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  1. A 16 power scope on a bp gun?
  2. Try some crispy bacon on a pbj for a big boy sammich.
  3. We have a LEM 22 and like it very much. They do make smaller models that might be better suited for your dad.
  4. Knows stuff ^^^
  5. Is this normal? I changed something on my iphone, something about "mobile view" I think. Don't get the Rachel Ray pop ups now. Get this instead. Not always same ad, it varies. But same location, every page I open. This only happens on SOL, no other sites.
  6. Sights are not usually a "drop in" replacement. Not unusual to have to "fit" the dovetail on a sight to the dovetail slot. While there may be a standard size for a particular dovetail slot, it's not unusual for the dovetail on the sight to be slightly oversized to allow for final fitting. Always fit the sight to the gun. A set of small files comes in handy. Doesn't take much to go from the sight not fitting the slot at all; to, the sight being too small for the slot. Heard this old adage regarding sight removal and installation, "Don't be Left Out; come Right back In". In other words, push the sight out from the left, and push it back in from the right.
  7. Of the 5 you've listed, M&P gets my vote. Have several M&P's, just think their built better internally. But I'll admit it's purely subjective on my part. Probably wouldn't go wrong with any that you've listed. Good luck!
  8. Great! I'll take it. Sending pm.
  9. CA, Would you consider $250 cash and meet at Anglers?
  10. CA, Are those dimensions accurate? Obviously not measured at corners. Might be interested. Just want to make sure what size cooler would fit. Thanks!
  11. Not trying to speak for BD, but, I think he's saying that better to have a .45 bullet that produces an entrance AND exit wound. Two holes, bleed out quicker. A smaller diameter bullet that expands AND stays inside the target only gives you one hole that is smaller than a .45. Longer to bleed out. If I'm off base (...and often am..), my apologies to all.
  12. Love my KOA Light Hunter.