.