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  1. Word has it the Plovers carried the virus that made the jump to seals. Going to have to cull the Plovers...
  2. I just want to see the rod info before pulling the trigger, when you get a chance.
  3. Can you post a Pic of the model from above the cork? Can you do $300 shipped.. I'm in Westchester
  4. Nymphing is not much different than bucktailing....
  5. They fit the guides but not the reels. I find the butt is too far past the reel for it to fit. Fly reel is at the end of the rod and that's where the reel box is.
  6. Sure. As long as they're reasonable. I figured ~$100 off was pretty good.
  7. New in Box Thule Rod Vault. Asking $450
  8. For Hires only 1.5% when they go out twice a day with 6-100 ppl on board? Really?
  9. Are those options only for the Hudson or is that also the Marine (South of GW) options?
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